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Minimalist Baby Carrier / Sling Method (Sarong Wrap Cloth)

In trying to figure out what is necessary to buy for a baby and what isn’t (and trust me, there are plenty of articles out there that would have you believe you need to buy EVERYTHING), I came across the dilemma of how to transport the baby around until the baby is old enough to walk on its own.

One thing I noticed is that most parents carry their kids.

I know they have newborn strollers, but many parents simply just hoist the baby across their shoulder, or use a baby carrier.

Most of the time, that stroller is left just to hold their Starbucks cups, shopping bags, a purse, and the diaper bag.

So… why the heck I need a newborn baby stroller if I can just carry them?

It seems to be what every parent is doing anyway.

So we decided that until the baby is old enough to be placed in a stroller and toted around, we plan on carrying them around when we go out, which should be for the first 6 months of their life.

A baby is pretty small and light until they’re too heavy to be carried all the time, at which point we have purchased a Maclaren Triumph Stroller Medieval Blue/Silver WSE03022 to place them in.


Obviously I am not going to just freehand it because I might need two hands free for whatever reason, so I need a method to be able to wrap them securely to my body while I go about doing stuff.

Price is not really a problem for me, but I am not interested in baby slings or carriers that are bulky. I HATE. HATE. HATE. bulky, annoying things, and the most popular baby carrier out there is the Baby Bjorn at $80.

I like that you can just slide the baby in, but then as a baby, I’d feel pretty restricted and smooshed up against a chest (which I am sure they enjoy)… but doesn’t allow them to have a lot of freedom in my opinion.

I wanted something less sweaty (for both me and the baby), and a little easier to carry or pack if need be.



You can find baby slings from $20 – $40, but really all you need is a piece of cloth that is long enough to wrap around you and the baby.

Also, some baby slings that are $50 or more, look very nice for a newborn but can’t really be adjusted for when or if the baby gets bigger or doesn’t quite fit in that pouch that is already pre-sewn.

With a piece of simple cloth you can adjust it to your baby’s size and use it for any of your kids without worrying if one was too big or too small for it.

It doesn’t look very secure but I figure if people in other countries don’t have sexy pre-made baby slings that are “custom contoured to your baby’s shape”, and fancy baby carriers that look like structured plastic prison cells (especially for the summer), this is the perfect solution, lightweight minimalist for me.

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  1. SarahN

    This seems like something you wrote pre Babay Bun – how’d things go when he was a little baby and carrying him?


      It was AWESOME. I loved it. He is too heavy now but I still highly recommend cloth carriers.. less sweaty.

      1. Ika

        My baby sling only cost $5 and almost every new mom here in Indonesia has it. My son is five now but I still keep that sarong…..


          We didn’t really have sarong options here that were strong enough, so I ended up getting a Baby Chimparoo with all the fancy straps, etc. I loved it 🙂


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