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Money As You Grow

This is a nice, interactive website for parents called Money As You Grow to figure out what to teach their kids at what age group.

I giggled when I read these lessons for 3-5 year olds:

  1. You need money to buy things
  2. You earn money by working
  3. You may have to wait before you can buy something you want
  4. There’s a difference between things you want and things you need

Sound familiar?


If kids aged 3-5 knew all 4 of those principles above, they’d be smarter about their money than most adults… and the government 😛

Speaking of which, did you know that France has 35-hour workweeks, 8 weeks of vacation, paid holidays up the wazoo, retirement at 62 (that was after it was extended from 60 I believe) and are STILL complaining about how life sucks?

Granted, the citizens do get taxed a hefty 75% for such privileges including amazing healthcare (!!), which makes me think it’s not such a fab deal, although the U.S. is not much better with their lack of paid vacation laws, and how difficult it is for people to get basic healthcare.

Still, I am wondering how a country can sustain itself on such policies if their workforce simply isn’t working enough to keep up with such luxurious retirements.

Oh wait. It can’t.

Anyway, check out the Money As You Grow site. It’s kind of neat to read what to teach kids at each level.


  • MelD

    Hm, we don’t consider France’s healthcare all that marvellous, but I guess for Americans…! 
    Switzerland has 40-44 hour work weeks, 20 days paid holiday (25-30 for senior rank or over 50), retirement usually at 65 (now also for women, used to be earlier) and we pay for obligatory health insurance – it all works like clockwork (and everything is punctual LOL). We also get to vote on what the government does all the time and don’t have to cringe about our head of state, as the job goes to a group of 7 people. It’s also cleaner and better smelling here than in France (sorry, but Paris???!!).

    But nobody is ever completely happy – I just heard from a working mom in Belgium who gets 2 months holiday in the summer to take care of her kids, who have that long a summer break. Ours only get 5 wks and time off to care for them?!! Forget it!

    • Mochi & Macarons

      Gosh. They should try living in the US. The healthcare stories are dismal here 🙁
      Switzerland sounds lovely…….!!

      Paris is filthy and stinky. So is NYC.

  • Bridget

    ok I love that site. It’s especially great that they teach online financial security and about credit cards to YOUNG kids. We gotta ingrain that stuff in their minds early!!

  • B. (Below Her Means)

    *packing luggage for France*

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