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Review of M. Gemi: Bolla Ballet Flats in Gunmetal & Tuta Suede Nature Flats & Stellato Navy Flats



Still in love.

Am I spoiling anything for anyone if I say that these Bolla flats in Gunmetal are incredible and well worth the price?

They look just like the day I bought them with very slight wear and tear. Whenever I wear them, women exclaim one of two things:

1. They look so comfortable!

Why yes they are thank you.

2. They look so nice!

They are gorgeous and the quality is top notch. There is no cheap leather peeling off the top after a few wears, the inside is one smooth piece of lined leather, and while they didn’t feel soft and comfy like bedroom slippers at first, I realized it was a GOOD thing because it means they’re hard-wearing and will last longer.

Notes on the Bolla:

  • Take half a size down, they were right. My true size is US 7 and I took a US 6.
  • The elastic is not a terrible thing, it means it hugs your foot better and stays on rather than slipping off and flopping around
  • They are very well stitched and reinforced without causing any blisters whatsoever
  • You may need to get them Vibram-soled like I did, to make them last even longer.
  • The inside is soft, wonderful leather and they are GREAT SHOES

As seen here, they look killer and fit well:



These Tuta flats however, are the most stylish flats I own. They have an elegant pointed toe and a very pretty band across the front which adds a little something different.

I think they look fantastic on my feet and they are the pair that sort of made me go out and buy the Stellato flats from M. Gemi in navy
which are similar.

Obviously, being pointed, they are slightly less comfortable than the Bolla flats, but they are the most stylish. I wouldn’t say they are flats you could wear for major hiking and sight-seeing the way the Bollas would be good for, but if you plan on wearing them to run errands, commute, or wear them to work, they are definitely in that range.

I love, love love the soft pale shade of the flats as well.

The Tuta flats are these, worn here:

…and the Stellato flats are somewhat similar, worn here, but without the band across the front:

Worn here…

..and here:


I love them so much, I want them in the Natural shade as well:


  • Tania

    Sadly I am no longer wearing as many flats as I have in the past. I’ve been having some pain on the top of my foot and the podiatrist explained to me how the excessive flat wearing was causing it so I now look for at least a 1 inch heel. I realized I have only been wearing very flat shoes or havianas for awhile no rather than mixing it up. I did find one similar to your nude above without the crossstrap (1in stacked heel) and I agree it looks so dressy. Love love love the Bollas and I can still do that type of flat for short term wear (not all day) but being that I can no longer wear longer (like to work), I’ve currently got too much.

  • nance

    These are all lovely, especially the pointy toe flats. How are you getting these shipped to Canada? Their website doesn’t seem to have international shipping.

  • Cassie

    Love that sleek little band across the top of the Tuta flats, but I could see myself buying the Stellato flats first. I was admiring a look alike pair day before yesterday. I’m kind of having a loafer moment right now, and these are a nice compromise between my usual ballet flat and more of a loafer style.

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