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March 2020: The Net Worth

Sherry’s March 2020 Net Worth

It is almost too painful to type….

Or a decrease of…
-$92,317.76 or -10.53%

This is how I invest half of money in the stock market and the other half is split between alternate lending (Lending Loop review here), and mostly in dividends (here is my dividend short list of stocks I was looking at to buy for Canada and the U.S.)

The Net Worth Breakdown in Detail

“Only” down $51K from the year to date, but damn… this one hurt.

I had a killer income month over $30K…

But even a killer income cannot handle such a drop unless I could make $100K a month, which I have yet to do.

Liquid Assets > Fixed Assets

Liquid Assets = 58.13%

Fixed Assets = 41.87%

Image is made by…. and I wanted to see my asset change over a period of time, hence why I built it.

My goal was to have my fixed assets be 25% of my net worth. Slowly but surely!

Savings Rate for the year = 93.37%

I did well. I saved a lot of money this month, which helps… and I spent very little.

I have earned about $92,321.61 and spend $24,156.38 so far (EEP!) and saved $68,165.23.

I am hoping to still be under $30K spend for the year but we will see. I originally gave myself a $40,000 goal budget.

Net worth from the past 12 months

My net worth is still higher than it was from a year ago.. but for now long?


What a drop.

Net Worth Year in Review

My best month was last month. Oh sweet February….

And March was nasty. I dropped almost $100K.

So far, 2020 sucks. I want a redo.


The savings rate looks great at 87.69% but that is gone now that I have no more day job, and am living off my side income hustles. *fingers crossed*

I have been saving quite well this year. Too bad I started in late 2019 thinking about money rather than 2017.

Donations: Part of the drop was also a positive thing

I feel a little awkward sharing this because I feel like it is also a way to humblebrag how much you donated and to where, which is why I have avoided talking about it, but then it occurred to me that if people share savings trackers and income wins, why not donations?

(I still feel very uncomfortable doing this but I am putting aside that feeling anyway.)

I donated almost $10K to charity in March, broken down as such:

I do my donations at the end of every quarter. This Q1, it was for a total of: $9367.66

I do 10% of my income to various charities.

I don’t consider it ‘tithing’ because I am not religious, but my passion is to be able to make money so I can help others in need particularly women and other fellow Canadians.

April will be Canadian Red Cross as promised.

I also donated to other smaller charities such as :

I do these ad hoc based on whim/need and I take it out of that month I donate it in, which is why I do full donations every quarter so I can reconcile the numbers.

If you are interested, my money is parked here:

  • LBC Digital: Used to be good. At 2.25%
  • EQ Bank: 2% now.
  • Tangerine: Use my Orange key { 32726976S1 } for free money ($50 once you deposit $100; and I get $50 too) — WINNER! At 2.74% until June!

…cashback sites and cash-earning sites for surveys:

  • Rakuten – I use this site ALL THE TIME when I shop online, and thus far have racked up $750 in cashback in 3 months. Use referral link here [ ] for a free $10 to get started.
  • Swagbucks: Use my referral link to get 300 Swagbucks but only once you earn another 300 Swagbucks doing surveys etc within the first month. You need only 750 swagbucks to redeem it for $10 from Paypal. I made about $60 a month on average clicking on surveys while on conference calls, etc.

It is invested here:

Little Bun’s January 2020 Net Worth
Or a decrease of…
-$2385.97 or -7.32%

Poor baby.

I invest for Little Bun and this is how I invest his money in the stock market.

Here is a list of personal finance books you might want to get started with, and about the same set for us Canadians.

Still, he is doing well. I mean, what 6-year old out there has a $30K net worth? (I mean without super rich parents or something… this is all of HIS money from the government and also from investing returns).

Little Bun’s investments are located here:

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Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

Am my own Sugar Daddy. Am a millionaire at 36 after getting out of $60K of student debt in 18 months, a little over a decade earlier, using I have worked 50% of my career (taking 1-2 year breaks), and quadrupled my income within 2 years of graduating, going from $65K to $260K with an average lifetime savings rate of 50%. I have 11 side incomes that are on track in 2020 to make me $50K - $75K. I could retire today if I wanted, but love my work-life balance as a freelancing consultant in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). I am all about balance - between time and money, and also enjoying my money. I also post daily on Instagram @saverspender.

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  1. Shonny

    My drop is about 20%! But honestly it’s just part of life. I’ve come to terms with it for the time being, because it will go back up with time.

    Totally agree with the part about the earlier you start investing, the less impact it will have when the market drops. It shows how important it is to start investing early.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Apparently the markets just went back up 25% … O_o

      This is a rollercoaster. I am trying not to log in unless it is to buy more shares of something or end of the month

      1. Shonny

        Markets are pretty volatile. You really can’t predict what’s going to happen day to day.

        I’m waiting it out too. “Trying to get to as close to the bottom as possible” before buying anymore shares. But the thing is, you never know where the bottom is.

        1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

          Yes, the bottom is not predictable. Did we hit the bottom? Maybe? Is another one still coming in summer? Maybe.

  2. GYM

    Ouch sorry! Mine was about an 8% decrease, also very painful to type. Here’s hoping a vaccine gets started soon so that everything can go back to normal and people can stop getting sick.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I am a little pessimistic, so 2 years is what I am aiming for.


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