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Month of #OOTD Style & Fashion @saverspender with brands & prices – June 2020

These posts are to collect together all of my looks that I post as my outfits of the day with and without prices on @saverspender Instagram under #savespendsplurgestyle

All of them will be under this revived subcategory: Month of Style

I am thinking of throwing them under the Thursday time slot to break up the Week of Money Posts (which also give me a much needed break as they are INTENSIVE.

I will have a slider view of the looks for the whole month, and then each individual photo with details and prices after it, to give an idea of my thought process.


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The bag is one of my favourite vintage finds. I had wanted a straw bag for a long time, because it seemed so summery to me, but they never looked very luxe (unless they were very pricey from Loewe), but I still wanted a look of something straw-like without being straw.

When I found this bag, I knew it was it. It looked like straw, but was made out of leather strips. I love it as a summer bag, as it doesn’t look so heavy.

The rest of the outfit came together because I channeled Meghan Markle and other classic style icons because a striped white and blue shirt + white jeans is really not a far stretch in terms of style.

A bit of modern edge, is that the shirt was found thrifted in the men’s section of Goodwill, and already oversized, which meant it was perfect to do a French tuck in front (thank you Tan from Queer Eye for popularizing this!), and roll up the sleeves.

The outfit just came from the idea of mixing stripes with polkadots. The skirt is very “Pretty Woman” and one of my favourite colour palettes of navy blue and white (OBVIOUSLY!)

The shirt is an ink blot style of stripes, and I decided an edgier necklace, like this one that looks like a vertebrae, would toughen up the look a little.

I was really anxious to bust out this dress for summer, but then COVID-19 hit. Alas.

At any rate, it still remains one of my favourites for summer, even though I haven’t been given the chance to wear it out of the house. The dark orange red is stunning as a background for these watercolour-like florals.

I tried to toughen up the look again (this is a signature move of mine), by adding a really rocker statement bib necklace with crystals and metal.

I also skipped the stilettos and went with a chunkier sandal and inadvertently matched the leather tone with my belt (this was unintentional, really!) to tie it all together.

I was so incredibly inspired by this picture I saved from Pinterest last year:

I had been on the lookout ever since to find a long LONG black skirt as I don’t own maxi skirts (mostly dresses), and when I found this one thrifted in a Goodwill, I knew it would fit my purposes perfectly.

Took me about 50 shots (running back and forth to the phone!) to capture this look to match the original inspiration.

I like how retro it is, and this skirt really only works with stiletto heels.

This Erdem cropped top was made from a chopped up Erdem dress where the previous owner had tailored it down from a Size 4 to a 2, and with my upper torso being slightly larger than the rest of my body, it WOULD NOT ZIP UP.

I could only wear it over a blue maxi dress I had as a look that was confirmed, but I wanted to see how versatile it could be with other items.

I decided to wear a black tank top underneath for modesty (I don’t really like baring my stomach), and it all came together with a leather skirt, some really bold gold statement accessories, and it became a great look that I could even wear to work.

The leather skirt is vegan leather from Zara and has a rubbery sort of feel, but it looks great and the secondhand price couldn’t be beat.

When I was in NYC, I hemmed and hawed over buying this top, and I am so happy my friend enabled me to buy it in black. I love the lace detail, the split open back is sexy but not overtly revealing, and it keeps my back open and cool.

I paired it with some chunky sandals to tone down on the sexiness, and in another leather (not black) because I don’t want every leather accessory to always match.

This skirt is actually a dress. I took down the straps and wrapped them around my waist instead, and made a huge maxi skirt out of it instead (AND IT HAS POCKETS!).

I feel like I can swan around like a goddess in this look. It is a little more than dramatic, so maybe not the best idea for a simple post office run, but I’d wear this out for a lunch with a friend.

Since it is so dramatic, I didn’t wear any jewellery at all.

I knotted the front of this Grana silk tank top (Grana review here) by taking two little small sections on either side (you need a blousy tank for this to work), and then tying a knot.

It adds an interesting waist definition and a draped look at the side.

Instead of leaving the jeans long, I cuffed them to give another bit of interest to the look.

And finally, a fantastic fedora. I don’t buy cheap hats because they look cheap, feel cheap and make your head sweat. Really well made hats, are worth it, and you only need one, instead of 5 crappy looking ones (not to be a quality snob… but I can tell if something looks well-made or not, and many can too, they just may not be able to articulate it.)

It is a simple, fantastic hat that keeps the sun off my head (I still wear a lot of sunscreen).

There’s something about yellow that makes me very very happy. It took me years to find a shade that would work on my skin. Every time I wore pastel yellow, I felt sickly. I tried neon yellows and felt washed out. Then I tried mustard yellow and never reached for the items.

In the end, what I love, is a deep, bright, saturated yellow that screams BUTTERCUP SUNSHINE AND LOLLIPOPS to really make me feel like I am walking on the sun. A literal sun goddess if you will.

