Here is a an easy access page of all of my referrals. I have also noted what you get and what I get for transparency.

(it’s a $30 service regardless of if you use my link or not).

They let you also file (simple T4) taxes online via their service (it’s really cool you can even scan/upload your slips with your phone), and they only offer the pro service if you want someone to do all the filing for you with the slips (AND YOU DO NOTHING). For $30 is a freakin’ steal. I may do this instead of struggling through my taxes this year (I usually pay for a software).

Search & do Surveys for Free Money or gift cards

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My referral gives you 300 Swagbucks and I get 300 Swagbucks as well but only once you make another 350 Swagbucks and redeem it for a free $5 given via Paypal.

I do surveys and search with Swagbucks to earn Swagbucks, and then redeem it for actual cash. It’s good for idle time while you’re on conference calls.


[ saverspender ]

My referral is just a nice gesture to give me $65. Thank you!

I have my domains with They’re one of the biggest and most reputable out there.


[ Use this link ]

My referral gives you $5, and I get $5.

I use Rakuten to shop with. You basically click on their portal, go to the corresponding site (e.g. Amazon or Sephora) and you get cash back from shopping with them. You have to use the link for it to work.

I wrote about Rakuten here and am now pleased that they changed management from Ebates and they pay out very promptly.

Poshmark (Canada and USA)


My referral code gives you $15 and I only get $15 when you make your first purchase.

They are live, and this is how you use Poshmark to sell and shop specifically, and here are some selling tips on how you sell on Poshmark.

Private Lending
[ 7b03f0 ]

My referral gives you $25 and gives me $25.

I use Lending Loop to do private business-to-business lending for loans, etc. Right now my gross rate of return is 13.1%.

I wrote about Lending Loop here and how I use it automatically for private lending.

[ 47449340S1 ]

My referral code gives you $50 and I get $50.

I use Tangerine for daily banking, they’re no-fee and very easy to use.

Discount Brokerage
[ Referral Link ]

My referral gives you $50 in free trades and I get $50.

I use Questrade for EVERYTHING investing. My RRSP, TFSA, Margin and RESP accounts are all here.

I have written a book on Investing that covers Questrade specifically in detail, and you can check it out here with screenshots and everything.

Ad network for bloggers
[ Referral Link ]

My referral is here, and I find them very reliable (as good as Adsense but not as many analytics). They are about 1/3 of my advertising income for the blog.


Social media scheduler
[ saverspender ]

My referral gives you 1 month trial free, and only if you sign up for their PLUS service, will I get 1 month free in return.

I use Tailwind for ALL of my social media scheduling – Instagram, Pinterest, etc. I wrote a whole post on them here and how to use them effectively.