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Month of #OOTD Style & Fashion @saverspender with brands & prices – July 2020 (Part One)

These posts are to collect together all of my looks that I post as my outfits of the day with and without prices on @saverspender Instagram under #savespendsplurgestyle

All of them will be under this revived subcategory: Month of Style

I will have a slider view of the looks for the whole month, and then each individual photo with details and prices after it, to give an idea of my thought process.


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I posted this one on Canada Day, without even thinking that I was dressed like the Canadian Flag in red and white! It worked out nicely, but I didn’t mention anything when I wore it. Haha.

The top is a tank top that looks kind of matte and smooth in front, but the back is a looser knit in a jersey, so it feels a bit more comfortable especially during summer. I own it in this white and in a darker charcoal/blackish.

The skirt is something I’d normally not buy just because it’s a basic red skirt that has no pockets, but I liked the fit, the tie at the corner (I can also swap out the belt any time), but the fit and the colour sold me. I also picked up the red in the skirt in the clutch in the large chrysanthemum flower.

Because it was all so sweet, I added tough metal jewellery in the necklace and the cuff, to sort of bring down the sugar a little, and it ended up being one of my favourite outfits. Definitely a work option that feels great, looks like a million bucks.

Oh and this is an outtake. An action shot if you will because I didn’t stay still long enough to have the picture taken, and moved just as the shutter clicked. I have a bad habit of seeing the flash go, and then just moving because I think the flash means it’s done. HAH!

Anyway, the movement shot worked out nicely, it doesn’t look so bad. If only you could see my face. 😉 It wasn’t so pretty in the shot, imagine “resting b*tch face” if you will because I think it was starting to get warm and I was sweating, I am glad I get to crop it for these postings.

One shoulder tops are few and far between in my wardrobe but this one is a loose white one. I actually think it would look better with another widelegged pair of pants that is way more white than these slightly antiqued winter white culottes. It looks fine and monochromatic, but it doesn’t match and bothers me slightly.

To keep it fun, I put on some camel spot heels. I actually don’t love leopard print or any kind of animal print, but these camel spot ones in a light beige-y yellow and black random spots all over the shoe looks fantastic as an “animal” print but not any real animal in the wild if that makes sense. It’s animal-esque.

I normally pile on the cuffs on the bare arm, and looking at this, I should have gone with thicker cuffs that were bolder and stand out more. I should have just piled them up my arm in bold gold swathes.

Ugh. I am still looking at this, liking the monochrome but wanting to redo this look so that the white top matches a whiter, less antique white pant. TBD.


This is a secondhand Eileen Fisher tank top (her brand is great for simple, wonderful pieces for women of all ages), and I knotted the side to give it a little… something. I also cuffed the jeans this time, having forgotten the last time!!

(Please ignore the terrible pedicure, I am finally resigning myself to doing them at home during lockdown and am waiting for these non-essential items to arrive)

The bag is a testament to my Wanderlust spirit, and is a Kate Spade Tote called Going Places – she had a matching watch as well. I had wanted it for a while (but not full price), and stalked it on eBay until I found a listing for it, and bought it immediately.

I even considered the matching watch but decided I had enough watches.

The sandals are actually (DRUMROLL) not Valentino Rockstuds which are SUPER uncomfy, but Jessica Simpson!! This particular style is completely sold out and a few years old, but she came out with another reiteration – Jiria Studded Sandal in gold which I am eying now.

You’d think for the price tag, Valentino shoes would be comfortable but alas they are not. Jessica Simpson, for all of her chicken of the sea drama and so on, makes decently comfortable shoes that surprise me for what the brand is. I guess that’s why she’s been around for longer than most celebrity shoe brands (Sarah Jessica Parker, anyone remember her shoe line that flopped?….??)

I know it is buried under my hair, but that is a knotted bronze chunky chain style necklace from Zara of all places. It is a nice piece. I never used to wear chunky chain anything because in gold especially it smacks of the 80s.. 90s…?… but now I have 4 chunky chain necklaces. Go figure.

This outfit was an inspiration from another Pinterest image I found and was suddenly obsessed with.

I liked the casual juxtaposition of the tee with the rather formal lace skirt, and then a studded belt to tie it all together (plus matching the amazing cuffs). The studs on the belt also go with the studded toe cap (which you can’t see on her shoes but I know the heel, and have seen the toe caps be spikes).

She is of course, holding a Chanel and luckily I have a similar one too!

