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Month of #OOTD Style & Fashion @saverspender with brands & prices – July 2020 (Part Two)

These posts are to collect together all of my looks that I post as my outfits of the day with and without prices on @saverspender Instagram under #savespendsplurgestyle

All of them will be under this revived subcategory: Month of Style

I will have a slider view of the looks for the whole month, and then each individual photo with details and prices after it, to give an idea of my thought process.


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When I saw this tuxedo blazer for sale secondhand, I immediately knew I had to have it. There’s sonething about tuxedo details that grabs me instantly, and this was no exception. I decided to pair it with all black for this particular look – culottes and a greyish black tank top, and a statement necklace that would stand out nicely against it.

I call this my “Elevated Biker Babe” persona, because while there is not much leather (just suede heels), it really makes me feel like I am in that realm. Maybe I could add a leather jacket on top of all of this and it would really finish that look off.

Quite possibly my favourite work dress to date – The MM Lafleur Taylor – which I own in 3 colours. I have noted that the waist is surprisingly small on this dress, so if you’re in between sizes like I am (4 and 6), take the 6 if you want room to breathe. The 4 fits PERFECTLY but like a glove, and you won’t really get to feel like there’s some give in your midsection.

I love the draping on this dress, and the DEEP pockets that have room for snacks. It’s truly a perfect work dress. I paired it with a clutch that somehow sort of matches my heels as well (that was a happy coincidence), and to pick up on the stone in the necklace (it was a one-off artisanal design that never made it to production), I added a vintage flower cuff I found while thrifting that has the same teal tones.

This look is so easy because it’s a dress + heels + any accessories.

Someone messaged me to tell me it was her favourite outfit EVER of the casual looks because the top was light and airy but could be tied in a bow at the bottom, the rips in the jeans weren’t too overt, and the shoes in their nice rainbow stripe were adorable. <3

My legs look super long in this for a few reasons: (1) I have longer legs in proportion to my torso and (2) I am wearing wedges and (3) the proportions are right on. The shirt is a little cropped because of the tie at my waist, the jeans are high-waisted and in this perfect style called Maria which helps with the elongation, and they were cropped right at my ankle which makes them look longer rather than being too long and bunching up there.

Please note in my hand, my newest device to make all of this outfit snapping worthwhile! I finally caved and spent $15 CAD ($8.50 USD) on a bluetooth wireless remote for my phone, and it has changed my style-snapping life. It works PERFECTLY, like a charm. I have so much respect for style bloggers if they do it on their own without a team, but even with a photographer, I can imagine it being quite an endeavour to make sure the clothing sits right in the shot, and you get all the elements with the right light, etc. A headache.

Without the bag and the ring, this outfit is only $259.55. It’s my accessories that push it over the top into the almost-$1000 range. Still, it’s 100% secondhand, feels comfortable and looks GREAT.

The shirt is a silk with a lace panel insert in the front that actually shows my bra. You can’t see it in this shot, but if you looked closely, you could see the outline of what I am wearing underneath, which means I can either stick with a nude bra, or go with something colourful or black, so that it deliberately shows through.

I am still debating if it is work appropriate because you CAN see the top of my bra through the lace, and I’ve decided I am not daring enough to try it at work as I like to stay professional, and I’ll keep it for when I am out of the office.

(I did however, once see a woman wear a sheer, see-through white top with a faux pearl studded bra underneath in black… so I suspect my professionalism standards are tame compared to what she considers appropriate for the office.)

I found the top very sweet and lacy, so I decided to toughen it up with some ripped jeans, and paired it with strappy block-heeled sandals that make me feel very Olivia Palermo for some reason (she loves a good block heel sandal). The bag is a work bag, but I use it to run errands because I love the size and how structured yet scrunchy it is. I added a YSL ring as my only statement piece on my right hand, but I could have gone without any jewellery at all as well.

