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Month of #OOTD Style & Fashion @saverspender with brands & prices – August 2020 – Part Two

These posts are to collect together all of my looks that I post as my outfits of the day (posted daily at noon EST as a secondary blog post) with and without prices under this Style category #OOTD Daily Style. I will cross-post on Instagram as well.

All of the daily looks will then be under this revived subcategory: Month of Style

I will have a slider view of the looks for the whole month, and then at the bottom, links to each individual look if you click on the image if you want to see the prices, and more notes.

Update: Instagram Trolls got my Instagram page banned

This month because my Instagram @saverspender got deactivated due to some insecure trolls that have no life, reporting my Instagram contained sexual content & nudity, I have less looks than before. I basically stopped posting for a week.

So since Instagram has a ‘ban first, ask later’ policy, and enough people / someone reported my page enough times, that I ended up unable to log in for the rest of August.

I will post all daily looks on the blog at 12:00 Noon EST

I am going to start treating this blog a bit like Instagram, and what I missed the most was posting my outfits, so I will start posting them without fail on the blog every day, as a second post at noon EST that way no one misses out.

It is all under this Style category #OOTD Daily Style instead for daily looks and then the summaries under this revived subcategory: Month of Style


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One of my favourite looks to date. I got this thrifted tee and initially did not want to buy it because I thought – $5? For a tee? I don’t even really wear tees. I have under 10 of them in my closet, but something about this one spoke to me. GOOD VIBES. I am all about GOOD VIBES.

Oh and it’s also cropped. CROPPED. I don’t do cropped tees. It’s just not my thing. BUT…. with all of that, I bought it anyway. A cropped tee, comfortable… and I paired it with my favourite vegan leather pencil skirt that fits like a dream, although feels a bit rubbery if I do say so myself.

It doesn’t feel like a leather skirt, it feels more like a rubbery one, but it looks like a nice leather skirt for a much lower price. I also kind of want another leather skirt but a real one this time, but I’d need to try them all on, because leather skirts are difficult to fit and mold to your body, and still be comfortable.

One of my ultimate outfits to date. I absolutely love the look of this. An oversized shirt, blousy and full, tucked into some comfortable jeans (skinnier), with heels. It’s so comfortable, yet also not a pair of yoga pants or something loose. I like having that mix of more masculine + feminine, for a garçonne persona. I added a great fedora hat on top of it all, and a nice statement ring. Like this is another look I’d consider in this realm:

Or even a look like this, with a crisp white shirt and then a printed, floral kimono:

I have been shopping (hunting?) in the men’s department in thrift stores, and just in general, looking for pieces that are way too big, that can be used for such looks.

This particular top is a white tunic, for a woman, and quite fitted as a small size, but it is blousier and ‘oversized’, so it works. The back of the tunic is also longer and I did a French tuck (as I always do), and the entire look is basically a uniform of sorts that I keep repeating with different shirts.

The reason why I love secondhand designer so much, is the sheer fact that you cannot dispute how they are works of wearable art. The craftsmanship that goes into these dresses is impeccable (this one in particular used to sell for $4000 or so). The way they finish all the seams inside, NO MATTER IF NO ONE WILL EVER SEE IT, the mesh lining for proper fit and curve, the way they do the seams and pieces of fabric in such a way (you can’t see it in the photo but up close you can), of how the dress curves around my curves, and hugs in the right places, fitting me and many other women, perfectly.

The fabric itself is also custom designed by Erdem which for me, makes it even more special. The details in the flowers, the colours, the way they didn’t stick to just autumn colours but added some unexpected pops of blue… just stunning.

I also like how they made the dress match up as much as they could in the print so that it would look seamless, and not like disjointed fabric panels joined together. It is all in these little details, that makes a $4000 dress feel and look different from a $40 one, even if they have a similar print. I paired it with what looks like a triple wrapped belt (it isn’t, it just looks like it).

I don’t match the leathers 100% (I know some people do this), but they all go together because the belt picks up the browny-greens in the dress, the heels are dark brown which also go with the dress, and the cognac clutch is a colour that sets off the rest of the outfit without being too matchy-matchy.

I am really into knotting the fronts of shirts as you can see. The only two downsides of this, is that it wrinkles the front of the shirt, and it can turn it into a bit of a crop top, when you raise your hands, you will show a bit of belly. Even so, I like the look it adds – a bit like a modernist bow to an otherwise boring outfit.

I made the necklace myself, out of a drusy stone coaster (?) I found in the Home section of a store. I saw it, edged in gold, bright pink and beautiful, and had it glued to the pendant of another necklace I had that I was bored of, and voilà!!! A new, bold necklace was born. It looks like it is floating, the chain is so thin….

The skirt is of course from my cropped/chopped/tailored Erdem dress where I kept the top as a crop open-back top, and made the bottom into a skirt. This time, no heels. Just gold loafer flats from Poppy Barley (bought at full price), and they are very comfortable although a bit squeaky, I suppose wearing them in will help get rid of the squeak over the years. I like the entire effect, especially for a Friday outfit at work, or even just to go pick my son up as I am in flats and feel very comfortable in this.

The top is secondhand, and from a now defunct/bankrupt Australian label called Life with Bird. The print was striking, gorgeous dark watercolours all over the top and bottom, in silk and not so uniform, with dark splashes here and there which is something my eye really caught a hold of. I like it when things are beautiful but with a twist.

The rest of the outfit was easy, just jeans, heels, and a very dramatic sunhat (you can’t see it, but this hat is a large brim one). I’d wear this out anywhere. Just as-is. The only change if I went to the park, is I would swap the heels for flats or sandals. Depending on the location, it may not make sense to be in heels.

I started only with the patterned skirt, thinking I really wanted to wear it (a thrifted piece by DKNY I almost didn’t buy because it wasn’t my style with its elastic waist as it is very athleisure), but then I started thinking about pairing it with my Loeffler Randall sculpted heel wedges that have a very beautiful pattern on the side in black and white graphic spots, and then a pointed toe in the front for the sandal which makes a HUGE difference in how these wedges look.

Once I matched the skirt with the shoes, it was just a question of a simple black top to add a bit more formality instead of a tee (the skirt itself is already casual to me), and then my vintage classic Chanel flap from when Karl Lagerfeld first started in 1983-1984.

It all just came together and I only added a statement cuff in a graphic, twisted metal that matches the ankle strap in its light beige, and picks up tones in the tipped cream colour of the skirt.

Perfect, perfect outfit. I’d wear this to work if it was casual enough for open-toed sandals.

Now starts the blog posting (no more Instagram posts):

Click on any outfit below to find out prices, detail and more!



And that does it for August.

I’ll continue posting daily #OOTD shots with detail, prices and notes, and then do another summary like this at the end.

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