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September 2016: What I bought, watched and read



This is the Gloria Vanderbilt biography with her son Anderson Cooper.

I found it very interesting, and tragic at how sad her life has been in so many ways, yet she seems like a survivor. Again, too much money doesn’t solve anything, having just enough is perfect. Too much money causes problems.


What I was doing while you were breeding

Every woman should read this book, single, married, old, young.. it is an excellent memoir, a little racy in some areas (she’s very frank about her sex life).

That notwithstanding, it is a very interesting memoir on being a single woman, HAPPY (*gasp*) and unwilling to commit to anyone, wondering if something is wrong with you that you are NOT committing but enjoying your awesome life traveling and being alone. It is great to live vicariously through her travels and experiences, and we need more women her like out there saying: It is OK to be single, unwilling to settle down, breed, and be or want what everyone thinks a woman should be or be wanting.

It’s a life choice and she (spoiler alert) is happy she made it.

The Kitchen Counter Cooking School: How a Few Simple Lessons Transformed Nine Culinary Novices into Fearless Home Cooks

It’s an excellent book for any novice cook or someone who feels like they’re in a rut, like me.

I’m not a novice at cooking, but I am not an expert like my partner who makes his own foie gras (I KNOW RIGHT), and all this other stuff. He’s methodical, precise and even studied the textbooks from Le Cordon Bleu.

We have zero waste in the kitchen except for peelings which make me unhappy because I wish we could give it to a compost, but generally speaking unless the food was already bad when we bought it and we didn’t see it, we don’t waste much.

Our fridge is pristine and people have commented at how clean and empty it is and marvel at where we put all of our FOOD. Well. It’s there, we just buy often, and buy fresh, as the book has suggested as the best way to eat. I shall take a picture one day for everyone.

I can make most dishes, I just am too lazy to, and not motivated.

I have a good sense of how to pick out what’s going old and make a meal out of it, or to create different combinations in my head as I am tasting things, like blue cheese (gorgonzola) thinking it would taste so good with apple, and realizing after Googling online that it’s a real combination!

That said, I learned quite a lot from this book about things like putting meat or fish in a pan and shaking it RIGHT AWAY so it doesn’t stick, or the proper knife grip.

Everything else about the nutrition, onions, braising etc, I knew but enjoyed re-reading it again.

This book is very much like a memoir but a teaching one where you pick up things, have recipes at the end to try out, and I was SO inspired at the end to make:

– that zucchini pasta with lemon zest
– my own pita bread (again) and cracking an egg on top

..and in general, getting back into cooking and trying new things again, or doing it on the fly.

Women in Clothes

I love, love LOVED this book. It’s just memoirs, essays on women on wearing clothes.

Not stylish stuff, but clothes that matter to us – our favourite sweater, our favourite, holey pair of pants, etc.

This is a raw, honest, set of essays and interesting views on fashion, style and what it all means. I love it, I really do, and I am in the midst of posting a question from their 80+ question survey every Sunday and I’d love it if you participated too!

First question here, and as the series goes on every Sunday, the entire series located here (give it some time to build up, so check back!)

The Cool Factor

A general good style book. Mostly covers what I already knew about contrasts of high/low style, soft/hard, etc, but what really sets this book apart is REAL LIVE EXAMPLES!

On real women!!!

I love seeing how each woman styled a pleated leather skirt for instance (makes me want one), and how different each woman’s style is from being boho cool to being prim and proper.

I picked up interesting notes from what they wore and how they wore it together, more than I did from the actual tips themselves, but if you are starting out with a wardrobe or closet, this is a good start, although for my own list, I’d cross “denim jacket” off the list.

It’s not a classic piece for me, but for the author it was her #1. My #1 is a blazer, trench coat or wrap coat instead.

A LOT of Agatha Christie this month!

I’d list it all but honestly, it was a lot.

About 15 books.

I’m not even making a dent in what she wrote.



I’m excited to share with you my insanity and how much I want to track and organize all of my things, and the stats at the end of each month.

The major downside of this app is that you have to input a LOT OF DATA. It takes time to comb through your credit card & shopping statements if you have a lot like I do, and *gulp*… the results are scary.

My entire review of the Stylebook app can be found here.


Exact sunglasses here.

I wanted to cry.

I was at the park with Baby Bun the other day, and they fell off and cracked down the side.

