In Budget Roundups

May 2016 Budget Roundup = $495,352.72 or an increase of +$13,982.73 or +2.82%


I am being a calmer mother if it kills me. I think I see it working. Sometimes he just bursts my eardrum with his screaming and it drives me mad but I just try to take a deep breath and calm down.

It is also helping that I am finally opening my mouth and complaining a little that Baby Bun is a little too Mommy-centric, and needs to be more Daddy-centric.. as in.. get up off your butt and play with him so that he leaves me alone for a break and I don’t lose it.


It is really not fair to let a child cling to one parent (mother or father) constantly even if it is what the child wants and screams for it.

Make an effort to playfully take them away and play with them one-on-one to have some parent-only time so that they bond with you and give the other one a break.

Things are finally at a good balance of workload and responsibility now. I’m very happy.

Much happier than before.


Nada from my day job.

EXPENSES = $2511.37


The least I’ve spent thus far. I’m working on getting the food part down because I did gain a little weight.

Too many pastries = pastry shaped middle 😉



For the first time in a long while, clothes has not made it to the list.

I’m excited about this new project instead — DIVIDENDS!



I am going to start pushing this dividend income bit higher so that it starts becoming a viable source of income.

How cool would it be to live on just dividends starting… in 5 years? 100%?

What a goal. I’m getting excited.

NET WORTH = $495,352.72 or an increase of +$13,982.73 or +2.82%



My net worth is going up a little and kissing the $500,000 threshold which I am interested in reaching and keeping.

Considering $0 income? Not bad at all.

BABY BUN’S NET WORTH = $13,238.03 or an increase of +$515.65 or +3.90%


<3 my Baby Bun.

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  1. Life we learn

    That’s great that things are a bit more balanced between you and your partner regarding baby bun. That’s what I’m hoping for too when our little one arrives.


      What I am working on is just letting them play together and make mistakes together instead of swooping in. He now has a “Daddy only” game that I refuse to play with him so that he forces my partner to do it.

  2. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    “I am being a calmer mother if it kills me.” Girl. I mean YAY that it’s coming along but please don’t let it kill you 🙂

    We have a neighbor whose kid is at Baby Bun’s age and she has this piercing shriek that puts us all right over the edge. LB was even staring at her with concern like, did someone break her? What happened? What’s happening right now? Why am I going deaf?

    Something about that age and shrieking like they need to practice or expand their lungs, whoo my goodness.


      YES. He is shrieking like I am killing him and it just pierces my eardrums especially being right beside him. I mostly try to clamp my mouth shut in fear of losing it, screaming at him and swearing like a sailor, and I try to just grab him and hold him tight, while pretending to dunk him in water (it makes him laugh even if he doesn’t want to).

      I am working on just NOT swearing at him. It will not be good if he drops something one day and innocently says: .. OH #%&#% …. <--- my greatest fear.


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