In Budget Roundups

September 2016 Budget Roundup = $508,301.22 or an increase of +$2669.67 or +0.53%



(For sale – $60 Or Best Offer Kate Spade Dijon Patent Black Leather heels US 9)

Lessons learned/reinforced this month:

  1. Never eBay Selling again (see above, it’ll go back on my blog)
  2. Never buying Retail Full Price again unless I ABSOLUTELY AM CONVINCED OF IT, still pending on this skirt I bought and MAY STILL RETURN.
  3. I absolutely need a car with this terrible transportation system especially with a toddler


INCOME = $978.79

I made money selling off my unused items on eBay and through the blog. Almost $1000 isn’t bad, but what really killed me were eBay and Paypal fees.


I am never selling on eBay or using Paypal together again because even though you try to charge enough in shipping & handling to handle these costs, a lot of my items went literally for $0.99.

So I am basically PAYING people to take my things, which is NOT COOL.

My original retail cost of these items was $2789.

I only got back 35% of what I paid, which is about correct for used items.

Cue intense self loathing and hatred with a slight glimmer of relief at having sold something at least and cleaned out my closet.

Speaking of my closet, I am going to show you BEFORE & AFTER pictures of moving.

As a teaser, here’s my huge mess before:


Ugh. Just look at it. Such a mess. It made me cry in pain each time I opened the door.

EXPENSES = $4414.97


This was one of the WORST months for expenses I have had yet and it is not over.

When it rains it pours, as the saying goes.

I find out my car driving on Montreal roads, needs the axle and shocks replaced.

$2000 in cash, out the window.

I don’t mind paying because the car is definitely freedom for me to go around with Baby Bun and not to lug everything like a mule, especially using public transit systems that do not have elevators or escalators at every station, but instead, 1-4 flights of stairs that are nearly impossible to scale with an eager toddler, a full diaper bag and a stroller.


Montreal HATES toddlers, HATES parents, HATES strollers and HATES families with a passion. It is evident by the public transportation system.

Luckily, the people are great. I have had so many fantastic men and women help me without question or asking. I have been and am EVER GRATEFUL to people who understand the plight of a mother and toddler on the public transit system.

<3 Montreal for the people. Not the roads or transportation system.

Then it gets worse..

I had to pay what we call grimly a “Welcome Tax” which is a full year of taxes for all new homebuyers. This happens every time you buy a new home, you have to pay a FULL YEAR of taxes as a one-time “Welcome Tax” or fee to the government.

And for what?

Nobody has a freakin’ clue.

Anyway, my Welcome Tax was $7600.

Cue even more intense hatred but this time redirected to the government here, particularly every time my car goes over a pothole the size of a swimming pool.

This will happen in October, but I know it’s coming so it makes me sick.

Oh and of course, the place continues to suck my money out

My partner has been doing necessary repairs and maintenance on a place that the vendors had never repaired in 3 years.

Tiles falling off, he’s fixing the grout.

Slight holes in the wall, he’s patching, sanding & repainting.

New things for the place like a basket, new racks for the laundry room, new baskets to organize things, new knobs, all those tiny little expenses that are $5 or $10 here and there, add up to $2000 or more at the end of the month.

And I still don’t have a proper set of chairs to sit on nor a thick wooden dreamy table.

I am waiting for the bloodletting to stop.

On the bright side, retail therapy works…

I got some things, a skirt which I may end up returning or at least returning to get a price adjustment on, and I finally found my coveted style of Manolo Blahnik shoes on eBay. USED. Thank goodness.

One pair below:

Ever since my pair ripped because I fell down the stairs, I have been in tears thinking of the day I will have to retire them and either shell out $600 plus taxes for a new pair, or go to cheap shoes and have blisters.

Now, this is no longer the case, and I have TWO backup pairs of Manolos.

…and so does eating your pain and sorrow in secret sugar & self loathing

This is my Secret Mommy Food Stash for when Baby Bun naps and I am wallowing in a small pity party pool.

A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on



NET WORTH = $508,301.22 or an increase of +$2669.67 or +0.53%



Now that my net worth is closer together rather than spaced out by the hundreds of thousands, you can really see the minute details and fluctuations.


BABY BUN’S NET WORTH = $14,757.09 or an increase of $180.83 or 1.23%


<3 Baby Bun.



Working on writing.


EBOOKS. Y’heard me.

It is about time I get my butt in gear and do it. It’s been years I have been wanting to do this.

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  1. Cee

    Keep up the hard work! Excited to see the closet post purge!


      I’m so pleased with the results you have no idea.

  2. Life We Learn

    No matter how new the place is there is always something to be buy, especially in the first few months. Hang in there though, it does get better. I know what you mean about selling things on Ebay and the high fees! I don’t know about Canada but in Australia postage is really high so it’s barely worth it to even list something. Good on you for being able to recoup something back, it’s better than nothing.


      Thanks for the support. Intellectually I knew it but financially it is shocking … eBay is out for me now. Postage is ridiculous!

  3. Taylor Lee @ Yuppie Millennial

    It took me a year before I stopped feeling like the house was bleeding me dry (our place is old and was a fixer though). Just know it *does* get better eventually. Hang in there!


      Oh goodness. Ours is pretty much NEW. I can’t believe how much it all costs.


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