Okay so this look didn’t work for me. I think it’s not bad, but for one thing, the heels are all wrong. I needed something like strappy leather sandals or flats, to bring a summery look to the whole vibe of it.

I also don’t love the tank top with it because it was too blousy for the A-line swing of the skirt, and then the necklace.. I don’t hate it but I feel like it is no longer my style (I am more into minimalist Wonder Woman jewellery these days).

Out of the entire look, I’d only swap the heels AT THE MOST, but basically if I could redo this outfit, seeing it in a photo, I’d only keep the skirt as it was the center of the look but I did not plan the rest of it well, in my critical style eye.




This dress is one of my favourites, and you would know this if you peeked into my closet and saw that I own it in black, white, this green khaki colour, an elephant print AND a striped print. In fact, if you’re looking for a true ‘trench’ dress, I am sorely tempted by this one.

Sleeveless trench dresses, wrapped / draped dresses are my style, truly. I feel the best in them. I started with the idea that I wanted it a little more casual and Wonder Woman-esque, which is how I picked the gold collar necklace to peek out from underneath the collar, added the Wonder Woman cuff (I wish I had two of these), and then stopped with the bold gold jewellery.

I moved on to making it more casual with a braided belt which picks up on the strappy suede sandals (similar tone in the leather, as well as braiding + strappiness), and finished it with one of my favourite summer bags, this super organized tote in cork. This tote, is one of my favourite, most recommended work bags, I’d even buy it over a fancier Prada Saffiano Satchel, as per my detailed review here.

This entire look is A+ for me. I definitely will wear this again and repeat it as-is in the future, and this is a big deal for me as I am someone who likes to mix things up all the time!!!

I love this look. I only added a bit of extra colour with a cuff that I DIY-ed myself. I love the drape on this top and how it goes all over the place but is so flattering, and forced myself NOT to wear a belt with it because I have an addiction to belting everything.

I added the strappy sandals (similar flat studded sandals here because they’re amazing) which are surprisingly comfortable (more than the Valentino Rockstuds), and look great because I’ve always wanted a strappy, studded pair of sandals for this kind of glammed up look. The hat is a simple fedora, and I had the foresight to cuff my jeans this time!

I love these heels. Obviously. These Manolo Blahniks are amazing, comfortable and so worth it. The cardigan worn as a top is my newest style find, and I am obsessed with the idea of wearing cardigans as tops now. The necklace is also secondhand because I saw it and knew it was my style. It is a stunning turquoise circle, with a very cool, interesting orange suede pop of colour as the ‘chain’.

The huge sun hat gives me Renoir vibes because I feel like I am in a painting when I have it on, and maybe picnic with some strawberries. The heels are the only change I might make – into sandals instead, but otherwise, as it is a long-sleeved top, I feel like the closed toe pumps work. This is an outfit I’d absolutely wear to work.

I REALLY love this look though. A pleated skirt with a top, monochromatic with a pop of colour..? SOLD.

Another winning outfit for me. I love the way it all came together, from the cotton bustier (that doesn’t feel like a bustier, just with very light wiring), with the actual belt that came with it (LOL I normally never wear the actual belt but this one works).

It was a collaboration by Chelsea28 with Olivia Palermo and when I found a second one, secondhand, I bought it immediately. It was originally a strapless bustier but I added the straps because I hate strapless items (I do this often to my tops).

Then, some distressed jeans to rough up how ladylike it is, some chunky sandals to make it less ladylike but still fun, and one of my favourite totes with a map of the world that I stalked on eBay from Kate Spade until I got it. Of course, no outfit of mine is complete without a statement cuff.

I am sad this outfit looks so flat in photos! It’s really a wonderful look, and maybe I should have tried to move in the shot, but the dress is flowy and pretty, the top is actually a cropped shrug I fashioned out of a dress that WOULD NOT ZIP UP, so I split it into a skirt and into this cropped top that I did not want to toss.

