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September 2014: What I bought, watched and read


Other than Project Runway and Top Chef Duels, not much. I’ve been so tired trying to get everything done such as:

  • move to a new apartment
  • buy a new car
  • finalize stuff for my contract so I could begin working ASAP (I wasn’t the one delaying things)
  • buying stuff for work – realized I had no pens whatsoever
  • wrapping up loose ends before going back to work in terms of Baby Bun’s administrative stuff (investing, vaccines, etc)
  • transitioning Baby Bun over to Daddy who will be watching his butt full-time now

All of that took a lot of time and effort, and I tried to cram it into 3 weeks… SO you can imagine I had zero time to do anything. I’m pretty tired.

Baby Bun has also started waking up again during the night to feed because Daddy is trying to take over and he isn’t eating enough during the day. On top of that, I am disappearing for 4-5 hours at a time to transition this period a little smoothly and it is not going well.

He screamed for 4 hours when I left.

Let’s just put it that way. *sigh* I hope he gets over this in a week or two.


As you can see from above, I haven’t had time to read much either. Too much going on.

I’m slowing down on the reading because I’m going back to work. No more idle free time for me, but I think from all the books I’ve read thus far, I’m well over 50 books read.

That said, I did read a bit this month:



 I have an enormous amount of respect for self-made folks, and even more for those as generous, kind and as wonderful as Andrew Carnegie was.


I read the book and thought: Wow. They don’t make employers like him any more. If he saw the way people were being treated today, he’d blow a gasket.

What a great guy. Very kind, ahead of his time, and although he was a bit sexist (who wasn’t in those days?), he was a product of his generation and a truly well-deserved, rich person.

So while I had ZERO time to read or watch shows, I’ve had plenty of time to shop LOL


I spent a good $11,000 this month including rent at $2100 and household bills.


I also bought some flats but that’ll be documented in October when they’re made (8 weeks) and shipped to me.


Remember how I said I needed a car because getting to work by metro was NOT AN OPTION?

Well I bought a car, used in cash. It’s a 2009 vehicle which is a huge upgrade (11 years) from my old minivan which was a 1998 wreck.

With the license plate, taxes and the car itself, I paid $9000 in cash.


In literally ONE DAY, I spent $9000. Most expensive day of my life, to date.

My insurance is $350 a year because no one is going to steal or want to burn this car.

I mean really….

Anyway, I like it.

It has to be cleaned meticulously (my partner has offered to clean it for me).

Gas is about $85 for a full tank of 50L, and I figure I’ll fill up every 3 weeks or so, which works out to $28.33 a month in gas. Not bad.

I also have to invest in some winter tires (there goes another $400), and new mats, rust proofing, etc etc.. all of which my partner has offered to do for me.


On to the fun stuff!


I caved. Not only did I break my retail ban once again (hey I’m only a month off), I bought sweatpants.

Bought these in a size 1 (small) at Holt Renfrew and I love them!

I know paying over $100 for some sweatpants sounds ridiculous but they’re made in Peru of 97% Pima cotton (3% spandex), and the brand Skin is so incredibly comfortable it’s worth it.

Another option I was looking at were the Roots sweatpants but they’re made in China and they have polyester in them which I touched in-store and felt like they were a bit stiff and rough compared to the Skin version which is super soft and thin.


Why am I justifying my purchase? They’re the bomb!

Two pockets in the back, super comfy.. I love them.


I love the brand Skin, so it’s no surprise when I saw them on sale at half off I had to buy them.

They’re sold out but similar ones can be found here.

I love the piping on the side an they’re a great lounging around home pant. They’re nice enough that I could even consider wearing them outside if they weren’t so darn transparent in white.

Two pockets on the side, a bit transparent, but very soft and I think they’re great.

Two pairs of lounge pants. LOL.


Mmmm yes.