This dress originally came as a strapless piece, and I didn’t spend the money on it until I knew I could take the yellow belt (which I wouldn’t wear, as I never wear belts that come with the dresses), and made it into straps for the dress so I could wear it comfortably without having to hike up the strapless piece over and over again.

This is a simple tailoring fix for a dress that you love, but won’t wear because the style is strapless.

As you all know, I am currently unmarried. We do plan on getting married, and this is the dress I shall wear to the courthouse signing. Then a huge dinner afterwards (same dress? new dress? other dress?) and our union will be complete for tax purposes and estate planning (romantic, right?)

This dress, the minute I saw it online, I knew would be an expensive piece, and I peg the original retail value at around $4000, because the tailoring is IMPECCABLE. It is so perfectly lined, the pleats are joined up in the most delightful ways as details, and the stitching is just beyond what you can imagine.

OH. AND POCKETS. Did I mention the pockets for wedding courthouse day snacks? Didn’t think so.

I normally never wear jean on jean. Actually, I think it is a ‘trend’ from the 90s I never adopted because I felt like I would look awkward in it.

Turns out, I just need a super soft chambray shirt, and to pair it with dark jeans so it doesn’t look so matchy-matchy (which is what I disliked — that light jean + light jean combo).

Load on the statement gold cuffs (and I have plenty of them), add boots, flats, heels, whatever, and you’re good to go.

These Frame denim jeans are actually not hemmed. I should have cuffed them in the picture because I can tell they’re puddling at the top of the boot and I am not a fan. Oh well, I’ll remember that for next time.

The boots are super comfortable and very old from Club Monaco. The cost per wear must be down to the $1 each time now, as I have worn them to death.

They’re old but if you want a similar bootie, I am obsessed with the Rag & Bone Margots.

Lastly, the cork tote tops off the entire look. I think cork and straw are very pretty colours for summer bags, while being durable (somewhat, cork can be delicate), and looking like it isn’t out of place, unlike very dark leather bags meant more for autumn or winter in my mind.

Another angle shot of a picture that didn’t make it as a cover but I still liked.

Stay tuned for the July 2020 Instalment!

And let me know if you like these or not, and what you’re curious about.

RE: Original Retail Prices + Cost Per Wear Calculations

I know it would make more sense if I could put the original retail prices versus what I actually paid, along with cost per wear of each outfit, but honestly, that’s a lot more work and time that I am not willing to put into these style posts as I am busy as it is.

I’d love to do it if I were a 100% style blog, but I am not. Alas.

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  1. Anne G.

    All of these looks are fabulous, but that Alfred Sung skirt and BR shirt combo is the bomb!

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Thank you. Isn’t it amazing, that skirt was $3? I saw it and knew it would be perfect for this exact look. Now I can pair it with other shirts, or tops.. same style, and get the same effect

  2. Anne

    This is a big reason I follow your blog – I love your outfits! So inspirational!
    I am a bit envious about your second hand shopping possibilities. There are not that many used high end items available where I live, not for my body type in any case. I probably should learn to second hand shop online…

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.


      Online, international sites like Vestiaire Collective or The Real Real would work the best. Or eBay.

      In Australia they say the same thing. We actually don’t have as many choices as in the U.S. either.. in the U.S. it is so cheap for shipping and so many other options!

      1. Anne

        Thank you for the tips, I’ll check those to start .

  3. Gail

    I like everything, as usual, on you. Since I am much, much older, and less, less attractive (!), I hardly even think about the lovely outfits with regard to my wearing them. However, I have to say that the “wedding dress” is exactly what I love on me. I would buy it in a heartbeat. It will last you forever and never go out of style. I want one! It is PERFECT.
    Thanks for writing, especially these days when there is so little to do but read.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I find it difficult now to think about outfits because I can’t wear them anywhere, but I knew I had to start trying them out again because I was losing my mind being inside all the time.

      The “wedding dress” one is very classic. It’s normally a shape I don’t wear (cap shoulders), but it was so perfect in this dress.

      You’re welcome – I hope my writing brings a bit of levity!

      1. Gail

        I’m not sure why I am drawn to simple and classic clothes on myself. I like calm and quiet clothes, as I am usually calm and quiet (except politically right now.). But on taller, not as petite women, I enjoy seeing other fashions, too.
        You do sometimes bring levity, but you also bring thought and intelligence and lack of fear to be honest–unusual and enjoyable. It is so nice when a blogger actually takes the time and effort to respond to a comment. Please don’t stop blogging!

        1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

          I won’t I promise. It’s really kind comments and replies from readers like yourself that keep me going. Otherwise, without interaction and engagement, it does seem a tiny bit pointless 🙂 I am very unlikely to stop at least within the next 10 years!!! *laugh*


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