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March 2015: What I bought, watched and read


An EXCELLENT book for any parent to read. It goes into the extremes of dealing with money and handling it with your kids (poverty, being rich, etc).

I highly recommend it. I plan on using some of the strategies in there.

A great book on exactly as the title says: How celebrities are stealing the spotlight from designers.

It is a fascinating read. It goes into detail about how designers struggle to make it, which celebrities made it (The Row by the Olsens and Victoria Beckham) and which didn’t (Lindsay Lohan).

An excellent book going over fashion in the 1940s. Not at all dry in the slightest, good facts, lots of numbers and an interesting read for me.

LOVED this book. Talks about the rise of Kate Moss, Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs and how the cultural zeitgeist twisted to make them famous household names (particularly Kate Moss who is pushing 40 now).

An excellent read, and in some parts, heartbreaking. I feel terrible for the way they had to experience life and I wouldn’t want to be rich and famous to have gone through what they did.

Amy Tan’s books always make me cry.. they’re so strongly related to mother & daughter themes that it makes me want to call my mom every time I read one of her books.

Good read, a bit painful and as always, difficult to get out of your mind after reading.

Her books remind me of the same kind of writing of Khaled Hosseni – also an excellent writer. I’d read anything by him.

I love me some Tim Gunn. He is such a great person on TV and I am SURE he is the same in real life. His writing makes you feel like he’s actually talking to you and I can hear his voice as I am reading the pages.

Candid, witty and informative about the origin of certain clothes in your closets – Jeans, T-Shirts and so on. I am diving deep into this book and loving all the history behind each piece. I thought that jeans were from France as an invention but turns out they’re probably invented by a German with French fabric, to make Italian-style pants. I think I got that right.

Thanks to Asian Pear for the recommendation on this one.


Okay so I just found out that Simons ships for free when it’s over $100 and it has been the best and worst thing I realized this March.

… I decided to browse (*groan*) and saw this great necklace (ONLY THIS NECKLACE) but then I really wanted to get free shipping so I threw stuff in my basket with the full intention of returning most of it.



So.. I want to keep all of it.

Here’s what I got:




I have always wanted a plaid blanket scarf and so I bought this one which is made in Germany. It looks great, it’s soft and it’s wonderful.



This was the one I originally wanted when I was online and then added more stuff to make the $100 cutoff for shipping.

I got it and it looks great but I am wondering if I will keep it (ironic right) because the chains kind of move all over the place and get tangled.. they don’t hang as heavily as they should to keep the weight, and I’m kind of pondering this one.

They’re also kind of long and I am less of a long delicate necklace kind of person, and I go for chunky things instead.

Update: I ended up returning it. When in doubt, RETURN!!!

It was too light, delicate, got tangled.. totally not my thing.




This was one of the necklaces I was SURE I was going to return.


Until I opened it and then realized.. I kind of like it. It’s pretty but a bit clanky. I have to kind of wear it and see if I want to keep it.

I like the shiny stone look to it, it doesn’t look cheap or plasticky in the slightest and it hangs really well.

It also looks really good against my magenta and emerald blouses.. or even on white. It’s the perfect shade of blue, being dark but not too dark, and shiny but not too shiny.



This was another throwaway addition to the basket that I ended up loving because it’s SO ME.

I like simple, bold minimalist rings and this one is pretty awesome. It’s comfortable and right up my alley.


I don’t want to return anything.



I liked it, but it was a little too small and square. I was expecting something slightly wider by about 4″.

The zippered pouches were nice but too flat (I hate pulling zippers on flat pouches) and they tend to buckle when I do it with one hand.

The middle part of it with the magnetic clasp is nice for quickly grabbing things.

What I really miss is a zippered component at the back of the back rather than two on top. I’d really like a pouch at the side or at the back where I could drop my metropass and so on.

The inside magnetic clasp section has open pockets which I guess I could have used for that, but.. still.

Also, it was made in China. RETURNED!



I’m pondering returning this.

I liked the graphic print and I think it photographs well, but at first glance when I had it on, I didn’t like it, but then it grew on me.

I’m considering returning this.

Update: returned it because I couldn’t get over the mismatching of the squares. It was just.. overwhelming to my eyes.



The scarf is not light, it’s a little thicker than I had expected. It looks like chiffon in the photo but it isn’t.

It’s also HUGE like a blanket scarf (which I love) but some people totally hate how huge it is.

It’s really big. Also the one side of it is a black square and white check, and it’s the edges where it changes to a white square with a black check.

I like it, I just don’t know if I like it enough to be worth $59.50.

Made in India.

 Update: Returned it, $60 is not worth the quality I feel in it. It’s not THAT soft. For $20, I would have kept it.



This striped skirt is AMAZING. I love how high-waisted it is, the fabric is not soft but it isn’t stuff. It’s sturdy and yet still flexible so it won’t stretch out when you wear it, sit down, etc.

The zipper goes up the back, and the skirt is just… GREAT.

I love it. It’s graphic and awesome.



I like the pencil skirt, but I hate the print. It makes me dizzy.

I can’t even wear it, or put it on. I’m returning it.



This is an EXCELLENT skirt.

Great weight, the belt is cute even though it’s faux leather, it fits perfectly over your hips without being too thin or too thick, and the size 2 fit me perfectly (I’m a size 0 / 2) on the bottoms.

The skirt is such a great find. I’m very pleased with the quality for the price.

Now I can finally channel my Marilyn Monroe a la Michelle Williams, as I have been lusting for a khaki skirt like this for a long time so I can re-create this exact look:



simons-textured-pyramid-necklace-gold simons-textured-pyramid-necklace-silver

I bought both because I wanted to choose between either gold or silver once I saw them.. then I didn’t want to return either. I like both. They’re both bold but delicate, a nice weight (not light) and very House of Harlow reminiscent. 

One or the other, I can’t make up my mind, they both look rich and expensive as they’re textured and not super shiny as a result.



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  1. Michelle

    I want all of the jewelry and all of the books LOL!

  2. Heather

    I actually just heard about The Opposite of Spoiled on the So Money podcast this morning! Even though I don’t have kids, I may have to check it out.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Very good book. Just good reading in general.

  3. Sally

    What’s your recommendation for a chic work/laptop bag? I know you’ve posted tons on bags before, I need something that makes bringing my laptop home less of a chore!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      So a lot of people have a lot of recommendations. I can write a post on this.

  4. Taylor Lee @ Engineer Cents

    Love the gladiator ring! Also the belted skirt seems like a great find.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      It was an incredible find. I was surprised.

  5. SarahN

    I’ve seen you post the blue leaf one, and I loved it too! You’ve certainly got back into the online shopping thing!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Only for this month. When I’m stressed I shop. I need to stop “browsing..” 🙂


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