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My 168 Hour Workweek Mosaic

I read this book I know how she does it (so-so review here because I wasn’t thrilled with the book), but I did the exercise of taking a look at my week’s mosaic as suggested:

Here’s what my mosaic looks like in priorities:

  1. Baby Bun / Partner (Life)
  2. Work
  3. Sleep



It was an interesting exercise but I can’t say it told me anything more than what I already knew.

I have no real personal time, alone.. which is why I cherish it so much and love that Baby Bun is in daycare now.

It frees up my time of not having to take care of him (as terrible as it is to say), just so I can get things done like WORK, or personal emails.

This is a pretty accurate, typical week.

Speaking of working a lot, I also found this article on Amazon’s workplace culture interesting, and not at all surprising.

If you have read The Everything Store, it is very clear in the book what it is like to work there.

I personally would not work at Amazon but I do think they’re doing a bang-up job. You just have to be a certain kind of person to work there.

What does yours look like?


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