I had kind of been hunting for a poncho / cape deal for a long time now. I don’t like the capes where they only have little slits in front to stick your arms (how WEIRD is that!?) and I didn’t like other styles where it was shapeless, baggy, too poncho-y.. you know what I mean.

So when I stumbled upon this wool cape in a thrift store from DKNY, I pounced.

It basically looks like this shape, but in a boiled grey wool and not a knitted cashmere.

ralph-lauren-black-label-black-cashmere-turtleneck-poncho-4 ralph-lauren-black-label-black-cashmere-turtleneck-poncho


This particular poncho is Ralph Lauren’s Black Label around $1200…. I have no idea how much the DKNY one was at retail but.. safe to say around the same price range?

It feels like a great big, comfy blanket wrapped around me and I love it.


I mean.. C’MON!



How can you go wrong??

There is no other answer than: you can’t.

I love it. I’m thinking of ways to wear it tucked into skirts…


In addition to the 36 hangers I own, I needed another 50, plus 30 pairs of clips to hang up my skirts and pants O_O

My partner gave me TWO closets. The one in the bedroom and the one in the hallway. The hallway holds my coats, scarves, boots and shoes. The one in the bedroom is just clothing.

I’ll take pictures once it’s all done.

I spent a good $100 or so in buying 50 more hangers and more clips. I’m hoping to have a PERFECTLY organized wardrobe that I can take pictures of and be proud to show you all…

I <3 Amazon. That is all.

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  1. The Asian Pear

    Girl, that poncho is CUTE!

    What… WHAT IS Top Chef Duels??!? I need to find that now. The new season of Top Chef is starting this month I believe.

    PS – If you think the $9K was the most expensive day, I suspect that your cash payment of $200K will feel like a bigger whopper. 😉

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      The poncho is killer. I love it.

      I love that it also feels like a huge blanket.

      Top Chef Duels — look into it!!

      Well it is lookin more like a $250K payment in cash O_o yeah that will be my next most expensive purchase.

  2. Cassie

    When I first read “Skin Illuminating Atmosphere Sweatpants”, my first thought was “How on earth are sweatpants supposed to illuminate your skin?” Didn’t realize Skin was a brand name *facepalm*

  3. Sara

    Sorry to nitpick – that’s $23 and change per week in gas, no?

    I’m in a reading rut (I don’t want to be sad or scared by what I read…) but I love historical biographies and Carnegie is from a time period I don’t usually gravitate towards so I might be checking this out.

    I have a blouse very similar to that green one and it’s basically the perfect work shirt because it can be worn year-round and works really well with every neutral. I mean, I know that’s the point of neutral colors but I haven’t found many colors that go equally well with navy/gray/white/black/brown

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Oops yes. I was doing the math for every 3 weeks not 4, so my estimate WOULD be $23/week but right now I am seeing it is more like $70 a week. O_o

      I found the biography a bit dry because he wrote it in the language and style of the time but the anecdotes were interesting.

      As for colours apparently the shade of the colour matters and the shade of the neutral matters too. If you have a very blue toned grey it will not go with the same tonal colours as a red toned blue.

      Very annoying. This is why people wear all black (not me).

  4. Gia T.

    Aww I hope Baby Bun gets used to you being gone for a bit.

    Mmm silk tops and wool ponchos… (and no matter how many times I tell myself to grow up, I always think of boiled potatoes when I hear “boiled wool”). :p

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      He is getting better. I can’t complain, he is just a little sweet baby who doesn’t understand the adult world yet… At least Mommy is home every day as early as possible. It isn’t so bad.

      Me too!! I think of boiled food like boiled eggs when I hear boiled wool.

  5. Anne @ Money Propeller

    I hope the details on the contract sort themselves out asap so you can get to work. I know how long you’ve been hungering for a contract! I also hope that weaning Baby Bun off of Mom time smooths out a little bit.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      It did sort out but it was a rushed affair. As for Mommy time, I am trying to give him lots when I come home.


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