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Organization Series: What I keep in the car

Just the other day as I was driving a friend, she asked if I had some wipes because she had spilled milk all over my rubber mat. When we pulled over and I handed her some wipes, her eyes widened at all the STUFF I kept in the car.

I laughed and said: Yeah but I’m prepared for pretty much any personal emergency.

Here’s my list of what I keep in the car, and why:

Ballpoint Pen & Paper

To jot down notes.

I would use my iPod touch but that is illegal to use any cellphone with your hands while driving. I am not sure how grey that area of law is, as it is technically NOT a phone, but better safe than sorry.

I have the notepad, and a ballpoint pen (won’t leak like ink ones), and I write down notes on my lap without looking at the notepad.


Spare clothing: Shoes, Rubber Boots, Jackets

I have spare flats in the car because my heels HAVE broken on me and I do not want to half limp anywhere with one working heel.

I actually lent it to a colleague one day when she couldn’t wear her 4″ platforms any more, and she was ever so grateful.

I don’t have spare heels, but I do have these spare Yosi Samra flats just in case, but if you aren’t willing to buy Yosi Samra, these ones are a cheaper option.

I also have spare foldable rubber boots for when it rains unexpectedly or I need to get somewhere and I do not want to ruin my outfit.

Lastly, I have super lightweight down jackets and my Lululemon athletic hooded scuba jackets for when myself or my guests are caught unexpectedly in a cool breeze and want to take a walk, but don’t want to freeze to death.

Or just when I am too dumb to have worn a jacket but it is ridiculously cold, or it has started to snow.

This has come in handy at least 3 times thus far.

2 Blankets (wool & waterproof)

The wool one is when we “picnic” at the park and the waterproof one is just in case my car dies on the highway and we want to stay warm.

I bought this wool one from Faribault and I am very pleased with their quality, plus it’s made in the U.S.

The waterproof, lightweight compact one is from Eagle Creek.

The blankets also double as a cover for my things in the car so thieves are not tempted.


Wet wipes, Tissues & Handkerchiefs

You’re wondering why I have such a variety, and that is a valid question.

It is because wet wipes are handy when you need something pre-moistened to clean off things or to scrub down spills (e.g. when your lovely toddler decides to step in a hot pile of steaming poo…. TWICE), and after you’re done using the entire box on his shoes, you may also need to blow your nose (handkerchiefs or tissues; I use handkerchiefs first and tissues are my backup).

I use these organic cotton handkerchiefs and love them because they’re sturdier and softer than tissues.

The best wet wipes are these ones because with the high alcohol content, it is great to get stains out as well, and the citrus scent is very pleasant like coconuts and pineapples.

I would avoid their “sensitive” version because it has no alcohol and therefore cannot clean stains out as well.

Little Plastic bags

Always handy as garbage bags if you are unable to get to one easily and you definitely, absolutely NEED TO and can’t just leave it in the car as-is.

Practical Usage?

See above anecdote of how my toddler’s shoes met a hot pile of steaming poo.

Bottle of unopened water & soap

This is a new addition because of the steaming poo.

I now have a bottle of water just in case, and some soap to wash my hands thoroughly afterwards.


Spare purse and bags

A spare purse!? Yes.

Sometimes I need a spare purse because I only brought my work bag but want to go to the market with something smaller.

I also have spare grocery cotton bags to carry things.

Bandaids, Flexible foot tape and Blister block

Bandaids are a given, but I also have foot tape to wrap my toes before blistering begins or if I feel it starting, and blister block for the times when I thought wearing heels was a great idea until I got lost.

Face blotting wipes & makeup & Hairbands

I have a small pack of face blotting wipes just in case I wore makeup and don’t want to slap on more, but I also have spare makeup for that just in case time that I may need it.



Spare hats for Baby Bun & myself

Again, very handy in the summer. Either I forgot his or my hat, and I don’t want to get wrinkles or sun spots, so pop, on goes that hat in the park.


For very dark parking lots or areas where you can’t see a damn thing because there is zero light.

We have disabled all of the inside car lights (it has drained my battery by accident at least 3 times), and sometimes you need to search for SOMETHING in the car, so this flashlight comes in handy.

I have also used my iPod touch as a light but this is much more efficient.

GPS and cord

I get lost. A lot. This is a lifesaver.

iPod and iPod cord


Baby Bun keeps asking for music, and if I don’t have the iPod it is harder to keep him quiet, otherwise I need to become a human iPod and sing nursery rhymes from the driver’s seat.

My Emergency Kit

Which consists of:

  • Tide-to-go Pen
  • Sewing kit
  • Hairbands
  • Hard Candies
  • Gum
  • Oil of Oregano (kills bad breath with just a few spicy drops)
  • Feminine products


  • Spare diapers (disposable and one set of cloth) with 2 wet bags to hold any … wet diapers
  • Secret toys to entertain Baby Bun that only come out when I am desperate to shut him up



  • Eco-friendly traction gravel (do not use kitty litter)
  • Shovel
  • Snow brush
  • Spare gloves
  • Spare hat
  • Windshield Wiper Fluid (I use plain old water in the summer before it freezes)



  • Tania

    I keep a lot in my car too. Phone charger/cable, magazine, coin purse, napkins/tissue, baby wipes, work keys/badge, hunter boots/socks, huge rain hoody (size large, fits over any outfit including dolman sleeves and goes to my knees – for unexpected pouring muddy rain at the farm I work at), umbrella, havianas, ballet flats, beach towel, deodorant, dental floss, measuring tape, scissors, sharpie, small cooler (for leftovers), straw sun hat, old bedsheet (to cover my back seat if I fold it down to carry something big), tripod & a gazillion reuseable shopping bags (Maui has a plastic bag ban and many stores don’t offer any bags, even paper, at all).

  • Millennial Money

    It’s good to keep lots of emergency equipment in the car. A kit that breaks glass in case the car gets thrown into the river and a first aid kit in case of wounds or other problems. I can see using lots of hygiene products so having excess paper and wipes would be nice too.

  • Cassie

    Wow, that is quite a prepared car! I used to carry a bottle of oil and a bottle of fluid for the radiator when I drove my last car, since it was definitely nearing the end of its life. Currently I keep a reusable reflective blanket in my glove box in case of emergency, along with an emergency first aid kit in the trunk. My back seat cover is actually a thick blanket with a couple slots cut in it for seat belts, so that can be used in case of emergency as well. I also keep a window brush and spare jacket in the back seat. A couple granola bars are usually tucked away in the center console as well.

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