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Month of #OOTD Style & Fashion @saverspender with brands & prices – August 2020 – Part One

These posts are to collect together all of my looks that I post as my outfits of the day (posted daily at noon EST as a secondary blog post) with and without prices under this Style category #OOTD Daily Style. I will cross-post on Instagram as well.

All of the daily looks will then be under this revived subcategory: Month of Style

I will have a slider view of the looks for the whole month, and then each individual photo with details and prices after it, to give an idea of my thought process, along with extra detail shots, notes, and so on.

Update: Instagram Trolls got my Instagram page banned

This month because my Instagram @saverspender got deactivated due to some insecure trolls that have no life, reporting my Instagram contained sexual content & nudity, I have less looks than before. I basically stopped posting for a week.

So since Instagram has a ‘ban first, ask later’ policy, and enough people / someone reported my page enough times, that I ended up unable to log in for the rest of August.

I will post all daily looks on the blog at 12:00 Noon EST

I am going to start treating this blog a bit like Instagram, and what I missed the most was posting my outfits, so I will start posting them without fail on the blog every day, as a second post at noon EST that way no one misses out.

It is all under this Style category #OOTD Daily Style instead for daily looks and then the summaries under this revived subcategory: Month of Style


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I love this map print so much I stalked it on eBay for months before finding it and hopping on it IMMEDIATELY. I also really love these studded sandals as per usual as the block heel is super comfortable. A nice light cork bag, maybe missing a hat, and I am ready to just hang out and run errands.

I call this look “Secretary in Japan” because I always have it in my head that they all wear white and black, or cream and black skirts, and keep it super simple (that cuff was my own twist but they’d never wear cuffs with such an outfit from images in my head- they’d stick to delicate, unobtrusive jewellery).

At any rate, this lace top is stunning, and I decided to use ‘lace’ on the bottom as well, with a laser cut design to match up to the lace. You can see my bra top underneath this shirt so I am not sure this is very work appropriate unless someone stares at my chest, or maybe I can wear a beige-coloured bralette underneath instead like a cropped tank top for more modesty…. but I absolutely love this look.

I added a structured bag to offset the ‘lace’ all around and the super feminine heels, and it looks like perfection with a small statement gold cuff that is a bunch of wires.

I had NO IDEA I would like this look so much. I tried it on because in my head, I wanted to mix and match skirts, and these two were part of my Capsule Wardrobe reiteration. The minute I paired them together, the entire look came in my head as a “WOW” I love this.

Starting from the top, I love this striped top because it’s draped, it isn’t too tight, you can make it fit around your body as you wish, and has interesting folds.

I decided to put the bright pink silk MM Lafleur Lenox skirt underneath to peek out from underneath the printed skirt, as I thought the pink complemented the pink in the skirt. It looked unfinished (naturally), so I threw an obi belt on top in colours and a print that sort of matched both skirts, which was fortuitous. The skirt by itself looks like this:

When I originally bought this obi belt, I didn’t know it would be so versatile, but I knew I LOVED THE PRINT SO MUCH that I had to buy it and see what it would match with – turns out, EVERYTHING.

I added a magnifying glass necklace from Club Monaco (Little Bun loves using it), and a watch to keep it simple because the entire look is all about the belt and skirt. Someone asked me if two skirts would be too uncomfortable but it wasn’t. The silk one underneath is heavy and THICK, so it feels very luxurious as I walk.


This was another look from my Culottes Capsule series, where I played around with culottes and I loved the idea of wearing a dress over pants or shorts, and this looked great together. The culottes are more like a very flowy thick skirt (I should try dresses over a skirt), and I pulled an Olivia Palermo inspiration out of my back pocket, and tucked in the dress a little on the side to show the culottes and give some visual interest.

The dress is FLOWY. When I walk, I feel like a gliding butterfly, and I kept the shoes flat and simple, huarache inspired flats of which I bought in two colours- gold and silver, and a golden wire cuff.

Here’s a close up of those shoes from another outfit:

I also finished it with a red belt, but just below, I did it in a dark blue belt as well to see what it looked like:

All in all, I think the look turned out very well.

I have loved this top from The Fold London for such a long time but couldn’t pay for it, so when I found it secondhand, IN PINK, I jumped on it. The middle section lends itself well to a belt to either cover it completely, or highlight it with a skinny belt, and I added some trousers, and heels to complete the look.

Please note the cuffed trousers for some visual interest so it wouldn’t look so heavy on the bottom, and the ring is a DIY version from me that I made, and the dark blue inside the stone matches the pants.

Oh, and this belt again. This super versatile belt is <3

I somehow feel like I look different in this dress versus how I think I look. I think I look more goddess-y and ethereal, but I can see because the waist stops up at the empire section rather than at my natural waist, I just look fuller / curvier. Not to say that’s a bad thing, but the camera certainly never lies, and this is screaming the truth!

I paid THIS MUCH MONEY at retail full price, for this dress because I loved the print so much. Just look at it. A beautiful kind of lilypad, Monet-style watercolour, with pleats, and draping, and it’s just such a gorgeous dress I knew I needed it for that one event that would come one day when I could wear it.

