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November 2016: What I bought, watched and read



I LOVE this series. Kristen Bell knocks it out of the park, she is a fantastic actress, and Ted Danson is a great on the show too.

It’s forkin’ funny, and mesmerizing. Here are some things that good people do, according to the show:


Apparently eating vegan only gets you 407.43 points! I wonder what my points are thus far. 🙂

It reminds me a lot of Pushing Daisies, another show I loved.


Because I read her book, I wanted to watch her show and her movies. It’s a little crude (not my cup of tea, normally), but funny thus far.



I am almost done ALL Of her books, believe it or not, except for her Tommy & Tuppence series (so WEIRD, a couple that solves crimes with a strange rambling way of thinking? No thank you.)

I really love Miss Marple & of course, Hercule Poirot is my absolute favourite of the bunch.


My favourite fashion/style book of the year. Hands-down. An excellent read, it will make you open your eyes (the way it opened mine ) about shopping, style and the history of it all, along with the viewpoints of buying and not buying.

I found it, in the words of Martha Rodgers & Richard Castle (fictional characters on my favourite TV show Castle), to be a revelation.

If you like style, fashion, shopping, and struggle with overspending, fast fashion and all these internal issues about what to buy, why and why not, READ THIS BOOK.

It has cleared up everything for me. I am now a convert.


This was a great book, very much along the lines with books written by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, amazing comedians who have just let it all out.

Unapologetic, raw, honest.. I don’t know much or follow Amy Schumer, and I only just knew who she was after this Vogue video of her swapping lives with Anna Wintour.

I think I’ll start Googling her and watching her comedy, just out of curiousity 🙂


This was a good fun read, and sort of a parable for “make lots of money but remember to save it too”… I can’t believe how INSANE the demand and craziness is for a Birkin bag. It’s just a bag. I don’t get it, and I guess I never will, but the hype was insane in the early 2000s.

These days, you can find a Birkin for resale online on pretty much any site. I see them all the time. I guess the hype is dying down. Or not? They’re still in the $6000+ range when resold.

Anyway, it was a really entertaining, dramatic read. Great explanations of the dishes he ate too 😉 Food + Style, what could be better?


Christie Brinkley is smokin’ hot even at 62 (google her, she’s amazing), and even though she does surgery (light stuff, like Botox and Juvederm), I think it’s just amazing genes, and good vegan living.. and lots of money, because her proposed diet of Bio-K supplements daily is NOT CHEAP (think $15 for a few bottles of ‘yoghurt’ or pills).

Anyway, it was a nice read, but not really helpful for me, to be honest. It was a lot about good living, wearing sunscreen, eating organic and well, avoiding meat, working out.. you know, the usual tripe.

I think she’s super nice though, she seems so friendly and down to earth.

I just don’t think anyone can ever look as she does at 60 without a lot of money and time. The rest of us are haggard vultures just trying to make it through another sleepless night with our toddlers.

(Does it show that I’ve been up since 4 a.m.? … No? .. Carry on then.)


Marian Keyes has been one of my favourite chick-lit authors for a long time. I don’t love 100% of all of her books because some of the topics didn’t sing to me, but her writing is unbelievably real, funny and so engaging.

…just like her.

This book is simply a set of small essays, like blog posts that she may have published or not, talking about random stuff that happens, her life and so on. It sounds boring, but it is actually quite funny, and very endearing.

My favourite book of hers is: The Other Side of the Story


I am one of these people who never, if ever, get sick. I only started getting sick when my toddler started daycare. *sigh*

What’s my secret?

Don’t really have one other than I just try to avoid people who are sick (hard to do when your toddler is a walking germ factory), and whenever I come home, the first thing I do, is wash my hands with warm water and soap and change my clothes.

Then.. it’s just eating well (as plant-based as possible), trying to sleep well (again, toddler sleepblocks me), and that’s about it.

I don’t work out or go to the gym but I love to walk, and I try not to eat sweet things all the time.

What I like in this book, is reading up on the research and all of the tips and tricks of people who swear by their tricks of never getting sick, from dunking their head into a solution of bleach (no really), to eating raw garlic daily (I do this only when I am starting to get sick).

Their “secrets” are all so diverse, where one says to embrace germs and another completely avoids them (and human contact).

Worth a good read for the research, facts, and anecdotes.

What I will take away from the book, is doing more stretching each day and to try and adopt a more zen, positive attitude to breathe and stop yelling when I am stressed.

I do agree that it makes me feel better and sleep better, so I’m doing that for sure.



I caved.

I waited for so long, and wanted it in the right colour, and this Ellen Degeneres Langston ‘Love’ ballet flat in khaki green is a nice neutral that isn’t brown or black (read: boring).

They also have a pair that says ‘joy’ instead.



Ok, I know this is ridiculously expensive shampoo, this John Masters Organics Zinc & Sage Shampoo, I mean, $20 USD? That’s practically $100 CAD! (no really, it’s more $35 or something like that).

That said, I REALLY love it.

It smells like vanilla, but that good stuff with the seeds inside not the fake “aroma of vanilla” smell that you get from The Body Shop.

It moisturizes and cleans my hair at the same time, I don’t even really need conditioner except for the fact that I cut it (LOL) with this cheaper, unscented shampoo from John Masters that is less moisturizing:


The “bare” unscented shampoo is great, but it is really, really rough on my hair and not as moisturizing.

When I mix the two together, I still have 2 bottles of shampoo at the end, but it’s like I have two bottles of the really nice, Zinc & Sage version rather than crappy ones. I feel much better about the whole business of it costing so much.


I also recently splurged on trying out this intensive conditioner I plan on using once a week, because now it’s getting close to winter and my hair is starting to feel like straw:

I am sure all conditioners are a bit of a scam (why not use coconut oil instead!?) but I want to give it a shot, this John Masters Organics Lavender & Avocado Conditioner I also plan on using it SPARINGLY on the ends of my hair, not all over so that it ends up feeling greasy and makes me want to wash my hair again.

This conditioner was also super expensive but I have tried other conditioners from other brands and they have always just slid off my hair. I haven’t felt a difference so I stopped buying conditioner altogether, but this was just too tempting as a test run.

I gave it a shot the minute I got it, and I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I just use a little mostly on the ends, I let it sink in, and my hair feels way shinier, bouncier and smoother than before (although I should note that I stopped using conditioner years ago).

It is really a good buy. I’m so pleased.



Sexy right?

$1300 on a tooth. I had to have it done.

To recap, in the past 3 months it is like when it rains, it POURS:

  1. $7500 property “welcome tax” bill – yay #*%#($ Montreal…
  2. $1400 on repairing my car’s axle & shocks
  3. $1300 on repairing a tooth

I am.. happy.. I have savings. That’s all I have to say right now.

So needless to say, the stress of all of the above, has made me crimp down on my wallet and avoid spending money.

P.S. Want to see what I bought in previous months? They’re all here by month, and I also do yearly roundups.

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  1. anonymous

    You’re better off without a root canal as they can only seal off the main roots. There are too many little ones they can’t get to which end up getting filled with bacteria. Essentially you are keeping a dead tooth. Your tooth extracted and replaced with one with biocompatible material probably would have been best. Here are some articles on the subject:

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Thank you for the note! I am going to go back to the dentist in a year and see how it goes…. I am just worried about ripping out a tooth completely 🙁

  2. Alexis

    Hey with the Timeless Beauty book, I really liked her recipe for the coconut milk raspberry chocolate with a leaf of mint desserts. I tried it and it was DELICIOUS but it was hard for me to get it to be really smooth. I had some lumps. Meh. Still delicious!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      GASP! I want to try it now. Thanks.


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