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My favourite comics (comedians) to watch

I watch a lot of comedy. It helps me relieve stress because I laugh and I feel much better about life.

Here are a few of my favourite comedians, and I hope you’ll enjoy them as well if you don’t know who they are!

I have a bit of a preference, for one thing I don’t really connect with anything crude or gross (it isn’t about being “a lady” or “feminine”, I honestly just don’t find much of it funny).

I am more on board with Seinfeld-esque humour than I am with Family Guy, if that makes sense.

I don’t love all of everything they do, and I’d really recommend watching one of their full shows rather than just relying on these videos below only…

Katherine Ryan (fellow Canadian!)

She hits hard topics of being a woman, a single mother, feminism… colour.

Ali Wong

A little too crude for my taste sometimes, I skip over some of her bits, but her bits on wanting to be rich enough to afford Whole Foods mango for example, is hilarious.

Ronny Chieng

OMG. DIED. His whole Netflix special is hilarious.

Michelle Wolf

I will say her voice is a little hard to listen to at first, but she is so funny. And she jokes about her voice not being something she chose, which I also acknowledge.

Gad Emaleh

I actually listen to his stuff in French but he has now, a show in English which is also funny.

Trevor Noah

A great comedian that hits topics like racism.. and American culture.

Kevin Hart

He just makes me laugh. I have seen a bunch of his shows and he is just so self deprecating.

Tom Papa

Honest. So honest!!!

Nate Bargatze

This bit on ‘dead horse’ is hilarious but my partner did not get it at all because he is too French (don’t worry it ends well).

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