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May 2014: What I bought, watched and read



This is just a hilarious site. They had me at the first comic:

Too funny.

And I ABSOLUTELY do this but it hasn’t annoyed anyone yet…. I think.

I also found this comic on paying, really funny, and this is hilarious too:


Yep. I hear ya.

Just look at what I bought this month.



It is incredible all the things that people cook and eat around the world. What wonderful recipes, traditions and gusto for life!!!

This TV series will make you drool like crazy. Especially the French one (season 3, episode 3)


I loved this movie!!!! It was hilarious, it was heart warming and thoroughly enjoyable. It’s one of the very rare movies that I’d actually consider having on DVD and carrying around with me.

It’s a movie filled with legendary actors who are fantastic.

My favourite scene is with Morgan Freeman (Archie) on the dance floor.



It is scary how good they are as actors especially Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence.

It’s a very good movie and the ending was surprising and so.. damn.. SATISFYING.


I didn’t think I’d like this movie but I LOVED IT. Ben Stiller is such a fantastic actor, and his character was perfectly played. I totally connected with the character and the movie, and enjoyed the ending as well.

I kind of wish there was more of a climax or something more dramatic before the end in the scene with the boss, but otherwise it was fabulous.


Note: I don’t buy any of these books. These are all FREE E-BOOKS available from my local Toronto Public Library online.



I am SO pleased I found this author. Mayle is one of the funniest writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading at 3 a.m. in the morning while feeding Baby Bun.

Every page made me snort with laughter that I had to muffle in fear of waking Baby Bun and seeing his bright, shiny brown eyes stare questioningly up at me, wondering if a) Mommy has finally gone mad from having to wake up in the middle of the night to feed him and pump milk, b) Mommy is sleep-deprived and can’t be trusted to feed him, or c) If it is time to wake up and party hard with a dirty diaper and all.

He depicts the French so perfectly I could imagine being there, and his way with words can only be admiringly classified as “British wit” because that’s exactly what it is. He just has a fabulous way with words.

I want to read EVERY one of his books now, so I’ve put them all on my list to read.



Since I don’t drink, I’d rename it: “Reasons why Mommy stuffs her face with cookies and cake at 3 a.m. in the morning while feeding you your bottle..

Obviously from the title it’s meant to be funny. It’s also about 50% true, albeit slightly exaggerated… but then again apparently I am one of the very rare, lucky mothers who ended up with a baby who could sleep 5-7 hours at 2 months old.

The nights he started sleeping longer than 2-3 hours, were the nights I finally got more than a half hour to an hour’s rest (seeing as it takes me about 10 minutes to fall asleep anyway).

I obviously didn’t agree with some of the funny aspects like “drawing the eco-line at using cloth diapers”.

I use both cloth and biodegradeable disposables, and I prefer cloth because I can feel when it’s wet, I am not generating smelly waste (yet!), and I haven’t had a poo or a pee blowout in a cloth diaper once I learned how to use them properly..

I’ve only had these problems with disposable diapers.

I surprisingly prefer cloth diapers, and disposables are only for at night when I don’t want to change him and wake him up or if someone else takes care of Baby Bun other than I (I can’t subject my poor mother to cloth diapers after she had to do it the hard way with super thin cotton and safety pins, not the fancy kind of super easy cloth diapers we have today with snaps and cloth inserts).



A writer goes to the Culinary Institute of America and comes out feeling like a chef. It’s an engrossing read to understand what people learn there, how they learn, what they’re taught… it’s fascinating!!!

I don’t envy chefs at all. It’s a profession I could never hack because I have no skill and I am too lazy for the job. I prefer a work-life balance rather than having to work holidays and give up my life for my passion.



I read it and liked some parts of it but found it disjointed because it’s mostly essays or short articles written by people on the topic, rather than an actual book that has a theme, subjects that go in order and make sense.

It wasn’t for me, even though I did learn a little bit about philosophy through the eyes of Mad Men.




Utterly engrossing. Couldn’t put it down, even though I was sleep-deprived from taking care of a newborn.