I set myself a challenge to re-create it from what I owned, and save for the vintage lace skirt which I had to hunt down in a thrift store (can you believe I never owned a lace skirt before), I had everything else for the look!

The shirt she has is cuter as she rolled up the sleeves, but I prefer mine because I look better with V-necks than crews.

I still prefer the lace skirt in the photo, and recently remedied that by buying a secondhand lace skirt that looks closer to her luxe/expensive version than mine (which I can see is cheap at a glance), but also mostly because the lace skirt I have on is about 2 sizes too large. I had to pin it at the back with some magic and a prayer to get it to fit like this in the shot.

Anyway, the one I got is Rebecca Taylor and has a similarly pretty lace bottom rather than it being straight across like in my version, which I think is a subtle but important detail. It is not like hers at all but I’d prefer this skirt I got as it is like a mini skirt but yet would show my legs underneath the lace, AND IT HAS RIBBED SIDES to hug in and be more fitted/comfortable as the vintage lace one has no stretch at all, which is why it needed to be looser.

The belt is not like hers at all, I am sure hers is designer and at least $500, whereas mine is from Emerson Fry (super old) and a real staple/perfect piece for toughening up dresses and outfits that are too sweet without them like this one.

Lastly, the golden cuffs were an easy one to replicate (I have a drawer full of them) although I’m squinting at the photo and coveting her likely $500+ apiece cuffs (I am never willing to pay that price for jewellery). Mine were definitely cheaper and give a similar vibe, although the gold doesn’t match *eyeball*….

But, I am super self critical. It is a fantastic outfit if you don’t zero in on the details like I do in my crazy mind!!


I love this top from MM Lafleur because it has all the hallmarks of a great, stylish piece. It’s sleeveless (for me a huge bonus because I sweat like crazy), it has a lovely bow in front that isn’t too feminine because I don’t have to knot it if I don’t want to, and it tucks in nicely, as well as looks great just hanging out.

The colour is a kind of mottled emerald green, which has a different look from a totally solid colour, and comes in a nice silk which makes it breathable and great to wear under blazers, or sweaters with the bow hanging out over a v-neck sweater.

The high-rise white jeans are distressed and surprisingly great for a mainstream brand versus a designer brand. The original version is a little too frayed at the hem, so in my version, I trimmed them with some scissors by myself to even it out because I wanted it to be at my ankles, and I didn’t want to pay to hem $30 jeans. 😛

The other high rise white jeans version that isn’t distressed looks GREAT too. You also have the option of a not-so-skinny version in a vintage high-rise style.

I took my size, which is a US 4 and it works well, and they fit nicely. I also like that the pockets inside are beige so that they don’t shine through the jeans like a highlighter, and blends in, instead.

After the top and jeans were picked, the accessories are easy. Almost everything/anything goes.

Lastly, the flats were gold so they went nicely with the look (anything dark would stand out too much), and I reviewed Poppy Barley and a bunch of other pointed loafer brands here.

The shirt is super thrifted and not something I would normally vibe towards because it is a cropped tee. I can only really wear it with high-waisted items as I am not comfortable showing more than a sliver of my stomach. I decided for $5 I would take a chance on it because I loved the logo SO MUCH (it’s both yoga-y and also kind of my mood goal most days)

I wasn’t initially sold on this skirt because I am not used to jersey skirts as a rule as they’re normally tight, but I loved the side pockets on this skirt so much, with the cool khaki, military, safari vibe. The pockets are functional but I wouldn’t ever use them because it would be awkward and add bulk to the skirt.

The cuff – I wish I could (and probably should) take detail shots of the accessories because it is a stunning vintage cuff with jewels and flowers all over a kind of bronze filigree… It was worth the $7 I paid for it, I think it’s missing a stone somewhere but it isn’t noticeable unless you scrutinize it.

The bag is a great, summer bag. Structured, fun, in a summery cork. I really love these Dagne Dover bags because their insides are SO INCREDIBLY ORGANIZED.

The shoes are standard – as the whole outfit is so casual, I could have gone very casual and paired it with sneakers to make it more casual rather than dressy.

This skirt makes everyone stop and tell me how pretty it is. There’s something nice and graphic about the watercolour floral. It’s actually a Kate Spade collection skirt, so it originally retailed at $500 USD believe it or not. I got it for $115 thereabouts at Winners, mostly because of the print but that it had POCKETS.