It’s a completely split back top which you can see here of the photos I took. I added a summery hat, flat gold sandals, and a brass cuff. I honestly love this look so much so I am sad it doesn’t look as good as I feel in it, or the way it looks in person.

It’s also super comfortable, and perfect for walks, the park, anything without feeling too restricted or boring.

This pink Lenox skirt gives me all the feels, all the time. It was super expensive but that’s because it’s double-faced luxurious thick silk. I am talking like… designer-style, would-go-for-thousands-of-dollars type of quality.

The company no longer makes them because they were too expensive as a price point for consumers (I cried a little when I paid for it), but I still think they’re worth much more than this, if it had a brand name attached to them, because the tailoring, the fabric, are all luxe beyond belief.

They don’t make this skirt any more in this fabric, but they do make it in this gorgeous, super comfortable and way more affordable jersey.

I paired it with a fun cotton striped top with a tie in front that I can wrap in front, around, sideways, and sort of play with, to come up with different looks, which I find very versatile.

The whole look is topped with a little shawl jacket (my favourite style, I have a ton of these), and it keeps me a little warm in the office when the A/C gets a little too cold.

Then, adding the accessories is easy because you don’t need much. It looks great as it is, without anything at all, but FYI, I made the necklace!

NOTE: I lied in the photo, the heels are secondhand!!! Shoot.

There’s something about “tipped” pieces that make my heart flutter. I am talking about that black trim that happens on shirts, blazers, or jackets.. I am in love with. I have a J. Crew blazer in “tipped linen” that I bought a second one of because I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I like buying backups of items I love beyond belief.

This shirt is no different, and I wore a lace bralette underneath that covers a decent amount of skin, and is work appropriate, believe it or not, as I am not unbuttoning anything, it’s like wearing a lace camisole underneath.

The belt is hard to see but it’s a black studded military-style belt I knew would be super versatile from Emerson Fry (no longer sold), and a pair of jeans to make it a Casual Friday look.

I finished with some gorgeous, super comfortable suede M. Gemi flats because they’re extremely comfortable and stylish.

Here’s a fun action shot!

I love leather jackets. WAY MORE than a denim jacket, and mostly because I don’t even own a denim jacket. Leather jackets, make the look for me, and it is just one of my many (I have navy blue, brown, another black one…)

It’s a great topper to a very casual but cool look. Underneath, a black linen peasant-style smocked top, a kind of boho ladder necklace, some jeans (any will do!)… and pointed flats that I think are super stylish from M. Gemi (again, a great shoe brand).

This entire look is my uniform, basically. I wear this look often and feel super comfortable in it.


WHO KNEW that Lululemon could rock it out and create a beautiful high-fashion athleisure piece that even I would want to wear?

I scored this beauty secondhand and am AMAZED at the gorgeous pleats at the back, the scuba material that feels heavenly, and how amazing it looks with everything from jeans to pencil skirts, and even wide-legged white culottes.

It adds a fashion-y flair without being revealing at all, nor uncomfortable, and the only minor point I’d make is I am afraid to lean back in chairs because I don’t want to mess up the beautiful pleats. Haha…

I paired it simply with some white culottes, heels (I KNOW. HEELS with LULULEMON!), and I could have added a cuff but left it plain instead.

This dress is EVERYTHING. I love it. It’s wool, so when I paid all this money for it, I immediately regretted it because I thought it would end up being itchy and I would cry because it is so beautiful but I’d never reach for it at all.

Turns out I was wrong. ZERO itch and I am super sensitive to wools and all sorts of fabrics that itch my skin.

I love the ‘tipped’ of the dress all done in white, with the cuffs even in white, and decided to steal a belt from my mother’s wardrobe (she no longer wears anything any more as she cannot fit into them), and made it a navy blue and red ‘story’.

Add a simple watch, some pretty heels, and this is a 100% work outfit that I’d love to wear and feel great in all day.

And that does it for July 2020!

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