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Please describe your body.

Shapewise, I am a slender, inverted triangle with broad shoulders and a tiny little potbelly that gets bigger and happier when I am well-fed.

Contrary to most Frenchmen, mine happens to take pride in that I have a cute little potbelly because it means he is feeding me well and therefore I am well-loved by him.

(cue the sappy “awwhs”)

I also have some seriously developing Mommy guns from carrying & lifting The Bun.

My body can withstand more than I think, I even went through a kind of harrowing near-miss-of-drugs with the birth of Baby Bun, and came out perfectly fine.

I heal very quickly, I rarely get sick (except from toddleritis & shared daycare germy “love bugs” that Baby Bun has brought home), and I discovered that I can function like an adult human with very little sleep but would REALLY NOT LIKE TO because I need 9 hours, 7 at a minimum.

I refuse to take painkillers if I don’t feel I need it, and my body can withstand a little to moderate amounts of pain to avoid drugs.

I am taller than an average woman (5’6″ when the average is 5’4″), but I am no Amazonian, and I have really great, strong, slim legs.


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  • Cassie

    I’m shorter than average, landing somewhere between 5’2″ and 5’3″. I’m an hourglass figure overall, though if it wasn’t for my breast size I would be a pear. I’m more solid and muscular in the legs than I am in the upper body, though carrying a baby around has been increasing the muscle mass in my arms recently. My rib cage is tiny (band size around 29 or 30) with disproportionately large bust. I’m coming to understand that this is more common in the UK, since they seem to be the only ones who carry bras to fit my dimensions. My shoulders are average to narrow, and my torso is short. Buying shirts that fit is a royal pain.

    I since having a baby my belly is heavily striped and the skin is much looser there. I expect I will look like I’m carrying more weight there than I am due to the skin not holding things as taut as it used to. Otherwise I tend to gain weight visibly first in my lower back/muffin top region, followed by my thighs/midsection/bust.

    My hair is greying and I started dying it a few years ago. My eyes and ears function quite well without assistance. Barring something brutal going around while my immune system is struggling, I only seem to get sick when I’m travelling (grrrr).

    The fact that your Frenchman takes pride in your potbelly is absolutely adorable 🙂

  • Sarahn

    I’m taller than average and whilst I say I’m 172cm, dating guys who lit a few centremetres taller I seem to be eye to eye. I’m moderate in shape – you’d not class me as a waif not fat, but I could do to lose between 5-10kg and still pass as healthy to slim.

    I’d prefer to have less of a stomach but have learnt to dress to accentuate other areas like my longer legs, and my décolletage. My upper arms could be more visibly toned though I have noticed they are more internally toned since barre ballet classes.

    I have pale skin which I mostly except rather than adjust or modify. For a special event I’ll get a spray tan but it is a bother and it’d be less than a handful of times per year. My hair is streaked with grey but I, as yet, have resisted colouring it, lest I make a rod for my own back!

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