I made it less formal and dialled it down with a more casual jean-like chambray tie top (a similar one is here but with sleeves if sleeveless is not your thing), because it can really veer towards formal and too dressy. I like how the chambray shirt also ties in a knot right in front of the skirt to give it real waist definition.

The cuff was perfect as a foil to this outfit as a beautiful gold lace cuff (I love lace cuffs), and the only accessory I need with such a look. I am actually eying this gorgeous gold cuff Rebelle one that would have gone well with this look as a bolder look.

The sandals are Ancient Greek and are a very pretty nude-for-me shade that blends into my legs and doesn’t compete with the rest of the outfit, making the skirt the star. The leather is so soft, I can see why people are obsessed with these sandals.

Actually, I would absolutely buy these Ancient Greek Gold wrap sandals because they’d be just as versatile for this outfit, as gold is a neutral for me.

The hat is just what I’d wear especially since this is a perfect look for an outside farmer’s market, to the park, or anywhere I have to walk on uneven ground for an extended period of time.


I never reach for this shirt but then I wear it can’t recall why. It’s white, it’s comfortable.. I think there’s something about a cap sleeve that with my larger shoulders, makes me sort of shy away from that.

Aside from that, the rest of the outfit was pretty easy. I based it around the rainbow wedges I scored for only $5 that still had stickers on them, added a plain white shirt, decided on some ripped jeans to make it look less pretty and formal, added a light coloured vegan leather bag (here it is on sale but in a pretty Berry colour), a YSL ring in red and we were good to go.

I like the wedges because it’s a pop of rainbow colour but I do find it can mentally be hard to pair with items because it’s so full of colour, that you either go all out with the patterns, or keep it neutral & basic so that they can be shown off.

Truly one of my favourite outfits to date. I LOVE the look of a casual graphic tee (especially a metallic lettered one), that goes so well with a badass kind of sexy leather skirt. I will mention to you that this is VEGAN leather, so it feels kind of rubbery when I wear it, and reminiscent of an adult sex shop skirt… to be frank.


Added a statement cuff (I have a lot and feel almost naked without one on), some nice black heels that I scored secondhand (AGAIN) because I had seen another lovely blogger whom I adore (Vee or Victoria from What Vee Wore) wear and I had been obsessed with finding a similar pair with a very high cut vamp so that my toe cleavage doesn’t show and it gives a different kind of retro vibe to the whole look.

The shirt is from a local designer, and I bought it obviously because I’m a Montréaler now. I like the coordinates and the airport code as something different and cool.

Lastly, I cuffed the sleeves on the tee to give it a more finished look – it’s a trick I picked up from Tan from Queer Eye.


This look is another favourite. Far softer, and more feminine than some other looks.

The whole look started with the bold, pretty, pleated skirt I scored from Anthropologie. I added a white loose tank top because summer is hot… and it wouldn’t be a look of mine if there wasn’t a statement necklace and cuff to go with EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT. Haha…

The necklace is my RBG one (this Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pegasus Necklace) and it is incredibly comfortable, and SO BADASS in person, as it looks like scales on .. well. the wings of Pegasus.

The cuff is recycled brass from Alkemie and goes nicely with the necklace. I also decided against a matching clutch in green blue, white or anything… and went with a contrasting cream/orange/yellow clutch from an upycycled obi belt that was made into a purse.

I finally ended up with closed toe pumps (this is a work outfit, I have decided), but I could have worn strappy high sandals with these as well.

This dress was a special collaboration by Banana Republic with Piece & Co in Namibia that is specially hand-dyed silk.

The pattern is just stunning. I love the mixed stripes, blues and whites, and the side ruffle on the left is a bit of whimsy I was not sure about (it’s kind of noticeable!), but it grew on me.

It was originally a strapless dress but I had part of the hem chopped off to not only shorten it, but to make straps out of it because I cannot wear strapless dresses and feel comfortable.

I would have normally belted this look, but I decided to leave it easy and breezy.

I toned down the formality of the side ruffle with a straw hat from Tilley, some Ancient Greek flat sandals and my ubiquitous signature cuff accessory.

Looking at it, I feel like it needs a long necklace or something in the front as it feels a bit bare, but I’ll know that for next time.


Comfort is key. I call this my Double Duty Work + Play Outfit.

See, just a lace bralette with a see-through front is not exactly work appropriate, but if I wear a blouse over this, go to work, then just take off the blouse for after work dinner + non-alocholic drinks, I am good to go.

