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September 2019: Income & Expenses Budget Roundup

THE INCOME = $1180.68

Day Job: $0 – but not for long!

In between contracts, but I will be starting work soon in October.

I was offered $250K, but I negotiated an extra $10K to be $260K because….. I could.

If you don’t ask, you won’t get it. What’s the worst that could happen? They say “No”? I am the one doing the job, not them. And I sold the client on me, so.. *shrug*

Blog: $1180.68

Advertising: $931.79

Affiliate: $140.66

Products: $108.23

Save. Spend. Splurge. Products sold, include:





Well it’ll be easy because I will be working at my day job, so.. yeah, should be all right.

This is what I sold this month by the way…. including my Burberry coat (it was too small…)

If you are interested, my money is parked here:

  • EQ Bank: Good, general 2.3% high interest savings account; subject to change
  • Tangerine: Use my Orange key { 32726976S1 } for free money (You get $50 once you deposit $250; and I get $50 too)

…credit card extra rewards cashback savings here:

  • PayTM Canada and PayTM USA is also how I pay my municipal taxes, utility bills and so on with my CREDIT CARD (yes!! TO GET CASH BACK) plus I earn PayTM points for Amazon, Starbucks gift cards etc… Use my referral code [ PTM210713 ] for a free bonus 5000 points ($5 gift card)

…and invested here:

…and I list my things for sale here:

THE EXPENSES = $2965.63

If you count the fact that I sold over $1100 of stuff this month, this number looks less terrible as a hit to my net worth.

This really goes to show that even with a Fun Budget of only $200, I need to really account for at least $3500 in general expenses per month to be comfortable.

I could have cut out a little more, but not much – my partner is also responsible for some of these huge expenses :-\

If you’re interested, I use the following payment options & credit cards:

  • Rakuten – I use this site ALL THE TIME when I shop online, and thus far have racked up $750 in cashback in 3 months. Use referral link here [ ] for a free $10 to get started.
  • PayTM Canada and PayTM USA is also how I pay my municipal taxes, utility bills and so on with my CREDIT CARD (yes!! TO GET CASH BACK) plus I earn PayTM points for Amazon, Starbucks gift cards etc… Use my referral code [ PTM210713 ] for a free bonus 5000 points ($5 gift card)
  • Rogers World Elite Mastercard – No annual fee, 1.75% cash back, but you can redeem the built up cash any time if you go online and have a minimum of $20 in credit to redeem. I use it for all my purchases as I buy a lot in USD$, and those purchases are 4% cash back (almost like a no forex fee in essence)
  • Tangerine Mastercard – No annual fee, 2% back on certain categories (up to 3). For their savings accounts, use my Orange key { 32726976S1 } for free money ($50 once you deposit $100; and I get $50 too). I give this card to my partner (he has a joint card) and he uses it constantly.
  • I used to have the MBNA World Elite Mastercard but they increased the annual fee. That was disappointing, they used to give 2% back on everything.

My interest savings pay 100% for my condo fees, etc

I would also like to point out that I make enough money on Tangerine at 2.74% to cover my housing costs.

These were my September earnings: $527.09

So I feel good about that!

But I will be draining these savings accounts once money starts coming in, and plowing it into the stock market, about $10 – $20K at a time buying up stocks on my list.

Which reminds me, I need to start reviewing some of these purchases.

Here is where my money went this month (how good was this!?)

Busted my Fun Budget…. 🙁

I set my Fun Budget at $200 a month but I busted it by $30.86.

I was stress eating a lot near the end.

Anyway, this is what I spent my Fun Budget on:

  • Massage: $95
  • Starbucks: $25 – Refilled card
  • Eating Out: $118.84

Not so bad right?

I will be increasing it to $225 to give myself some room, although I will only have one more massage in October…

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Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

Am my own Sugar Daddy. Am a millionaire at 36 after getting out of $60K of student debt in 18 months, a little over a decade earlier, using I have worked 50% of my career (taking 1-2 year breaks), and quadrupled my income within 2 years of graduating, going from $65K to $260K with an average lifetime savings rate of 50%. I have 11 side incomes that are on track in 2020 to make me $50K - $75K. I could retire today if I wanted, but love my work-life balance as a freelancing consultant in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). I am all about balance - between time and money, and also enjoying my money. I also post daily on Instagram @saverspender.

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  1. Sarah

    I know you said the Week of Money posts are a lot of work, so I’m sure this request might solicit a groan, but I’d be interested in seeing what food you buy in a month. I’m starting to shift our buying to more organic food & getting meat, etc. from a local farm, but IDK if I could handle doubling our food budget!

    …That said, all of your food posts on Instagram always have me salivating, so maybe it makes sense….

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Hi – Yes these posts take up SO MUCH TIME, at least half an hour a day to type / add.

      Sure, I guess I could post one month of it? It actually varies a lot and I am not the one buying the food, so it makes it more difficult. 🙂 Let me mull it over to see if I can even track this… 🙂

      Also, a lot of my IG food posts are food I am eating OUT!!! It isn’t food at home *laugh* That might help alleviate your worries.

  2. yettie

    I noticed this in one of your previous posts but forgot to comment. The Rogers Mastercard is no longer limited to annual redemption. You can redeem anytime using the Mastercard Pay with Rewards app & it’s really easy to do now


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