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“Playing with FIRE” documentary (2019) – Free streaming until Wed Dec 11

Link: Free on Vimeo (Private) until Wednesday December 11th 2019



  • Not enough numbers – would have liked to have seen their budgets before and after, how they calculated things, etc
  • Not loving the preachy, condescending vibe of – “but WHY would you give up your LIFE for a CAR and THINGS” … STFU. I am Luxury FIRE, which means I refuse to be shamed for liking nice things – you can have designer clothes but secondhand / on a budget, or thrifted. I hate this shaming attitude prevalent in this “personal finance” community. I am still going to be financially independent AND retire early (= FIRE to the T), but I STILL like the few nice things I do have.
  • Like the push to be more thoughtful about spending – Not that I need it, I have been more than thinking about this lately
  • Like the vibe of ordinary people earning under $50K as a household, becoming financially independent so young (two teachers)
  • Felt very real – I liked that Taylor was so honest – if I were her, her thoughts would have been my thoughts and it is NORMAL. I don’t see it as complaining.

Did you watch it?


  • Anne

    First, thanks for the Ally link to watch it for free. I agree with you that having actual numbers would have made this much more meaningful. The whole “time to retirement reduced to 18 years” thing wasn’t helpful in really understanding their journey. Also, best I can tell, he quit his job without having another source of income (other than her job). So were their savings rate increases really that meaningful when they’re based on an income that is presumably half of what it was before he quit his job? And I agree with you about the preachiness. Happiness is relative – if you can afford it then there’s nothing wrong with a BMW

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      He quit his job to become a filmmaker. FYI. I found that out later.

      I found the whole thing very much NOT on the path of — hey look how cool FIRE is and saving and what it can do for you, this is the best thing ever…!! .. and a little depressing with talk about deprivation versus seeing what they are giving up for what they are getting in return. The general vibe of the people they had on there too, was also what the PF community is all about – lots of preachy-ness. AND I KNOW they are saying things like “Oh but this applies to people who CAN’T afford these things” <--- SO SAY THAT. Don't slam the fact that people enjoy nice items. Ask them - is that car worth 7 years of your life and savings to you? If so, and you can make that trade off, go for it. Instead, it is just shaming - "Ohh that's so dumb, paying 7 years of your working life for a CAR." Eye roll.

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