I was in tears, but I have to replace them, as they are the best sunglasses I’ve ever owned.. they look like classic aviators but have a better cockpit shape for my face (not as long), and polarized lenses make a huge difference.

The non-polarized ones are cheaper at $150 but not worth it. Spend the extra $50 and buy the real stuff to protect your eyes.


Normally $161.

Good deals CAN be had in retail stores too!!!

I am a size 2 in James Perse for pants (I can squeeze into a 1 but choose not to), and these seamed leggings were a steal at the Stockmarkt sale.

$12 EACH.. I paid 7.4% of the retail price.

They look and feel very comfortable, and they’re slowly replacing my stretched out black leggings for lounging at home.


As part of that Stockmarkt sale, this originally $550 dress was only $60 and I snapped it up to replace my white sheath that has grown bobbly and strange over time.

This is the exact dress below, but in white instead of black with a gold exposed zipper at the back:


Similar dresses here, here and here.


It retails for $141 (FOR A T-SHIRT!) .. but it is the most comfortable t-shirt I have ever put on. Super soft, wonderful, stretchy.. I see why people pay for them.


I would have bought more but the other colours were not flattering on me even at $20 each.


Retail price is about $395, and I got it for $60!! 15% of retail price.

Again, part of that sale at Stockmarkt again. I picked up this dress that I was UNSURE about in the store but liked the comfort and look of it.

Turns out, I look amazing in it, and it is not too similar to my other bodycon dresses that I used during my pregnancy.

This one is far better made, not see through when it stretches across my body (like the others), and is SO COMFORTABLE they’re like pajamas.

Hot, pretty, pajamas.

I love this dress.



I am not sure yet. $300 is a lot for a skirt but it fills a wardrobe hope. I have been waiting and hunting for an army green skirt like this for a long time… so I am just.. ugh.



I have been hunting and hunting for the EXACT replacement of my heels (I can tell by the vamp of the heels), that I bent out of shape and had fixed three times already.

So when I saw these pop up on eBay at 3″ and 3.5″, I was beyond ecstatic!!!!

The vamp is high enough that I can tell they’ll be more comfortable (and broken in), versus the lower vamp, and newer style of the Manolos:

These are the two pairs I bought for $60 each in gingerbread brown:


And the second in the exact same hickory brown as the pair I own:manolo-blahnik-heels-hickory-brown

This is the third pair I considered but you can see how the toe is shorter and the vamp is shorter, so it is not the same style as the older ones I like, and would be a little less comfortable for my foot:manolo-blahnik-lower-vamp

I know it’s hard to see, but you can tell the vamp is shorter if you compare the heels side by side. This would be called the “BB” pump… whereas my style is the Tuccio.

KOBO AURA – $76.88



I bought this Kobo Aura because I have been super grumpy that my Kobo Glo died. I had NO WAY to read books and distract my mind here and there, and I needed a new one.

I was not willing to spend $250 plus taxes on the newest version, so I found a cheap, liquidation outlet online and bought an open box old 2013 version of the Kobo – the Aura.

I treat these things like cars, I buy them as new as possible and used but with a budget.


I love the Kobo Aura. You can now adjust the brightness with two fingers on the screen, the pages flip quicker and don’t stagnate or freeze, and I am so pleased with it.

I’ll upgrade to a slightly newer version when this one dies in 4 years or whenever. 😉

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  1. Xin

    I’ve heard good things about that Women in Clothes book. I keep wanting to pick up a copy, but haven’t had a chance to yet.

    An e-reader is also a must-have in my book. I’ve been using the Amazon Kindles, though the current one has a serious flaw: It no longer saves one’s place in non-Amazon-purchased ebooks, which is really awful for me as I tend to be reading 2-3 different books at a time.


      It is such a good book, go and grab a copy. I really thoroughly enjoyed it.

      I haven’t tried Kindles at all because I am so set on my Kobos that I am scared to change.

  2. Cassie

    That Stockmarkt sale was amazing! I’m envious of the white sheath dress.


      Oh I almost didn’t buy it. I was struggling hard to not justify it but in the end, $60 is worth it for a NEW white dress.

  3. raluca

    Oh those James Perse purchases…. The envy! They are insanely expensive at retail price and I have been looking for a drapey T-shirt of good quality for about a year. Le sigh…


      That’s why I snapped them up only on sale.


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