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May 2015: What I bought, watched and read


I shopped SO MUCH this month and all before the 9th.


I’m terrible.

I basically spent a day alone as a break, as my Pre-Mommy’s Day gift to myself (May 10th’s Mother’s Day), and went out for the whole day.

I had two breakfasts, two lunches, got a pedicure and went “window” shopping.

“Window” shopping being the operative word here because it could have just been written as:

“…got a pedicure and went “window” shopping.”


I am weak. Very weak in the face of cute things.

Here’s what I bought:


It is expensive but worth it. Handmade in Japan and the bamboo looks scary but is super soft…!!!

This is what that #matcha #whisk looks like. It is very soft bamboo and it whipped up everything into a creamy foam like texture #tea #food

A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on

…then I used it to whisk half a teaspoon of matcha in almost boiling water and mixed it with milk then reheated the whole thing:


Isn’t this tote cool!?


I’m such a sucker for cotton and leather totes. I really am.

I love the midnight ink pattern on it. It’s artsy and watercolour-y without being too perfect. It’s just… stunning.

I’m thinking if I buy beeswax and melt it all over the bag, I could turn it into a waterproof bag… what do you think?




This is the skirt that started the shopping ball rolling.

I saw this on a mannequin while passing by and stalked around the entire store twice before basically giving up and pleading to see where this skirt was being squirreled away because I couldn’t find it.

I said to the salesgirl:

” Am I crazy or can I not see where you guys are storing this skirt? I’ve been around this store TWICE…” [in French no less]

It was pretty much sold out except for the 00 size or size 4. The latter is far too big for me, so I bought the 00. It fits. Just barely. A 0 would have been better, I’m going to order it online and exchange it, but IT IS SO NICE.

It has pockets, it is heavy, lovely pleats, all white.. so incredibly pretty. I’m in love.

Did I mention the pockets?


Apparently this was a best seller in a camel / tan colour last season and they brought it back in a navy. It is just LOVELY.


Drapes wonderfully, hangs well, has a great belt that goes with it.. You can wear it open or closed, and it looks a lot like the Helmut Lang wrap Sonar Wool jacket I returned.

See below:

Then I inquired on Instagram and received a resounding “nope, return it, NAY!” to this white trench, trekked back to the store the next day and returned them …. only to be caught in the web of wanting these two pairs of shoes very very badly.

@bcrladinaj @the_asian_pear What do we think!? Yay or nay? #shopping #ootd #style A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on

I bought both with the full intention of returning one of them because I have this irrational lack of ability to justify buying so much for myself even though I love it all.

.. umm.. but apparently once I buy them, I have no problems wanting to keep them.

To keep ALL OF THEM.

My precciiiooussssss… prettiiieeeess!!!


Returned both coats. They weren’t LOVES for that price. I’d rather save up and buy a Burberry in the future.


club-monaco-brooklyn-suede-bootie-detail-two 2

As I posted before, they’re dead ringers for Isabel Marant Dicker boots.

Still deciding if I should keep them and justify a pair of short boots… #shopping #clubmonaco #shoes #ootd #style #fashion

A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on

I am not a short boot person as I mentioned but after seeing them styled and LOVING the look on so many people, I’m thinking: Why the heck not? I have killer legs and they are comfortable. I’m sure I can pull off this look if I would just stop obsessing and being paranoid about not looking perfect and put together. That’s the WHOLE POINT.

Not looking polished, perfectly put together, etc. A little scruffy and casual. It’s also a nice, a little more polished alternative to the harder biker moto boot that I’ve still been lusting over but can’t quite find a pair I am in love with.



Can these sandals from #loefflerrandall be my #mommysday present to myself? #shopping #shoes #heels #toopretty #ootd #clubmonaco A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on

Speaking of pretty, impractical things, these heels are it.

I love them, I LOVE THEM. But… the practical side of me is berating the stylish side saying: WHEN and WHERE are you ever going to trek around in 3.5″ wedge heels no matter how comfortable they are?



Nowhere, they’re just too pretty. I love them.

I will make time and find places to wear them. I promise myself. They’re my Mommy’s Day present to myself.. along with everything else above.

The end.


Kept both pairs of shoes. They’re awesome.

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  1. The Asian Pear

    I still love those sandal shoes. =O

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Me too 🙂

  2. Cassie

    That tote is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m still in love with those wedges! Oddly enough though, I’m most enamoured by the matcha whisk. I have no idea why, I just find it beautiful.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      It is VERY pretty and kind of fun to play with… the whisk I mean.

  3. Suzi

    Absolutely LOVE LOVE the tote!! Omg yes!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      They have even more totes with awesome designs. I kind of want all of them.

  4. Jenn

    Why did you take back the Gideon Trench? It looks like such a nice coat and at a very fair price ($209?).
    LOVE the bag and shoes you bought!! I love your purchases this month.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      It was too baggy on me and I wanted to buy other things.. like the bag and shoes LOL.


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