I love biographies and this is no exception, but Tamara Mellon really knows how to use words. She’s frank and very candid which is surprising. As I was reading it, I was thinking to myself: This just proves that money doesn’t solve or buy anything. These people are all f*cked up!

I also very much enjoyed learning how Jimmy Choo ( the brand ) was built and was a bit shocked at what a lazy, ungrateful jackass Choo himself seems to be in the end, although it is written from her perspective so I take it with a grain of salt.



An interesting book but I wouldn’t recommend reading it. Despite it’s title, it’s pretty boring.

I mean it’s interesting, but only if you’re REALLY interested in reading about the Watergate scandal with Richard Nixon and seeing another angle of it.




I will be the first to admit that I don’t really like Marcus Samuelsson from what I have seen of him on TV, on shows like Chopped, or Top Chef Masters. There’s something about him that rubs me the wrong way and makes me dislike him.

That said, you can not like someone but have total respect for them, and this was the case. His story is pretty extraordinary coming from Ethiopia and being adopted into a wonderful Swedish family. He also works really hard and has a drive you can’t fault, which I admire greatly in a person. I really like reading biographies especially on food personalities and it is interesting to read how they started and came up in the world.

Overall, a good biography and memoir to read for someone who is into food like I am.



I obviously loved this book. I salivated over the descriptions and Ann Mah is an EXCELLENT writer. It’s partly a biography of finding herself in food in Paris as a foreigner and being exposed to different regional specialties. She even includes recipes and I was salivating over that cassoulet….

Highly recommended as a foodie read.

Made me want to travel around France and stuff my face.



I liked this book (if you’re into reading about mafias like I am), but I would recommend Confessions of an Ice Man instead.

It was a better read and well-written. This Mafia Prince book was … okay. I mean it was engrossing but there were too many names being shoved in my face within the first chapter with no character introduction, to the point where I got to the end of the book and couldn’t distinguish between one Tony from another.



An excellent book if you are not squeamish about death and so on. It’s quite graphic in some sections. At the end, you kind of feel bad for him.. or at least, understand WHY and HOW he turned out the way he did with the way his parents abused him.

There’s no excuse for what he did, but he was psychologically traumatized for a good 18 years before turning into who he eventually became.

*hugs her Baby Bun close to her*…

This book makes you want to love your children and care for them even more. You definitely won’t want to pass up any chance to nuzzle, kiss and otherwise nibble on their soft baby bellies.


You are all going to freak once you see what I bought this month!!

First the “boring” stuff. This Mauviel made in France steamer and pot… crafted in France by hardworking French fairies sitting on sweet little toadstools under the light of a blue moon… of course.


The prices are shown in USD but in CAD, it came out to about $750 after taxes.


Mauviel-France-Stock-Pot-Steamer Mauviel-France-Stock-Pot-Steamer-2


This gorgeous DvF dress made of silk jersey, thrifted, of course.. as I am on my retail ban.

It’s a US8 but I find DvF dresses to run small and low cut, so I always size up.

Even the US 4 is a slightly tight fit on me and I’m a normal US4.

The US6 would be my “perfect” size to be honest (my inverted triangle shoulders are what ruin everything), but I can wear anything from a US4 – US8 in DVF dresses. The US8 is just a little looser in the shoulders and arms (even with this cheesecake-eatin’ baby-weight-laden body of mine), but it still hits me at the knee (I am 5’5″, 5’6″ if I straighten my back), and feels very comfortable.

The great thing about wrap dresses is that if you get a slightly larger size it won’t look strange even if you wear it when you’re a smaller size.

You can just belt and wrap it tighter around your body!


I absolutely love the print and colour of this DvF dress from the 1980s. This colour palette is one of my favourites!

[THRIFTED] 3.1 PHILIP LIM LEMON YELLOW TUXEDO SILK BLOUSE – $80 .. I am guessing the original retail price was $495

It still had all of its tags on!!


I feel like this is cheating because it could technically be considered “retail”, but … I bought it secondhand. I guess someone bought it and never wore it, so she put it up for sale at the store.

I snagged it.. and love it! The lemon yellow colour makes me smile and makes me think of the sun when I wear it.

The sun, or lemon cake.

