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Sherry’s #OOTD Outfit of the Day Style & Fashion Look: “The Cuddly Work Uniform Look”

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The Cuddly Work Uniform Look

Basically, if I ever wanted to go to work and feel like I was in pyjamas, I wore this: A snuggly sweater with trousers and heels. I’d be comfortable, and still feeling professional because of the heels.

I am looking at these shots, and I love that the sweater is a little cropped, and not as long (which is an issue with cuddly sweaters like this one), and while I tucked it in, I think I should have either belted it with a black belt to finish it off, or to leave it open and not have tucked it in at all. I sort of like it tucked, but it looks a little unfinished to me, that’s all.

I was actually going to resell this turtleneck, even though I got it secondhand, because I felt like it was a bit too itchy… but now that I am wearing it, I am noticing there isn’t much, if any of an itch. I wonder if I wore it just on a bad skin day? Or I just didn’t feel like wearing something like it?

At any rate, I am going to keep it, and not resell it. It’s a soft, cosy sweater, with (being wool) the very slightest itch but nothing unmanageable with my skin condition (eczema), and if it is truly horrible, I could always just wear a shirt underneath, but I wore this with nothing and felt fine, so I wonder… maybe it’s just a state of mind I had.

I just LOVE the chunky wool knit look of this turtleneck. It’s cosy and absolutely the kind of style I am really into, particularly tucked into skirts, and pants.

Oh, and this silver cuff that looks like an outline of a flower, is a stunning piece. I also got it secondhand, but I like how minimalist and sexily sleek it is. The pants are a super soft charcoal wool by Theory (exact pair of pants here) purchased on a DEEP clearance from a fluke of a store going out of sale (!!!) meaning I could never even find these used for this price, and they’re pressed down the front (I love that line down the front), comfortable, cropped and now… too large.

Slightly too large because I bought them when I was 15-20 pounds heavier, and now they’re hanging loose on me. In the past, I’d have sold them. Now? I am into this garçonne with a twist look, so I don’t hate how loose they are. It’s a little menswear inspired, not tight and sexy, but still sleek in its own way, kind of like taking inspiration from an European grandpa – you know the kind, the guy who sits outside on the terrace drinking wine but always has a fedora on the side, and suspenders, perfectly dressed to the nines each day, just to sit outside of his doorway.

As a brand, Theory makes THE BEST pants for work. I find them sleek, comfortable, they never bag out, the wool is soft, and they look chic. Always. I like them in midnight blue as well.

Looking down, I paired this look with another neutral – olive green suede shoes, and it adds a little pop of something without being a bright or brightly patterned items that would take away from the neutral look.

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Posted on March 18, 2018

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