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Parts of my Minimalist Home (Apartment)… One Bedroom & Office

By request (you can ask me anything anonymously & quickly here and then I post most of my answers every Friday at noon under my Ask Sherry! category), I was asked to show a bit more of my apartment. I originally posted my closet here, and my fridge here.

As mentioned, I will be showing what I can of the apartment. It’s a bit of a mess right now with renovations taking a long time *cough* and some of the features of the apartment are unique and too distinctive to post without claiming to keep anonymity.

So, I am showing you what I can, and how we organize the way we live….

All of my posts can be seen here: Sherry’s Home.


This is actually Baby Bun’s room, so it is a half-office, half-bedroom for him as he sleeps with us now, but will eventually want his own space (and then we’ll move our stuff out and leave the monitor and table for him to use to study).

I like working on this table the best, but the light is not that great. The kitchen is perfect with its wraparound windows for light and scenery.


This table has a little lamp, and a larger monitor that I hook my laptop up to if I want. The brown basket holds a power bar which we switch on and off as we need it (saves on energy, because vampire energy is a quiet killer in electricity bills as we discovered).

This is his rack of things.

We created a charging station on the top rack to keep the cords and things away from Baby Bun’s curious fingers for now.

The second rack holds more wires in a basket which I showed in an Instagram video here, his night underwear (Naty 5 pull-up disposables which he treats like underwear because he’ll refuse to pee in them sometimes!!!), his sleeping shirts and pants, and his floor puzzles go on the right along with “his” iPad.

The last three shelves are clothes, sorted by “going out” basket at the top, “staying home” basket in the middle, and underwear and socks on the bottom, and he knows which basket is for what when we sort the clothes so it is helpful in that he puts aways his own laundry (we start ’em early ’round these parts..)…

He has his book basket to the left on the bottom, which gets culled down ever so often if the books don’t fit in there any more.

I’ll be doing a special Baby Bun edition of his toys, clothes and things in another post.

Baby Bun helps me do his laundry, by putting his pieces away in the correct baskets.

My philosophy on ironing is this….

I don’t iron anything if I don’t have to.

Behind all of this is his futon for when he is older.

Now, I’ve talked about why I love the futon, but honestly, if you have the space and kids, I highly recommend buying something similar. Children. LOVE. THIS. FUTON.

They go bananas when they come over to play because it’s like a bed on the floor. No worries about them falling off when they’re playing, and you can even power nap while they’re playing to catch up on some ZZZzzz’s. I also love that it is soft and easier on the bum (mine, not his), and knees because children love being on the floor (and it’s safer).

Even if you don’t ever plan on sleeping on one, I recommend buying one for the living room or wherever you have hard surfaces. My toddler loves the futon… I highly recommend Dean and his experts if you plan on buying one, they’re super nice people & the craftmanship is outstanding.


This is what the mess really looks like most of the time.

He loves letters and numbers, so I created flash cards for him and took an old game from a thrift store and drew in coloured Sharpies, letters on the back which he uses to spell words. You can see him fake spelling in a few of them on the floor. LOL

We usually hang out a lot on this futon, reading books, cuddling, playing “Mommy Tunnel” (it is as you expect, I lie down and he burrows underneath my knees to the other side), or “Mommy Slide” where my knees are up and he climbs up to slides down my thighs & knees towards my face, and gets a ton of kisses and hugs at the end (with tickling).

I have a few colourful boxes from Ikea that I use to contain the mess.

You could use this collapsible schoolbus one which I find cute.. All the letters and puzzle pieces go inside there when I am bothered enough to do it. Most of the time they’re out, he is always playing with them.

A friend of mine has this rack with plastic boxes on there for kids to use to organize their toys which she loves, but we don’t have that many things because I am ruthless and I refuse to hoard toys and things. If we bought this rack, we would fill it in a heartbeat. 🙂

I do like it though if you aren’t as Spartan as we are in toys and things.

That does it for the bedroom & office!

I will do a separate Baby Bun specific post, as requested. 🙂

All of my posts can be seen here: Sherry’s Home.


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