Here’s another look at it and how I’d wear it with these strappy sandals instead (I was apparently a little thinner too in these shots..):

What event? No idea.

I know though I’d likely not wear flat shoes, but heels instead (I don’t want to hem the bottom), and consider adding a thick belt around the dress to cinch it in a bit more. Other than that I wish it had pockets, I love the entire look. Perfect for a summer something-or-another.

I threw this together based off just the skirt first. I looked at it, loved the colourful floral print, and pleats, and saw the light blue in the flowers looked a lot like a chambray knotted shirt I had purchased for the summer. Once I paired the two together, the perfect necklace was my secondhand Elizabeth Cole with dark green gorgeous striated stones that originally retailed for over $1000 USD but I bought for under $150 CAD! A STEAL, secondhand.

This is a look at that necklace up close:

And you can see the green stones are frosted, beautiful and a stunning stunning piece of craftsmanship.

The hat, was my finishing “Pretty Woman touch”. You know, if I ever go to the Kentucky Derby and need a big sunhat to fit in. The heels, ended up being my pick for the look, as I was thinking more “work-appropriate” for some reason (sans hat…), but I think sandals would be more appropriate in this case. Beautiful, suede, strappy sandals.

When I saw this tuxedo silk skirt, I stalked it on eBay and secondhand sites until I found it. It’s BEAUTIFUL. A nice black trim at the top, tipped on the edges (yes, I love tipped clothing like blazers, etc), and with a gorgeous tuxedo pocket on the righthand side. I wish I had taken an up close shot of the detail but here is what it looks like (and another good outfit inspo):


The rest of it was simple – a vintage Chanel flap (love this purse), and some graphic wedges that are sculpted/curved in, so they look more delicate and less chunky. I love the little ankle strap, the pointed sole that makes it look more delicate rather than being rounded off, and the black and white graphic print goes so well with the rest of the look.

Close-up on that Chanel vintage and tons of detail here about it.

And my sandals here from another outfit:



Isn’t this dress amazing? It is a paint-splashed YSL dress made out of 100% silk, and from the 2004 Resort Collection. You can see Demi Moore wear the same dress here:

I sort of like mine more because it has way more colour and that’s what I love. I also tend to belt this dress but decided to leave it unbelted for this look for this one time. Here’s what it looks like belted:

It is an AMAZING dress. Full silk, gorgeous, bright, fits like a dream, and while there are no pockets, it is one of my favourite work dresses. I don’t really accessorize it or need to. I just keep it simple, heels, a dress and it’s done.

When I put this look on, I had an idea of an elegant, column sort of look and I think I achieved it as a monochromatic look with a cream silk top, lace peeking through, and a fitted white tube skirt. I decided to add a pop of colour in an upcycled obi clutch. It’s made from 100% old silk obis that are made into clutches by this seller (she no longer makes them, I may have purchased her entire stock LOL), and they hold my jewellery, but are wonderful as clutches as well. The detail on them is stunning.

I also enjoy the thick cuff with lots of gold studs to make it look a little tougher with such a ladylike outfit that’s so retro and with such a long midi skirt (I pulled it down rather than making it high-waisted). I always need a cuff or a pop of colour somewhere!

When I did my 100+ Looks Capsule for Work, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed wearing two dresses together, using one as a duster or a cardigan instead (this J. Crew dress has paid for itself in how much of a multi-use dress it is!)… and I loved this look so much, seeing the stripes peek out from underneath this wool knit dress.

I decided to add a belt to hold it all together, and to make it look like it was very intentional, and kept together rather than having the knit float out as a cardigan instead. I love the the entire look, It is so incredibly chic, and I can’t believe I haven’t done this before!

I wasn’t going to add a necklace, but I decided to put one of Little Bun’s favourite — a magnifying glass necklace that looks fantastic as a retro sort of classic look with the style. I even love that the collars of the dresses match up and the white in the white striped dress picks up in the white tipped piping of the J. Crew one.

Buying retail was tough for me but I AM SO HAPPY I did it for this dress. I haven’t regretted it for a second.

Another work outfit. A simple, striped wrap top and a nice belt I took off my Burberry trench and use VERY VERY often in a lot of my looks. I also love the skirt matching up in its colours to the top. The purple and the dark blues in a wrapped skirt, matching up to the striped top. This skirt is AMAZING. I didn’t want to buy it (again! Another skirt!?) but I am so glad I ignored myself and got it because of the brushstrokes and the gorgeous feel of it, the look of it like a wrap skirt.

The cuff in gold, offsets the whole look and picks up the gold in the hardware in the belt. The dark purples, blues, whites, it all goes together and is one of my favourite colour palettes in the world.

I also popped in one of my favourite obi upcycled silk clutches that match up to the look, including the colours in the clutch. The shoes are also a fantastic counterpoint to the look. It’s hard to see, but I also have a pink YSL arty ring to add some colour to the whole look. Next time I do more shots, I’ll take up close detail shots of the outfits as well.


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