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March 2021: Expenses Budget Roundup

All of the images below have been created with The Wealth Tracking & Budgeting Tool available for sale on Etsy, or at where all proceeds go to charity

This is a sheet you buy ONCE and you can re-use for future years, plus it lets you store all of your historical data from previous years (super handy).


$8432.59 or 27.07% of income

When you see a deal on something you have wanted for such a long while, as a vintage piece that holds history and a story as an fashion icon, you don’t let it go. That is all I am going to say.

My Side Income did not cover my expenses and I was $4874.65 OVER

So to be clear:

  • I earned $3557.95 in side income this month
  • I had nothing left to spare because I was so incredibly over by $4874.65 in extra spending above and beyond
  • ….but if we take into account that only $CAD comes in to cover bills, not $USD or anything I reinvest like dividends, I was short $7857.98 this month! The rest was completely reinvested.

The majority of my side incomes are reinvested back or untouchable, so I am doing a thing where I am seeing how much of my side income ACTUALLY comes into my bank account as $CAD to pay for bills, and not including what always gets reinvested (dividends, lending).

It’s my little side goal for this year that also tells me that I have to really consider my spending if I want to one day, have enough $CAD cash from side incomes to cover my bills easily. It’s a challenge for my brain because I don’t respond to spending bans unless I can see the actual goal/purpose of it.

Of course, as I have actual cash from my main job coming in, if it ever dips down I simply just replenish it the next month from that which is exactly what is happening this month.

Expenses In Detail:

Home includes condo fees, insurance and utilities: $535.76

This is generally what I pay for the following, I include in my home expenses everything from:

  • condo fees
  • home insurance
  • electricity
  • water (though it’s free here… but I thought I should mention that)
  • heating (comes via electricity)
  • internet bills
  • cellphone bills

…basically anything that runs a basic home.

Groceries: $519.56

This is just my half. I am estimating a high number because I saw my partner buy some more pasta, flour, etc, and usually these big purchases end up being a big chunk of money. He doesn’t reconcile our household budget with our spending on time because he couldn’t be bothered to track every penny like me on the daily, so he usually spends an hour every 3 months doing it, and going through the receipts.

This is why I have to estimate everything and then reconcile at least by the end of the year.

Household includes household supplies that are used (e.g. soap, toilet paper) or anything like pots, pans and so on: $183.94

Sometimes I wonder what the heck goes into these categories because I cannot remember buying anything, but then I remember I picked up a few floor cushions normally used for meditation to sit with Little Bun outside on the balcony so we can have outside chats and play with chalk, maybe blow bubbles…

Little Bun (includes schooling): $39.77

Still waiting for his Grade 2 books to arrive, and I paid for some new multiplication flash cards to make it a game to get him to learn them quickly.

Office (includes postage, paper, ink, electronics): $0


Medical (anything like dental, pills, surgeries..): $0

Nil. I am currently tracking my migraines and basically trying to prove to my doctors (how sad is this) that I really do suffer from aura migraines and barometric pressure headaches.

Wardrobe (anything shopping like accessories and clothing): $6522.70

All of it will be posted in my What I bought Roundup posts and a little of it gets highlighted below as well under my specific expenses.

I couldn’t resist SO MANY THINGS THIS MONTH especially a vintage, iconic piece of fashion history. Scroll down to see it.

Eating Out: $39.37

I didn’t “eat out”, I replenished my Starbucks card and bought food virtually for my family as treats.

Toiletries: $0


Entertainment (books, music, and upcycling projects): $591.50

I thought – let’s go for broke. I bought a whole bunch of secondhand necklaces and jewellery, more stones, and now we have enough for the next few months at least, as I have been pacing myself with using the items and trying not to do ALL THE JEWELLERY AT ONCE.

Gifts: $0



Favourite: When Sharks Attack with Kindness – $17.83

I love this book and this author. It’s a comic series and we already own Visual Hug 1 and Visual Hug 2, so I had to buy When Sharks Attack with Kindness. They’re wholesome, fun for the whole family, and easy to read for beginners, or for kids like Little Bun because it’s right in his age group (6-9)

Unexpected: $250 – YSL Gold Flower Ring

I have been looking for this ring for a long time, it’s rather hard to find (and I of course want the matching necklace), but I did find it. I love the artistic vibe of the ring, how modern and yet vintage it looks.

Hated: N/A

Didn’t hate anything this month. I mean.. it’s all useful. I am sure I will hate next month as I am almost certain I incurred some NSF (Insufficient Funds) charges because I forgot to transfer money for the fees for the condo into the right account.

Expensive: $5470.91 – Hermès Kelly Bag from 1952

This is pretty much the bag that is now featured in the Grace Kelly museum, the one that she made famous in a dark nut brown. The bag I got is from 1952, 2 years before Kelly made it famous in 1954, and it is missing the original padlock and pochette, but I love that it is a piece of fashion history as it’s vintage.

More on it later. I will do an entire post on it, just like I did for my vintage 1983 Chanel flap bag.

Joyful: $183.94 – Zafu cushions

I picked up a few floor cushions normally used for meditation to sit with Little Bun outside on the balcony so we can have outside chats and play with chalk, maybe blow bubbles. They’re nice and thick, and I won’t worry about ruining them.

Cheapest: $6.03 – UNO Cards

Picked up a stack of UNO cards to play with Little Bun because he is at the age he can play games now, and also, these cards can be played by yourself.


I spent a lot and I am not regretting it. It started with opening the gates with a vintage Hermès bag and then it just went from there. A lot of unique pieces picked up, some by Stella Jean, a very cool contemporary Haitian-Italian designer.


Okay have to tighten my belt for April, I have taxes coming up and it’ll take a big chunk out of my accounts.


If you’re interested, I use the following:

  • Rakuten: Use my referral link for $5 in cash to get started – I use them to shop on sites ALL THE TIME.
  • Swagbucks: Use my referral link for 300 Swagbucks to get started; you need 750 to redeem for $10 CAD
  • Rogers World Elite Mastercard – No annual fee, 1.5% cash back, but you can only redeem it yearly and you have to call each year to ask them to redeem the credit against your next year’s statement. I use it for all my purchases as I buy a lot in USD$, and those purchases are 3% cash back (almost like a no forex fee in essence)
  • Tangerine Mastercard – No annual fee, 2% back on certain categories (up to 3). For their savings accounts, use my Orange key { 32726976S1 } for free money ($50 once you deposit $100; and I get $50 too). I give this card to my partner (he has a joint card) and he uses it constantly

Stay tuned for the net worth & investments post!

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