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Review: Vegan Leather Matt and Nat Macaroon Kintla Purse versus Black Clarke Bag

I thought it would be a good idea to review the vegan leather bags I bought from Matt & Nat.

Actually, I bought the Kintla in Macaroon / Nature (on the left) first, and I LOVE IT.

The second one? Meh. Not so much.


I even featured it in two of my Instagrams.

Between the two bags, you can see that the Kintla fits a LOT more in a comfortable manner. I put the two file folders standing up but they can be put on the side (just one). You can still carry the bag with the short handles even with the two file folders standing up although it’s a bit tight.



I love the colour because it is a beige and is not a pinky beige or a blush. I kind of hate that sickly, pale pink pastel colour in general but I really like a good beige that is more yellow-toned.

The hardware is a beautiful kind of rose bronze colour which matches perfectly with the beige bag.


The vegan leather is smooth and expensive looking. It doesn’t look like plastic and it doesn’t feel much like it either (you obviously know it’s not leather though).

It just feels smooth and expensive.

The tag inside is a recycled cork I think and it says that the lining is made from recycled bottles:



There are two magnetic snap closures on either side for the open parts of the bag, and a zipper in the middle.



For the look, the practicality, and everything taken into consideration, I’d give it a 9/10.

I’m removing ONE star because it kind of collapses it on the sides a little if it isn’t stuffed. I don’t really know how else to keep it puffed out and with its lovely shape, unless I stuff it with a sweater all the time.

It would also look equally as expensive and beautiful in black. I was debating between the two colours and decided on the beige but I almost want to buy the black one as well… but who needs TWO of the same bag?

No one. That’s who.


It’s from their Dwell collection which boasts “soft” pebbled vegan leather but frankly the entire make turned me off.

It was squeaky, kind of plasticky-feeling, and not at all smooth or lovely like real leather.

It has a strange shape because it is short at the top but then wider at the bottom.

It’s fairly roomy for a purse, but the handles are strangely too long for a grip handle bag, and too short to comfortably sling over your shoulder.


You can’t fit anything larger than an iPad in a wool sleeve, and I couldn’t even squeeze in a file folder.

Not meant to be a work bag, I guess.

There’s an inner compartment to separate out the two areas which I really like, and an inner zip.

There’s also a cellphone pocket near the front.


The lining is recycled bottles as well


Overall I’d give it a 6/10.

I like the general look of it, the style as a purse, but I am taking stars off for the strangely too long/short handles, the strange shape that won’t let me fit a file folder in there, or anything bigger than an iPad, and the squeaky, plasticky cheap kind of feeling leather from this particular collection.

I can only recommend the Kintla in Nature/Macaroon or Black. The other one, I’d leave it. I’d probably leave the entire Dwell collection if it’s all made out of the same vegan leather.


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