In Budget Roundups

October 2012 Budget Roundup = -$(5019.16) or -2.42%


This update is late because I spent most of it in Hong Kong, and whenever you’re overseas, it is a huge PAIN in the butt to access your online financial accounts without them thinking you’re some spammer or hacker.

Hong Kong Wet Market Vegetable Stall (2011 Photograph)

The good news is I got a lot of photos, and we can say we’ve seen everything in Hong Kong, and I bought all I wanted to buy.

The bad news is that Hong Kong Airport, and my flight back home was delayed for an additional 6 hours, which added a little sourness to the trip.

Not to worry, I’ve been complaining left and right today.


  • Need. To. Work.
  • Need. To. Work.
  • Need.
  • To.
  • Work.

EXPENSES = $635.08

IF ONLY I could stay like this for November and December, I would be DAMN HAPPY.

I don’t have many Hong Kong expenses here, because I did most of my spending in November, the week before I left.

I don’t like to buy things ahead of time, because I ALWAYS run out of money (*ahem*) and I always end up seeing something I want to buy at the last minute.

I ended up spending about $267 on various gifts and things, which I will post about later.

My original Hong Kong spending budget was $0.

Then I decided $100 was a good idea.

Then a certain enabler on Twitter, made me realize I might as well buy some different Asian makeup brands as I won’t find them in Canada.

So my budget went up to $300.

YARRRRRRGH! *pirate face*


Hey not bad. Rent was $300 to my parents, even though I spend 3/4 of October away from home.

NET WORTH = $202,015.70, a decrease of $(5019.16) or -2.42%

  • &^#$@* stock market. That’s all I can say right now.
  • I really didn’t spend $5000+ worth, but my net worth took a huge dive this month because of the economy
  • At least this is an opportunity to pick up funds for cheap. I won’t be selling until I retire anyway, which is a long ways off (35+ years)


The main thing on my mind is working, tying up loose ends and getting organized.

Oh and this beauty:


What? WHAT? 😛

No, I don’t need an Apple iPad Mini (who does?), but I’m seriously considering it, because the iPad is really too heavy to carry around on a daily basis, but the size is awesome for magazines, books and sheet music.

I’m considering it for reading on the train (I have books in no less than 4 apps — Kobo, Kindle, PDF Expert and iBooks), and using it like an effing, massive iPod Touch.

First things first — Need. To. Work.

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  1. The Asian Pear

    I have no idea what you’re talking about! *stands around innocently* 0=)
    BTW, electronics are also cheaper in HK than in Canada….

    *walks away innocently while whistling*

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      I already have a boatload of electronics, so I wasn’t in the market for USB keys or hard drives…

      *points a shaming finger at you!*

      ENABLER!!! 🙂


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