Mmmm.. .lemon cake……..*drool*

I can absolutely imagine tucking it into a white pencil skirt like the one I bought a while back (gotta lose some baby fat first), or over jeans… anything really.

It can even be belted.

…then.. *drumroll*.. THE BEST ITEM I FOUND OF ALL?

[THRIFTED] MUUBAA REVAL BLACK LEATHER JACKET – $400 (retail was $700 before taxes)


The PERFECT leather jacket in black, found.

I already have a great minimalist leather jacket (perfecto style from m0851) in cognac brown, but some outfits I’ve noticed, need a black jacket, not a brown one… so this one completes my Bucket Wish List of things I wanted to buy.

Okay so it’s pricy even for a secondhand jacket (GACK.. $400), but my GOODNESS HOW COULD I SAY NO?

I have been eying a black leather jacket for a good while now (at least a year) but could never really buy one because of various reasons (money / price not withstanding).

It’s normally retailed at $700 plus taxes so I think this is what you call a deal, no?




A standard biker style in the front, a lot like my other leather jacket but slouchier and more worn-in.Muubaa-Reval-Biker-Jacket-Black-Back The back.


Note the awesome buckle at the neck and the two buckles on the sides of the jacket, a detail I LOVE in the front.

It’s a little bondage / S&M without being too overtly so.


And this is how I will pretty much wear the jacket all the time. Open.

I also wanted it in black or a very dark grey, so the medium concrete grey version didn’t cut it for me (even if I wasn’t on a retail ban).


I had been eying the Mackage Kenya in an XS for a long, LONG time.

I had wanted to buy it originally for about $650 (taxes in) 2 years ago or so in this Gunmetal Grey but couldn’t pull the trigger because $680 after taxes was just sooooo much money.

The Kenya jacket looks like this and is a very thick but soft leather. It’s a standard style with very minimal details versus the Muubaa Reval above.

It looks pretty much like my cognac jacket, just in black, in a thicker leather and with snaps at the neck.


I absolutely kicked myself and regretted it for a long time afterwards because that Gunmetal Grey was a perfect dark shade of grey, it was almost black but not black, and it was in an XS which is a size that is perfect for me, but I had wanted it tighter in an XXS and they didn’t have it.

Plus the price tag… youch.

Anyway, fast forward to today, and everyone and their sister owns the Mackage Kenya jacket.

*cue face*


I wanted something not necessarily unique but different enough that you could look at it and say: Wait.. that .. that isn’t that ubiquitous Kenya Mackage jacket!!

(Yeah I’m a snob who likes to be a precious, individual snowflake).

Enter: Research into other leather jacket brands.

I looked at All Saints, Balenciaga, IRO, Rick Owens, Helmut Lang, Burberry, Doma, Danier.. you name it, I scoured their sites and read reviews.

I was gasping at the $2000 price tags on a lot of the designer ones, and the All Saints jackets were too stiff and thick for my liking, I like a really REALLY soft leather.

NONE of them really appealed to me because I wanted a softer leather like the Mackage Kenya jacket, but much lighter / thinner because let’s face it, that thing is monstrously heavy and thick (which some people love).

Anyway, I started reading forums on leather jackets and found out that most people consider this brand Muubaa to be a hidden gem, as it only really exists in the UK. The leather is raved about to be super soft, thin, and extremely well made considering the price (as opposed to designer leather jackets).

So.. I started scouring all sorts of consignment, thrift, and online shops for this elusive jacket and found it!!


I am a US4 in general, but my shoulders are wider than my bottom half, so I tend to wear a US0 – US2 on the bottom and a US 4 – US 6 on top especially if things are fitted / tailored like button up shirts.

The jacket is a US4 and it feels like an XS in the Mackage Kenya jacket.

It’s a LITTLE tight but I figure 2 things will happen:

  • I will lose this baby weight (20 pounds to go)
  • I will stretch the jacket, as lambskin is very supple and will stretch, hence why I wanted the XS Mackage and not the S.

Update: It isn’t tight any more.

WOO HOO! Okay.. for real now, no more spending.


