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People with money, look better. Period.

“Hahaha not true at all. Some of the richest people I know had no time for this stuff. They favored wearing the same thing over and over again and again, pulling heir hair back and being extremely minimal with make up and had less than zero time for cosmetic procedures (the teeth whitening would be one). Money is not so much the issue as time to do all this.”

— A comment I got on a link I posted about how science has proven that people can immediately tell who is rich or not.

People with money, look better. Period.

Money IS the issue. Money allows you to have the time to do all of this. Without money, you don’t have the time.

Money is basically saved time.

On top of all that, forget vanity, rich people they have access to resources that people without money do not.

They don’t worry about health, or dental issues

Have you ever seen rich a rich person walk around with no teeth?

How about if they need new glasses or have cataracts? They have them replaced / removed, right?

Dental care, healthcare, and general maintenance of the body is covered when you have money, especially in the U.S.

A rich person doesn’t necessarily need to subscribe to the NYC / Californian teeth whitening, surgery, hair dying, cosmetic fixes to look better than someone without money

They simply just exude health because they are able to pay for it.

If I need to get anything healthcare related, I just head out, find a doctor, hand over my card, and be done with it, like when I tore my knee this summer.

If I didn’t have the money, I would have been limping on it, walking longer and not resting like I should have been, tearing the muscle even more, in pain and unable to fix it.

My money fixed that knee.

They can take time off if they need to

Sick? Need surgery? Very likely, rich people have money and/or jobs that just let them take time off to take care of themselves.

They need a month off? Sure, they can weather the financial storm of not being paid if the company gives them time off.

They very likely have jobs that don’t need them to be there 24/7 because they aren’t cashiers, they aren’t scrubbing floors. They are in offices, or own businesses, and are not in manual labour / highly demanding, physical fields where THEY specifically need to be there to make money.

Heck, I know if I got sick, I could take a few years off to recover if I had to. That’s a privilege to be able to take time off.

On top of this time off, they have time to exercise, hire trainers… the list goes on. Or even just to have time to READ A BOOK, which for me, is a great stress reliever.

They don’t need to take public transit unless they want to

They have cars and don’t need to walk home, lugging heavy groceries not to mention being exposed to the sun and absorbing damaging UVA/UVB rays which cause wrinkles, and very likely, they also buy / use SPF if they are in the sun, or wear a hat or have money for sunglasses.

I take the bus and the train when it makes the most sense. I have no qualms doing so, but there are days where I take it and think – thank goodness I own a car, I could not do this trek daily.

They don’t have to worry about money which = less wrinkles

When you are stressed, you start frowning, glaring, and getting angry.

Your eyebrows knit together, your mouth turns down, your whole face tightens, your whole body seizes up.

I know this, because I do it when Little Bun loses his temper, or some other nonsense has happened.

What I do know, is I don’t get angry or stressed over money, because I have it. I don’t have wrinkles because of money issues, my wrinkles are earned by having had a child who continually likes to test my boundaries and defy me.

I combat all of the above, with skincare products, which by the way, only rich people can really indulge in buying as it is a non-essential, to be honest.

They have the money to choose to eat good food

Not all rich people eat fancy foods all the time. Sure, they eat junk food, maybe every day! But they are making a CHOICE to eat crap, if they do.

Otherwise, who else can afford wild blueberries at $20 for 3 pounds, and eat it like a snack, without worrying about spending $20 on some BERRIES?

Rich people have money to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and not just any kind, the organic fancy stuff. They also have money to eat in better restaurants, and can CHOOSE to eat in a crappy McDonald’s or not.

Poor people, may not have access to grocery stores within a reasonable walking or driving distance, as they may live out in the boondocks and be unable to reach said food sources.

So what do they do?

Stock up on things that aren’t perishable – canned, highly processed, preserved, and boxed foods that are terrible for your body, skin and health, but don’t go bad.

Wild blueberries or watermelon radishes from a farmer’s market? Please. They may not even know what to do with it, even if they bought it. Tasty salads are EXPENSIVE, y’all.

All of this affects your skin, your health, your weight. There is absolutely zero doubt in my mind that good food means good skin.

Not everybody who has money, does surgery and whitens their teeth, wearing designer garb and driving fancy cars…. but those basic things that set a rich person apart from a poor one?

Every rich person has the privilege of not having to deal with any of that nonsense BECAUSE of their money.

They have less wrinkles, less stress lines, less anger and tension, less worries, because lack of money is not what is causing any of those to appear. It would be other things, like children, family, business, major health issues… not the lack of money that is keeping them up at night, working two jobs to make ends meet.

So please, don’t tell me that people with money don’t look good. They look amazing. 


  • mia

    There’s also a bit of causation here that runs the other way, too. Healthy people are more likely to be able to keep/hold down jobs and finish their educations and therefore earn more money. And when I say “healthy,” mental health is a huge part of it. Mental health disorders such as depression and substance abuse disorders (in addition to making one look stressed/sick) definitely can hold a person back from having a stable job or advancing in their job.

  • June

    I don’t think this person understood your post. She/he assumes that you are saying that a person of means spends all their time and money running around chasing after the finer things in life and seeking out expensive medical and cosmetic procedures. If I may, I believe you are trying to point out that people that have money simply take better care of themselves. Because they can. Period.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Yes exactly. People with money, have those resources to (A) take better care of themselves and not think – oh should I get this root canal or just suck it up? .. and (B) are not stressed as a result of money (maybe other things!!!) but not money, and this translates into your face not holding that tension, creating wrinkles.. etc. You simply look better.

      I am hyper observant now, after having read that article, and I look at people’s faces out of curiousity to see what it is that makes me think – oh this person has money, or this person is struggling.. and I always come back to their eyes and their whole demeanour.

      The ones with money tend to stride, are calm, don’t hold tension in their body or faces, and the ones I can tell who are struggling, have their foreheads always in a perma-crinkle, have a sort of hunched over demeanour, and their skin especially is not well taken care of.

      I am not saying with procedures or with skincare, but my partner for instance, does NOTHING TO HIS SKIN. He doesn’t use any moisturizer, cleanser, nothing. Just water and wipes it. His skin looks good (maybe it is his genes as well, his whole family looks young), but he also takes care of it by wearing hats when he is out, and he has money, so he eats good food and it shows. He looks like he has money. Period.

  • Gayatri

    Could not agree more.
    My 2 cents :
    1. Rich people also have money for expensive nutritional supplements like NAD+ or Noni juice. This helps with improved immunity and they don’t fall ill often or if they do, they recover faster than normal people. This also means that they don’t have to take that long time off from work.
    2. They can afford better skin care and hair care products. Organic, hand-made products which have little shelf life – they are also far more effective than products with shelf life 1 or 2 years.
    3. Their dining out is better than normal people. I am not sure if this is common knowledge but restaurants mostly don’t use good cooking oils. They use cotton seed oil / palm oil / canola oil – all of these are very very unhealthy oils. When rich people dine out, it’s at healthy places – where they server tasty meals which are also nutrition-rich. Crafting such menu, sourcing ingredients and actually cooking it definitely requires skills than say a MacD chef.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      All excellent points – the vanity piece is true, you can afford better skincare, better products, avoiding stalls or restaurants that don’t use good ingredients. These are all ‘non-essentials’ or upgrades from basic steps.

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