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Sherry’s #OOTD Outfit of the Day Style & Fashion Look: “The Lawyer On ‘Suits’ Wannabe Look”

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The Lawyer On ‘Suits’ Wannabe Look

This is a dress called Dina in a navy blue wool ‘sharkskin’ material (?) I’d have never purchased in my life but I just… LOVED IT SO MUCH. I wouldn’t normally buy it because the neck is so high and tight (I tend to go for open necks or open v-necks), and you can see the neck better here in this older shot:

You can immediately see why this dress, I feel like an actress on ‘Suits’ because it would ABSOLUTELY BE A DRESS THAT THEY WOULD WEAR, amirite? I love the tight folded bow at the top, the pleat in the front, and it looks like a knotted, modern cravat, which is again, normally not my thing but this just looks so perfect.

I tried to pick another belt to wear with this dress because I normally never wear the belt that comes with dresses, but the one they’ve provided is just perfection. I cannot even try another one, at least, not for now. It’s perfect just the way it is.

The ring on the left is David Claire bought in Winners, on a whim because it looked like a signet crown ring and I loved the labradorite stone in there. The ring on the right is a YSL Arty-ish ring. I liked it before I even knew what a YSL arty ring was, and ended up falling down a rabbit hole of collecting YSL Arty rings

As result, here are a few of my rings:

I am embarrassed to admit that I have about 8 of these YSL arty rings now. Hah! And still collecting. 😉 I chose these two rings for this look just because of the gold matching the hardware on the bag, but also that green and blue tend to play well together with a navy blue palette. I wanted rings that would be pretty but not too large and too eye catching considering I want all the attention to go to the corporate modern bow tie at my neck.

And lastly, a fake lawyer (because I only play one on the blog.. LOL)… needs a structured, fake lawyer bag, and this Mulberry Kensington one is beyond perfect. I am going to definitely repeat this look again. I wrote a detailed review of this totally overlooked bag: Mulberry Kensington Bucket Bag Review here, because I think it is the perfect work bag (I mean, if you don’t bring your lunch daily), and I want it in other colours now if I can find them secondhand.

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  1. Morgana

    *RBG. Stupid autocorrect.

  2. Morgana

    I want to see this with a long sleeved printed blouse underneath it. It’s beautiful as it is, but I think it could swing 70s chic with the blouse. Very RGB. Love it.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      BRILLIANT IDEA! I am going to try it *hearts in eyes* thank you


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