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March 2017 Budget Roundup = $493,415.32 or a decrease of -0.61% or -$2996.51


My motto for this month became:

I hustled on my spending, and I have been working on my blog game which I think is helping, like when I got this affiliate payment:

I’d like to get more structured posts in place and thus far I have settled on the following which leaves a lot of room for spontaneous rants and so on.



Bi-Weekly (only because I am not sure I can keep this up weekly)

I think it’s good for now. I don’t want to put too much structure on my posting.

INCOME = $1272.10 USD or $1691.32 CAD (give or take)

I budget and track all of my expenses using The Budgeting Tool, of which its net profits I donate to a charity of my choice as I had promised many moons ago that I would do.

It is kind of amazing that once you put your mind to work and make it a point to actually make money off your blog, it sort of becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’m dumbstruck, honestly. I mean, an increase of $200 USD in a month? Who knew?

The breakdown

  • Advertising: $550.57 USD
  • Affiliate Revenue: $543.95 USD
  • Product Revenue: $177.58

Save. Spend. Splurge. Products sold and counted as net revenue (after fees), include:

If I can get up to a solid, consistent average of $2000 USD a month, I will be breathing easy in ensuring I cover my normal standard of living expenses entirely, without any cars, appliances (major life or house purchases), gifts, shopping or vacations included, which means:

  • Condo Fees
  • Condo Taxes
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Internet / Cellphone
  • Gas
  • Car / Home Insurance
  • Household Purchases
  • Medical
  • Baby Bun Living

Just LIVING. Plus setting a bit aside for things that happen that I cannot control.

EXPENSES = $3208.35

Without my traveling expense this month for our trip back to Europe (still need to save up for actual food, lodging & spending), it would have been $1792.67 this month for living.

I can make it under $2000 each month, which means $24,000 is all I need each year to live, give or take $200 leeway each month for variations.


NET WORTH = $493,415.32 or a decrease of -0.61% or -$2996.51

Even with all your hustlin’ if the stock market tanks a little, this is what you get.

At least it didn’t go all the way down! 🙂

Anyway, time to just ride it out. The plan is to not touch my investments.



It’s always one month behind, so this is what I got for February which I reinvest back into buying more stock.

BABY BUN’S NET WORTH = $17,164.22 or an increase of +1.39% or +$238.46

Slow and steady is Baby Bun’s game.

The stock market ate a little of his return this month but hey, he’s a trooper!

Must be nice to have 100% income and $0 expenses. LOL. A great life.


P.S. Here are all of my budget roundups in case you want to peruse over previous months.

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