I showed the night version here, obviously, but just imagine any blouse tucked in where a black bralette couldn’t peek through, to make it work appropriate.

Added a necklace because otherwise the torso is a bit bare, and then one of my favourite secondhand finds being a Madewell blazer that was a size 2 (EEP!) but fits me like a glove even with my US 6 shoulders.

That purchase was a gamble because I figured mainstream sizes would run a little larger, and the blazer had a tiny bit o’ stretch in it, so it would fit my shoulders nicely.

Lastly, the pants. They make me feel like I am 6′ and I love the wide legs on them because they’re so elegant and balance out my larger shoulders nicely (yes my shoulders are slightly larger than my bottom half, hence why I do not wear spaghetti strap tops).

I chose flats because these pants were hemmed to not be worn with heels, and I could have worn black flats, but kept it more neutral with beige ones.


This is one of my style personas called garçonne. Kind of boyish, but still very feminine.

Basically, I borrow everything from the boys, things are oversized and slouchy, or looser, not form-fitting or tight, and then I add a litle something feminine – sexy heels, a cute bag, and a bold statement ring.

This top is heaven. I am super tactile, and I love things to FEEL good on my body, and this is like wearing a pyjama tee. I left the sleeves down rather than cuffing them up for a looser more pyjama-feel, and the jeans are looser, ripped a little, and slouchy. I guess you’d call them a girlfriend jean? Honestly I don’t know, but I am not into mid-rise jeans and this has a high enough slouchy rise for me to feel comfortable in, but it isn’t skintight like my other jeans.

The bag is woven leather slats, with a clear inside, a unique vintage piece I am so happy I scored off Poshmark secondhand (use code SHERRYISH for a $15 credit!), and the heels are my ubiquitous, favourite Manolo Blahniks.

Lastly, no look is complete without a statement piece, and I opted just for a single ring, because a cuff would be hidden by the sleeves unless I rolled them up a little, and a necklace I felt, would take away from the front neckline of the shirt.

This is an easy, EASY uniform.

Another favourite look out of what I have done so far. It is SO COMFORTABLE because of the elastic waist on the skirt.

I love the way the lace falls down below the hem and gives a nice lacy look, and then with these very ladylike heels from Repetto, with a T-strap in leather, I am sold. I do need to clean the side of the shoes though as the white was dingy when I bought it, but nothing a little soap and scrubbing won’t fix, and then some leather restoration.

The bag is a staple tote I love because it holds everything and the kitchen sink. I used it as a diaper bag for many years, and got it from Australia from Etsy’s Squeak Design who no longer sells these bags. It’s like a ink blot design, and exactly what I wanted.

I loaded up on the metal – metal statement necklace, metal mesh cuff, and that’s all she wrote.

I like the monochromatic look of the outfit, all in white, and very summery, tying in with the white on the sandals. I feel super pretty in this.

When I took a picture of this outfit, I liked it in theory and when I looked at it, but something was off. Very off. An astute follower mentioned that it was the sleeves being longer and touching the top of the skirt that made it look strange, and I agree completely once I saw it through that lens!!

This skirt is high-waisted, the belt is fantastic, and the top needs to be a shorter sleeve or a tank top instead to make it look more proportionate.

Or, I could cuff up the tee a little bit more to make it look better. Or try a very soft white tee in place of this one.

Throw on some great simple leather heels, and a simple DIY necklace I made for myself, and of course my super spacious Givenchy Antigona, I love this look.

I like that it looks very neutral and simple (white + camel), but has something different with it, as the skirt is a trench-style. Maybe I can stand to pull down the skirt a little and to belt it lower as well.

It’s a a simple, very Marilyn Monroe-inspired look.


Stay Tuned for Part Two! (It was becoming a lot for one post..)

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  1. Anne

    Many nice outfits, as always 🙂 I especially like the one with the red skirt.
    The look with the one shoulder top, I thought the different whites were the point of the outfit! I once saw a photo of a Russian celebrity with a snow white flowy skirt and an oversized cream white cashmere sweater (or maybe it was the other way round). The combination of whites looked so chic I’ve wanted to do the same, but I don’t have any other use for a snow white flowy skirt…

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I did not want to have different whites for the look I was going for, but you are right, the monochromatic look of it is something interesting. I was hoping for a more seamless, all white ensemble… and less monochromatic.


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