Naturally I wanted these two robes from Agent Provocateur that are ridiculously priced and I WILL NEVER EVER BUY THEM (close to a thousand per robe):

On my list ( a more realistic list)… along with those Frye 8R or 12R Engineer boots, are a pair of casual summer sandals with a bit of a wedge heel.

I have these sandals as possible contenders:


nanette-lepore-absolute-wedge-heel-sandalsThey’re made in L.A. of lambskin and look very comfortable.



Made in Spain of Cowhide, but the heel is 2.5″.. which is my max. I am unsure about this.


These look perfect but the price is not. O_o

Without a doubt, I like these ones the best… because I have super expensive taste and these are the most expensive of the three I am looking at (around $600 CAD).

Made in Italy of calfskin.

What I could do is just order all 3 and return them if I hate them.. only if they have free returns that is.

Does anyone in Canada have any experience shopping with ShopBop and returning items for free?

Speaking of shoes, these custom-made ones from Poppy Barley are interesting. They custom-make boots and shoes.

I COULD consider buying a pair out of curiousity but only after I make some money, ‘cuz they cost a lot.. but this retro-style slipper looks very cool even for $188 USD.

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  1. Joy

    Looks like we both indulged in some leather this month! I thought I already commented on this post, but I guess I was wrong. Your jacket is gorgeous. It kind of looks like this one.
    I almost wish I didn’t read your epic shopping post here, because it made me want to go shopping, namely more leather jackets.
    I didn’t even know the Mackage Kenya jacket was so popular. I wanted to pull the trigger when I tried it on last winter, but I wasn’t sure I liked the collar. & I believe the texture of their leather varies depending on the color…isn’t that strange?
    I love all your movie & book picks too. Life of Walter Mitty was so much better than I thought it would be, as was American Hustle. I kept thinking I didn’t know Ben Stiller could act like this…same goes for Jennifer Lawrence. I thought Last Vegas would be all comic relief, but the character background and how everything comes full circle was actually pretty heart warming. I love Parts Unknown, although some episodes make me less inclined to visit a lot of places he’s been to. Sorry for rambling so much, especially in one of your past posts.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      HAH! I know exactly how you feel, wanting to shop when you read about other people shopping.

      Yes, the Kenya jacket is .. worn by everyone. All the shopgirls have it, and I see it on the street all the time. I do know the leather varies based on the colour, which is why I like the dark grey one so much but was ambivalent about the black. The black one with the gold zips was super soft, but the black one with the silver zips (my preference) was rough and felt cheap and plasticky.

      If you love this post, you should read all my other epic shopping posts. I do one EVERY month.

    2. save. spend. splurge.

      Oh yea!! The jacket DOES look similar but mine has buckles at the chin and at the waist..

  2. Jessica Moorhouse

    Oh my gosh, that Korean Husband comic is hilarious!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      The whole blog is hilarious!

  3. Jane

    Cloth diapers. I diapered two of my four kids with thin cotton diapers, pins and plastic pants. Not difficult, not a problem and definitely cheaper than Pampers. Bet your Mom can diaper your babe with anything you have available including a rag, the dog’s wipe-off towel or a kitchen towel, in a pinch! The diapers made great rags when they got too old and I still have a couple of 30-year-old diaper pins holding padding on my ironing board. 🙂

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      I love using cloth diapers. The modern style is by Bummis and it’s super easy with cloth inserts and so on, but she has a fear of not changing him enough, so even with a bit of wetness, she has to change him or else she feels bad.

      Still, he cries a lot less now with a little wetness so maybe I’ll ask her to use cloth diapers…

  4. Fig @ Figuring Money Out

    Nice thrift finds! I would totally wear all of those. Love ’em.

    I need to watch most of those movies. I did end up seeing Last Vegas and thought it was funny and cute. 🙂

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      I love secondhand shopping especially with good deals.

  5. Michelle

    American Hustle actually surprised me, it was very well acted. I loved reading In My Shoes too, I couldn’t put it down either! I love how she’s started over again and learned from what happened with Jimmy Choo.
    Those are some awesome thrift finds! I’d like to know which thrift store you’re going to! I’ve tried and never find anything 🙁
    No experience with Shopbop but I’ve used NetAPorter and they’re amazing! (hence my $4K clothing spend last month) Your order ships with a DHL prepaid express return slip. Super easy!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      I like Haute Classics, Consign TO, Lab Consignment, Cat’s Meow, Cabaret and Magwood. They’re all great stores.. but I mostly find my vintage stuff online – Etsy, Ebay, Kijiji, Craigslist.

