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September 2020: Expenses Budget Roundup

Note: All the graphics you will see below, and charts, were made with

All net proceeds go to charity! (Always and forever.)

THE EXPENSES = $2940.17

My Side Income covered my expenses with $1528.96 to spare

I spent most of it, I won’t lie. The rest of it, just got reinvested back into dividends and so on.

I spent a LOT this month. I shopped a ton, and … this won’t become a habit, but I felt like I needed a release from being so careful. And I didn’t go as far as I would have in the past, so I call this a win for me.

Still need to save $300K…

I still need $300K in cash some how. I think I’ll get it once I get a contract, so I won’t stress about it. Let’s just live in the moment.

Expenses In Detail:

Home includes condo fees, insurance and utilities

I spent less, as I have school taxes coming up sometime in the next month or so, and that gets factored in.


We are branching out into different foods. I got steak the other day, look! I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I thought I would however, it was far too greasy on my lips, and while I liked it, I think I prefer raw beef (tartare), rather than having it cooked….


My first half of the closet is done (you can watch it here), I need to do the other half and will post that soon.

I finally got the second half of the closet ready to go – my partner has to build up the bookcase so that I can finally start finishing my closet by organizing my items in there. Little Bun has been playing in there a lot, so he will be VERY HAPPY to see a bookcase go up and he can hang out and make up more games..

(Yes I am temporarily keeping my buttons in there for now, and he’s having a ball):


I refilled my metonia pills, which is what I take for my barometric pressure headaches. It’s heavily subsidized by the government, so I paid under $3.


All of it will be posted in my What I bought Roundup posts. I am VERY excited. This week I am posting the roundup of what I have gotten so far as well, so stay tuned.

OH!! And I post my shopping haul posts on YouTube as well. This is the one from last month:

Eating Out

I refilled my Starbucks card. I used it to get a vegan Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich, and it ran out, so I added an extra $25. So far, $25 every few months isn’t so bad. Much better than before…..


I got more of my holy grail mineral sunscreen Coola. It might be my third or fourth tube so far.


HOO BOY DID I SPEND THIS MONTH. I will be getting these items in October / November, but a lot of it was also supplies for my new venture – I want to start making MORE jewellery.

Again, all of it will be posted in my What I bought Roundup posts and I post my shopping haul posts on YouTube

In fact, I want to start imitating Adina Mills’ items, as they seem pretty easy to make once you get the hang of it and have the right stones to feature. I can TOTALLY do this… and these are what I am considering of imitating.

I spent about $450 on supplies from vintage chains to stones (damn things are expensive), and clay. I am also ruthless in my jewellery box and will upcycle my old or unused necklaces. Thinking up of new ways to change things… and make new pretty pieces!


This is actually a negative amount in – $15.62 because I got refunded for some fees I paid back a few months ago, so… there’s that.


Favourite: $271.88 – Stackers Glass Beveled Jewellery Box

STACKERS!! I blame The Home Edit on Netflix for this. I spent on this, but I haven’t received it yet (they finally shipped it, but I will TOTALLY review it and do a video review as well, I promise):

They have similar jewellery boxes that look close to this that are way cheaper as well.

Unexpected: $90.61 – Vintage Uzbekistan Gold Brocade Robe

I definitely did not expect to buy this gold brocade coat at all. Honestly… it was a completely unexpected purchase. I just have been looking for one for a few years now (AGAIN), and for under $100, it is a vintage, handmade piece from Uzbekistan, and lined in silk (100%). You just.. can’t beat that price.

Similar pieces are selling for $300 – $500, so I had to snap it up at under $100 (the shipping is pretty much half the cost).

Hated: $16.66 – Returned those decals

I bought these nice gingko decals for my wardrobe and they arrived wrinkled and crumpled. WTF. So I returned them, and had to pay return shipping with Canada Post. So … HATE. I mean, couldn’t they have shipped it in a sturdy cardboard tube?…

They were supposed to be great, and instead I am paying $16.66 to return something I don’t even have. It’s like being punished….

Expensive: $344.92 – Wardrobe

This is the most expensive item I got, but also unexpected (I have another item for the Unexpected column however that was more unexpected than this one)…

I had gone in to pick up my consignment cheque for selling my Gucci Jackie O hobo in cognac, and then walked out with this coat instead that I have been searching for for a few years, that doesn’t look like a bathrobe, and is a stylish, cashmere wool wrap.

Oh it’s a beauty.

Joyful: $15.70 – Chocolate

I have been eating chocolate every afternoon, a few bars here and there while I read my book or do other things. I buy tons and tons of chocolate bars and then eat like a piglet.

Cheapest: $2.88 – Metonia medication for barometric pressure headaches

It’s heavily subsidized by the government and stops me from vomiting from weather drops and changes. I refilled the bottle of about 20 pills, and I use them only if I truly truly need to.


I said two things last month:

  1. Spending will be low next month
  2. Planning on finishing my closet


Neither happened but that’s okay.

OK. So those two goals? I’m doing them for October instead. Spending will be low, finishing that bookcase in my closet.

My spending year to date:

And I am still under my crazy spending from previous years:


Low spending, finishing my closet, getting excited about upcycling my jewellery, and I am very happy and excited to do these projects for the rest of the year.



If you’re interested, I use the following:

  • Rakuten: Use my referral link for $5 in cash to get started – I use them to shop on sites ALL THE TIME.
  • Swagbucks: Use my referral link for 300 Swagbucks to get started; you need 750 to redeem for $10 CAD
  • Rogers World Elite Mastercard – No annual fee, 1.5% cash back, but you can only redeem it yearly and you have to call each year to ask them to redeem the credit against your next year’s statement. I use it for all my purchases as I buy a lot in USD$, and those purchases are 3% cash back (almost like a no forex fee in essence)
  • Tangerine Mastercard – No annual fee, 2% back on certain categories (up to 3). For their savings accounts, use my Orange key { 32726976S1 } for free money ($50 once you deposit $100; and I get $50 too). I give this card to my partner (he has a joint card) and he uses it constantly

Stay tuned for the net worth & investments post!

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