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Sherry’s #OOTD Outfit of the Day Style & Fashion Look: “The Ahoy Matey but make it FASHION Look”

I post my outfits on the blog every day at noon (12 p.m. EST) under this Style category #OOTD Daily Style and then I do a summary of all the looks in my Month of Style roundup at the end of the month.

The Ahoy Matey but make it FASHION Look

Get it? AHOY MATEY!… Ahh forget it. I just liked the sweater because it is a phrase that isn’t too suggestive like “Kiss me” or too on the nose like “Brunette”. It’s just a simple phrase that says a lot, to me anyway. I can decide to mentally sail away, or have a kind of California beach vibe that is a nice contrast to the leather leggings. Something casual + edgy.

Apologies for the wrinkles in the shots. I would spend time steaming or ironing these items, but honestly, I have such a short window frame to take pictures and set up everything while Little Bun sleeps, that you’re going to get this for now until I get my closet finished and everything properly steamed, and folded like a queen.

I had wanted to wear this sweater. That’s how this entire look started. I chose the sweater first, and then thought: Jeans? No. Too boring.

And I threw in leather leggings because they are as comfortable as jeans (and feel like leggings), and adds a much more formal, luxe look to the whole outfit just by changing the pants to leather (edgy and formal) instead of keeping it as jeans (casual).

Leather leggings to me, are just as wearable as jeans. But they have to be done well, not the super thin, tight, shiny stuff (that’s just cute yoga wear, really), but stuff that looks like actual PANTS in a luxe, matte leather that is luxurious.

I couldn’t leave my outfit de-jewelled, so I added a cuff I found in a vintage store that I AM CERTAIN cost way more than what I paid. You can tell by the clasp, the way it is constructed, the attention to detail in the actual cuff itself — all of it screams “I am at least $100 at retail!”. I don’t know who the artisan is however. No markings.

It’s so well made – look at the hinges in between each piece. Cheap jewellery never takes the time to create a similar look, they’d just put an elastic string through it all and call it a stretchy bracelet day.

The flats are in a black leather with a nice shiny patent design in the front because it reminds me of a tuxedo with the way it looks like a harness on the shoe (?), and goes with the leather leggings while being flats, so it isn’t too formal or office-y with heels. I also thought the leather in the shoes, matched with the leggings, but added a bit of edge with the shiny patent, without it being too dominatrix.

You can see another style shot of me wearing them here:

Oh and here as well (I also love this look – my sweater says GOAL DIGGER):

These leather leggings are SUCH a perfect casual yet edgy addition to my wardrobe. They’re comfortable yet sexy. A nice alternative to jeans.

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