      I will get net a porter a try one day. They sound good…

  6. Lisa E. @ Lisa Vs. The Loans

    I’ve heard so many good things about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I hope it’s not overhyped 😉 I look forward to these posts as I get to add some books to me “to read” list!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      It wasn’t a: OMG I MUST SEE IT AGAIN! …kind of movie.. but it surprised me at how much I enjoyed watching it.

  7. Anne @ Unique Gifter

    Wow, despite a retail ban, you still managed to drop some rather pretty coin on clothing! Eeek.
    Do you like the fancy pot? Good pots are so ridiculously pricey!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      I know but … SUCH GOOD DEALS 😀

      I have not gotten said pot yet. It hasn’t arrived in the mail.. it’s on its way from the U.S.

      BF keeps saying to me: but it’s ONE steamer pot for the rest of our lives!

      Me: *groan* We keep saying this and I keep spending money on pots each year it seems

  8. GirlinaTrenccoat

    You lucky duck, those thrifted finds are phenomenal! 🙂 I highly recommend reading “Mad Women”, it’s such an interesting peek into the 60’s era of advertising (and the work culture in general) from a woman’s perspective.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      I already have the book in my library and am waiting to read it!!! 🙂 I’ll read it next, after I finish this book I am on.

  9. Mel @ brokeGIRLrich

    I’m excited to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty now that I’ve read your review. I LOVED the short story and I meant to go see it in imax (it seemed like the sort of movie worth the few extra dollars for the technology).

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      I didn’t know there was a short story!! I want to read it now.

    2. save. spend. splurge.

      I will say that I am not sure it is IMAX worthy… perhaps “Bears” (2014) coming out is?

  10. Tania

    Adding In my Shoes to my reading list 🙂 I love memoirs that cover how a business bega.

    Love Muuaba’s styles and have a black hoodie in leather. I did order a style similar to this from a flash site (Gilt or Haute Look) a while back and was so disappointed it arrived with the stinky leather smell (not the new car smell, more a dead creature smell). Sadly after researching whether the smell was just temporary (consensus no) I returned it. Never had problems with the hoodie though. I also used to love Mike and Chris (more of an LA leather weight, not for really cold weather) but sadly they shut down but you can still find a piece occasionally on the resale market (made in the US).

    Agree on the DVF dress, I have a hard time with the sizing too. I scored a wrap for about $35 on poshmark. Took a chance on the sizing as I figured I could make my money by reselling if it didn’t work. It’s now one of my favorite dresses and it’s a 10/12 (I’m more like a 6/8).

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Shoes was a surprisingly good read. Her upbringing was.. interesting, sad and harrowing to say the least. It made her who she is.

      Ewww! Dead creature smell? Mine didn’t smell at all, it just didn’t feel like a $2000 Balenciaga leather jacket 😉 I will have to keep an eye out for Mike and Chris, I have never heard of them.

      Wrap dresses are not that hard to fit. I just know I have to buy the right size AND UP .. not down, or else it won’t fit well across my shoulders.

  11. Emily @ Urban Departures

    Where do you thrift? You came back with such amazing finds. I’m looking for a DVF wrap dress myself.

    What other Peter Mayle books have you read? I’m reading A Year in Provence. It’s good, but I can’t seem to finish it.

    Cheesecakes and jelly doughnuts and fresh bread is all part of a nursing mamas healthy diet. Haha. You will loose the weight. Just wait till Baby Bun is mobile. Moving nursing babe = weight loss program.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      I like consignment shops, not thrift stores. Only Adina in Edmonton seems to find Manolo Blahniks for $20 😛

      My favourites: Haute Classics, Lab Consignment, Consign TO and a few shops (random ones) on Queen street. You just need to take a walk down the strip and you’ll see a ton.

