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Luxury Designer Bag Investment Series: Givenchy Antigona Bag Review – History, Prices 2020

I started a series called: Luxury Designer Bag Investments – Are they actually worth the money? and will be going into the history & background, along with as many notes as possible into each Iconic Bag and how it reached Cult Status… and presumably stayed there!

As there are many bags, I will be posting a new one every week until I run out. 🙂

Today, introducing the…

Givenchy Antigona

HISTORY: Why & how it became famous

No one person is responsible for its fame, it is literally just a bag that became beloved, overnight due to its clean, sleek lines, that aren’t too angular, and smooth and curved, yet not fussy.

Can it really be called an ‘iconic bag’ when it is basically a baby in terms of other bags?

I think so. It is still popular even after all of these years (I mean 2011!!!), and likely to continue being a staple bag that is unique in its own style and shape, and not something people are likely to get tired of as it doesn’t have a lot of hardware, bells, whistles, etc.

It was first released in the Fall/Winter 2011 collection which means in the year 2010 (they show seasons one year ahead), and it holds a lot inside (I have one of my own):

Classic with an edge!

A lot of bags at this day and age, would fizzle out, but this one has kept going strong. Anyway, regardless of what is popular or not right now, I am not going to be giving it up, I really like the look and spaciousness.

How to tell if you have a genuine Antigona

  • The plaque in front, is sewn on, not glued on, and should not/would not be coming off
  • The font inside is not as narrow, and has to be slightly wider & looks consistent
  • The letter spacing on the bag is even
  • The side shape is more like a triangle than a bloated triangle which is difficult to achieve
  • The name on the hardware should be clear and easy to read, not messy
  • Leather looks supple not stiff
  • Inside should be a cotton interior and is attached in the middle not loose; and fits perfectly
  • The handles are thin but stiff enough to stand upright

PRICE LIST for the Givenchy Antigona

Year Price in $USD
2011 $2000
2014 $2050
2016 $2435
2020 $2450


The bag has returned 7% in value since 2011 when it originally cost $2000.

If we normalize it to 2020 dollars, $2000 back in 2011 is now worth $2294.98.

In stores, it sells for $2450 for a difference of $155.02 or 7% over what its price would be, taking inflation solely into account.

(Remember, value is also subjective because someone has to see that and buy it from you at that price, just like with stocks, but a lot trickier to liquidate. Also, who is going to buy an old bag when they can buy a new one for the same price?)

The S&P 500 had you invested that same $2000 and not touched it or added any money to it, would have returned: $4790.74 even with the recent 2020 drop due to the virus:


If you want to read more…


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