Save. Spend. Splurge.

My Favourite and Future Splurges

I talk a lot about spending money. I do spend money, but what do I splurge on? Here is a short list of what I have spent on in recent years.

My latest splurges were:

1. MY CAR – $180,000

I don’t talk about it, but I paid it in cash, and it was a massive upgrade from what I was driving before (a beat up minivan). I don’t post photos of it, I don’t talk about it, I have told some people who are truly curious about it, but I’d rather not have something to easily tie back to me in any way.

The $180K cost includes the 15% tax, registration, and is in CAD not USD.

2. INVISALIGN – $5000

Million-dollar megawatt smile without any metal hardware to nick my mouth? Sold. My smile is perfect now.

I smile a lot, and when I was a child, I never did because my teeth were awful.

I got traditional metal braces at 19 and hated the years I had them.

When my front tooth shifted slightly, I couldn’t stop feeling self-conscious so I paid $5K for Invisalign.

It was worth every penny.

I could remove it, brush my teeth, floss… and I had permanent dental retainers put in.

3. DYSON STYLER – $800

That’s $800 CAD folks, almost $1K for a hair styling tool! To give you some context (not that I am justifying this complete want of a purchase), I didn’t really own any hair styling tools before, nor products, and I don’t go to any hair salons or bars not even to cut my hair (I do it myself).

I am talking no hairdryer, no curling iron, straightener.. I never bought any of those things, nor products, and whenever I wash my hair, I just let it air dry.

Then I saw this AirWrap and I thought – GODDESS CURLS… and now I am hooked. Seeing as I spend $0 on my hair other than shampoo & conditioner, $800 is ‘reasonable’ over a span of a decade.

4. IPHONE XS MAX – $2299

Got it in 2018, my first cellphone after.. well ever.

Correction: joined IG in 2015 but posted on an iPod Touch with wifi. Cellphone came in 2018 after I bought my car in 2017. I remember this because they teased me about it LOL

I didn’t own a cellphone because I was just super organized (and too cheap to buy one). Now, I kind of can’t go about my life without instant internet access.

I have a DATA PLAN, y’all!!

5. CHANEL FLAP – $2984

Recently bought this before I hit $1M in net worth, and then I repurposed it to be my $1M in net worth gift to myself to give it more meaning.

It’s one of the first bags Karl Lagerfeld designed when he took over Chanel in the early 1980s.

My future splurges are:


I already sort of talked about this before but I want to buy a piano. I haven’t had one in years because I’ve been waiting for a permanent place to buy one. I want a nice piano as well, not just any old piano because sound is important to me.

I really want one that has a warm, deep tones and that comes from German-made pianos. My budget is $10K – $30K.. but I originally set a budget of $70K before, so that’s not out of the realm of possibility.

I need it to be able to have SilentPlay so that I can practice with headphones, and the piano would be for me, although Little Bun is VERY KEEN on learning the piano as well so that’s a bonus.


This will be around $5000 from my research or under.

I have been thinking about this for the past decade. I don’t like surgery, knives, anything invasive…  That said, everyone I know who has had it, has been positive about it. And it is just uncomfortable but not painful, so I can handle that, along with a laser. I am just scared of anything surgery-related, but it would be such a relief and maybe a cure for my headaches/motion sickness (or some form of relief) if I could just wake up and not have disorientation from everything being blurry around me.

I think this is something I will definitely do after the pandemic is over, and before I start on a contract because I will need some downtime / rest from the surgery.


I am obsessed with skin and skincare. I really want to smooth out the light acne scars I have on my cheeks, and I have been looking/researching into non-invasive options such as LED light facials, laser facials, microneedling, and resurfacing treatments.

I am okay with a little needling (microneedling) as I have done it before at home and saw no real difference but know that in a doctor’s office I’d see far more results. This will likely be under $5000, in total over 5-ish years.


I REALLY WANT THIS ONE. Once Little Bun is older, around his preteens, I’d like to take a family trip to Japan and just spend two months touring it, no expense spared. I’d love to see the countryside, sleep in an inn (ryokan), travel on the bullet trains, see Toyko, Edo (old Tokyo), go to a nice hotel/spa, hot springs, wild technology and of course, ALL THE FOOD.

My budget is $20K for this trip. I think we can do it in 10 years time also as a “YAY! MY PARTNER IS FINISHED HIS DEGREE” trip.


Pair of Sarah Flint Natalie Flats

Okay who am I kidding, I want two pairs. One in this nice cognac brown and another in this magenta suede (use my referral code here for $50 off)

They’re beautiful with a modern bow, classic, and not at all cheap looking.

Reiss Lara Dress

I love the top of this Reiss Lara Dress, the ribbed knit…  And I have been stalking it for months now.

Reiss Lorna Top

I love this Reiss Lorna top and even though I have a similar top, I obviously I like to collect all the colours in styles I love, so I need it in all these colours too.

MM Lafleur Taylor Dress

I have this MM Lafleur Taylor dress in 3 colours, but not this cobalt blue. Obviously it is one of my favourites to wear because of the deep pockets, but also because of the draping in the front.

MM Lafleur Carrie Wave Top & Teresa Skirt

This PINK. The SLEEVES. I think this MM Lafleur Carrie Wave Top is basically my kryptonite. And along with that, the gorgeous Teresa burgundy skirt that is with it? Love the entire outfit together.


  • Rachel

    When you name your specific goals and put them down on “paper” you have a much better chance of achieving them. You’ll get there! This has inspired me to do the same.

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