      For vintage, I like Magwood Vintage, Cat’s Meow (super expensive though..) and Cabaret.

      I also like going online. Etsy, Ebay, Craigslist and Kijiji have lots of people who sell designer stuff.

      I haven’t read any other Mayle books but I downloaded all the ones I could. I’ll be working through them in the next week or so at 2 a.m. while feeding Baby Bun.

  12. AdinaJ

    I LOVED American Hustle (and so did my husband) but a lot of our friends found it boring. Whaaaat?! It was awesome.

    You had a great haul this month, but holy crap – leather jackets are expensive! I think I’ll wait (indefinitely) to buy one.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      I guess it’s boring if you don’t pay attention to the details and the general.. I guess feel of the film. It isn’t a film that is what I’d consider typically North American. There isn’t a lot of action like bombs blowing up, car crashes, dramatic scenes.. it’s all very subtle and perfectly done. It’s more European than North American in sensibility.

      Leather jackets ARE expensive. The nice ones anyway. If you are OK with wearing fake leather, Zara makes a good knockoff.. but I feel awkward wearing fake leather. I sweat a lot more (it’s not breathable) and I’m a snob. 🙁

  13. Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way

    That Korean Husband website is pretty cool! I immediately checked it out when I saw this on your post today. I also watched the movie THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY last month, I thought it was a kinda boring movie but I WAS TOTALLY WRONG, the movie was totally fantastic!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      They are hilarious. I laugh every time I read a comic.

      I thought the Mitty movie would be boring too but it turned out to be so good. I’m starting to watch a lot more movies now as I am pumping milk at night.. and when I feed Baby Bun, I read books.

  14. From Shopping to Saving

    Ahhhh those shoes, I love them all! Love the nude wedges. Wedges are my kryptonite for sure. The Agent Provacateur robes are classy as heck, why oh why are they so expensive! Maybe one day. Good buy on the leather jacket, I still need to buy the *perfect* one, but maybe not if I move back to San Diego any time soon. I can barely wear a light jacket over there in winter lol!

    I like how I commented on all of your purchases this month =X I’m going to look into the books you read now that I have some free time and I’m not forced to read casebooks each night 🙂

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      One day? NEVER. I can’t imagine paying $1000 for a silk robe, I’d sooner keep that money and buy a Burberry jacket instead.. it’s just so.. impractical for $1000 unless I am a billionaire. Even then, maybe not.

      Perfect leather jackets are hard to find. I spent a lot of time researching each detail..!!

      As for reading I need to work through my library. I’m really someone who gets sucked into how pretty a cover looks but tend to read favourite authors, or re-read old favorites (Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes) and classics rather than try something new and get mad halfway through the book.

  15. Revanche

    I JUST watched Anthony Bourdain’s show, on Italy/Sicily, and loved most of it but there was one bit about street food that I just couldn’t stomach. Won’t mention it here in case you haven’t seen or will see it.

    And OMG that stockpot coming to $750!! Was that because of import taxes?? It cannot possibly be just conversion rate! Right?

    Ok and how warm are leather jackets? I’m always super cold on planes but I see people wearing leather jackets looking all cozy so I’m curious and kind of want to get one if it really is worth the weight/cost.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      I will watch it. I have all 3 seasons right now and am working through them while I am up pumping at night. Some of the things he eats grosses me out though…

      That stockpot with the steamer came to $750 because of the CONVERSION RATE!!!!!!!! The import taxes are not so bad although as it is made in France it is not covered under our NAFTA agreement (Grr).

      I would have bought it in-store but it is only available online and as such, I was screwed. 🙁

      I tried finding cheaper alternatives but the WMF pot we found was 20cm and not 22cm, so it wouldn’t fit our existing pots.. I gave up and said: Let’s just buy a dedicated steamer pot.

      Leather jackets look cosy and are pretty warm. I’d say that during the summer it’s not a good idea to wear them. I can wear them in springtime to temperatures around 15C and feel fine.

      You need to look for a light one though. Leather jackets can be REALLY heavy…

      If you want something for the plane, buy cashmere instead. A cashmere sweater or wrap is super light and the cosiest, warmest thing ever.


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