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Sherry’s #OOTD Outfit of the Day Style & Fashion Look: “The Army Chic Look”

I post my outfits on the blog every day at noon (12 p.m. EST) under this Style category #OOTD Daily Style and then I do a summary of all the looks in my Month of Style roundup at the end of the month.

The Army Chic Look

I actually took inspiration from this look, the idea of sweaters peeking out from underneath a jacket as casual as a simple green khaki one:

Now I don’t love her boots – they’re too Western or embroidered or something. They may soon grow on me however, but for now, no. So I decided to substitute in some Rag & Bone moto boots instead which I think I may have overpaid for, years ago on eBay, especially now that better deals can be had:

I liked these Rag and Bone moto boots because of the fit, the style, and the fact that the buckles at the sides are not actual buckles but pushpin enclosures, which I know seems like a trivial detail, but it isn’t to me. It just looks… somehow cooler.

So the look isn’t EXACT to hers, seeing as I decided on a grey sweater instead I got on deeeeeeeep discount, and the khaki green jacket over top of it, all crumpled and scrunched up:

Instead of just plain black, opaque jeans, I decided on black waxed ones, which have a little more rock and roll, and more of a leather-y look:

I pulled the sleeves out from underneath the jacket just like in the picture however, and LOOOOVE the look of this. I am certainly going to redo this again, with another jacket, and/or sweater, in different combinations.


I was also thinking maybe a bright sweater (orange?) peeking out underneath this green khaki jacket could be striking as well.

Something like this orange sweater would work:

Lastly, deviating strongly from her look, I added a very antique-y glam statement necklace with crystals to give it a feminine touch that goes in line with that kind of rock and roll feel I was building up with each piece.

Leather-like jeans (black waxed jeans) + Rock and Roll statement necklace + Moto Black leather boots = Edgy but feminine, yet casual.

Exactly what I feel from the inspiration outfit, but recreated with my own pieces.

This necklace is everything. *insert all sorts of fire emojis*…. I love the glam style, the rows and rows of rocks and metal… oh it speaks to me on so many levels.

Just search “statement necklace” on Poshmark (use code SHERRYISH for $15 credit), and you’ll be surprised at what you can find!


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  1. Dawn

    I’m inspired by this look. I may try it but make it a bit more boho. Anyway, your orange sweater led to a question! It seems like seasonal color analysis is making a big comeback in the style world. Do you use this at all or just wear whatever the hell you want? Maybe an idea for a future blog post though it is a rabbit hole for sure!

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I will admit to you that I wear whatever the hell I want when I want 🙂 I do not do seasonal colour analysis or anything like that. I know I am a Clear Winter, but … that’s about it.


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