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Mariage Frères: Tokyo Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea Darjeeling Tea Review

Tokyo finally gets its own TOKYO BREAKFAST TEA: for the city of endless possibilities, with its unique savoir-faire and trend-setting spirit, MARIAGE FRÈRES has imagined a flavourful composition where a black tea with handsome, full leaves whose malted notes evoke stewed prune, is accompanied by a rich, zesty hint of vitamin-rich yuzu, producing an amber liquor with full-bodied tannins.

A composition of noble spring Darjeeling with an invigorating inflection of zesty Japanese yuzu. When two cultures unite their tea savoir-faire, the amazing aromas joyously spirit us away on a journey spanning a thousand magnificent locales.

Label Jardin Premier

2,5 g / 20 cl – 95°C – 5 min

Tea type: Darjeeling


I don’t like Darjeeling. I didn’t realize this until I bought the whole tin (alas, they do not sell samples of different teas), but I find it too astringent and light. What I like in tea, is either matcha green tea (not necessarily green tea itself), or very dark black teas.

I like full-bodied, strong flavours, and this one, was Darjeeling which threw me off.

Once I learned how to brew it properly without boiling water, for just a few minutes, the tea was drinkable but still not my cup of tea (pardon the pun).

I didn’t taste any hint of yuzu in this at all, and frankly, drank as much as I could just to drink it all as I paid a lot of money for it (around $40 CAD) for the tin), and was relieved when it was done, as I could drink my other favourites.

If you like Darjeeling, this seems like a good try, but I am afraid, I am not a good judge of it.


  • Emma

    Where do you get Mariage Freres in Canada? My favorites are Marco Polo (fruity), Pleine Lune (almond), Thé de Noel (spices and orange) and Thé sur le Nil (green with citrus). The original shop in Paris is a fun stop and there is a nice shop for tea and pastries on the upper floor.

  • BC | FrugalWheels

    Interesting tea review! I love matcha and, like you, will probably stick to it. I really gained an appreciation of tea on my first trip to Japan when my host mom performed a small version of the tea ceremony for me and my roommate.

    Anyway, too bad the tea is no good – that tin sure looks cool.

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