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Money Talk: Did your parents fight about money?

I faintly recall a few epic screaming fights about money, about how my mother was spending too much (to be fair, she was completely clueless about money because it involved math so she shied away from it completely), and how there wasn’t enough money to keep living like this, and yet my father only still continued to work part-time, at a minimum wage job.


Other than that, we didn’t talk about money as a family. I didn’t know what happened to it when it came in (did it come in?), where it went, what we had to pay for..


We always had a grumble from my father if we wanted to go out to eat (we had no idea remember), or if we wanted things.

I think had they just told us the truth it would have been better. But I probably would have judged them harder, wondering why the hell my father wasn’t working more if we didn’t have money and my mother was in school.

You know..?

Aren’t parents supposed to be selfless? A good lesson learned I guess. Parents are not who you think they are, they’re only human.

Water under the bridge I guess.

Did your parents fight about money?


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  • SarahN

    NOpe, we have always been a money talking father. Dad’s been a banker. Mum’s been a spendy teacher. Without Dad, who knows where Mum would be financially. Dad talks about, at the dinner table, with children in ear shot, pulling in the belt. And Mum has influenced Dad to splurge when it’s required.

    It should be said that my parents, and my family’s financial positions has been secure, to very healthy and comfortable. There’s been cash flow issues around when they have two kids in expensive private school, but now, they are sitting pretty, to the best of my knowledge. Based on their travel, and home ownership, all appears to be well. And I’d be welcome to ask more questions, and they’d be answered by Dad with honesty. Actually, he recently asked me more about offset bank accounts, seeing it’s not something he’s up to date on!

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I LOVE this. I love it when parents work together and influence each other. I am definitely this dynamic — rather spendy compared to my partner and my partner is cheap…. Between the two of us however, we save well and we are fairly careful. He encourages me to save, which is something I need as well, and inspires me to reach for earlier retirement.

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