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#LuxeMinimalism: December Shopaholic Journal


Really, seriously, considering all your purchases for quality, fit and whether or not it will last forever at the price you are paying.

I need to get serious about practicing what I preach and know is correct.

That said, what I am not including in this “LuxeMinimalism” quest is stuff like bras, underwear, loungewear, or socks for the home. because that stuff needs to be replaced on the regular especially if you’ve seen how I have ruined the knees on all my leggings because of Baby Bun (I kneel a lot to play with him), and picked up some long-sleeved t-shirts to lounge around the house.

I am only applying this concept to stuff I DO NOT NEED (e.g. everything else from shoes to boots to jewellery to any kind of clothing or coat possible).

Anything I already received or ordered in 2015 and is arriving in 2016 is a bonus gimme and I can choose to return it or not.

I also encourage you to read this article on where our fast fashion discards really end up.




Saw them on my Instagram feed and remembered how wonderful they are.

Ever since I bought that ONE dress downtown Toronto on Queen Street (shown below) in 100% cotton with POCKETS, I have been on and off, going back to the brand to see what else they have.

They’re independent, quirky, a bit off beat in their designs with a lot of layers (exactly what I like) and very minimal on the frills (again, what I like).


I liked this Mel Jacquard Harbour Dress, this simple Long-Sleeved John Jersey Boater Top and this seersucker Pop Top.

All of it…. so $430 for the dress, $110 for the top and $210 for the last “pop top”.

Total: $862.50 plus shipping so let’s say $900 total.


I unfollowed their Instagram so the trigger wouldn’t happen again. I don’t think of the brand and look at new things unless I am tempted to.

Sorry Comrags. Until I can get my temptation wishbone under control, I can’t be browsing your lovely wares.



Got an email from a very good friend who helpfully knew I had BOTH OF MY LONGCHAMP PLIAGES STOLEN and knew I wanted to replace it. Badly.

The Longchamp in Fig was on sale for $123 USD instead of $145. Not a bad deal at all!

I was tempted. So I wrote back: THE LARGE FIG PLEASE!!!!!


The large Longchamp Pliage in Fig of course. Duh. $123 USD would have been $160 CAD in the end.


Stopped talking to her?

Just kidding. I’d never do that.

I just caught a hold of myself and I wrote back saying “Actually, no. I won’t take it. I feel like I can get a good deal on it secondhand if I can find it beforehand, or buy it in Paris when I am at the Longchamp store again in person like the last time.”

I didn’t want to use one of my 3 “outs” to purchase something. I want one of my 3 “outs” to be truly amazing, and TRULY WHAT I WANT, which is the whole point of this durn exercise.



Saw on Franish the cutest little speckled white and black sweater.

I thought to myself: .. Gee.. I don’t have a white speckled sweater. How cosy does THAT look? Hmm.. *almost started clicking onto sites*


… More than a few cosy sweaters.


Stopped self from even browsing the site, and said: If I want to use one of my 3 outs for clothing, and a cosy sweater is one, it better be an amazing, EMERGHERD not an OMG sweater…. which means it’ll probably end up being this $500 cashmere sweater from Brora in a classic navy and v-neck which I have had my eye on for a while now ever since reading this review from Feather Factor on Brora and how it is super soft and not at all itchy which is exactly what I need for my sensitive, eczema-prone skin.



I have to return another sweater I bought that is just TERRIBLE, even though it only cost $40.

But they didn’t mail me a return sticker label, so.. either I go to the store to return it in person or I order something else online so I can get that label and return both of those items at once.


A preppy navy cashmere v-neck pullover. I know the cashmere will not be up to my expectations but it was $213 after their perennial 40% off code as a discount after jacking up all the prices on everything, but I figured I could do a Style Shopper review of Banana Republic cashmere.


Vowed to do a review of it and return it IMMEDIATELY.



Actually no trigger to buy anything but I got my beloved Manolo Blahniks I thrifted for $60 USD and had thought were left for dead when the heel started to bend on one of them.

I bit the bullet, called Manolo HQ and they told me to send them to The Leather Spa in New York.

A form, $300 USD later and with a short little prayer, I mailed my heels off… then promptly spent another couple thousand buying more Manolo Blahniks at retail because they were literally my ONLY pair of heels to wear to work.

I just got them back and they are BEAUTIFUL. I couldn’t even believe it. They looked BRAND NEW after the conditioning and care being taken of them.

They could be $1000 heels without a doubt.

Well worth the $300 USD to repair them, even though they only cost $60 USD to begin with.

They are amazing, luxurious, comfortable, no-longer-able-to-be-found heels.

This has completely strengthened my resolve to buy quality, luxurious items and to take very good care of them by sending them off to cobbler’s and not writing them off for dead until they breathe their last, tiptoeing breath.

I need to really be mindful.

#LuxeMinimalism for the win!



Remember how I said I ordered from BR this cashmere sweater just to see?

Well the good news is that it isn’t itchy. The bad news is that is it not worth $213 to me. Compared to the cashmere I wear and own from secondhand shops for $30, $213 better feel like cuddling 15 baby Labrador puppies at once, and it is not that at all.


Hellooooooo $213 back into my bank account.

My super casual #ootd hanging around the home is a @bananarepublic outfit in a cord pant and a cashmere sweater.. #style #stylegram #styleblogger

A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on



So I bought 2 pairs of Manolo Blahniks to be backups / replacements for my one beloved pair that I thrifted for $60 and had repaired for $300 and can NEVER FIND AGAIN..

.. womp womp.

I got them in the mail today. The dragonhide one was gorgeous but I got it in a 36.5 because Saks said it ran small. NOPE.

I have to return it because I’m a true 37 and besides, they’re too tall for me to wear comfortably all day long.. and too delicate.

The other pair were metallic flecked linen heels in the right height and size (37 with 3.5”) but the linen is so stiff and uncomfortable. That is going back too.

All in all, $1932.80 returns back onto my credit card and I am one happy camper!!!!! Almost 2 grand back in my pocket.

On another note, I also received a Cuyana turtleneck I bought in navy blue. On the website it looks like a deep, rich midnight navy blue. In person it looks like some dark blue. Not Navy. I am terribly disappointed but for $55 I am not sure if I should send it back (will cost money to return it), and I would have preferred the black instead, had I known.

Oh and my @cuyana order arrived too! #style #shopping #ootd #luxeminimalism

A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on

Very annoyed.

I feel like I should return it and eat the shipping cost of $15 because $40 is still $40 back in my pocket.

The cape however in Alpaca is soft, not thick and heavy or a woven knit, but warm enough to cuddle up in even just lounging around at home. I love the curved hems and the drape.

#style @cuyana ‘s alpaca cape was something I’d been #lusting after for a long time #ootd #shopping #shopaholic #shoppinghaul

A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on

I love the camel colour too. It would be stunning in an ivory or white but I would think twice about buying it (#luxeminimalism) because I already own a Zara (made in Italy and under $100) woven wool colour-blocked cape I also wear around the house.

On a more #affordable note, this @Zara poncho is #gorgeous made in #Italy and under $100… #beautiful #wellmade #ootd #style

A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on


The Hudson’s Bay
Mine and Yours
Banana Republic


Uhh.. BOXING DAY?!!!


So not included in the challenge was stuff like loungewear. I needed more leggings to wear at home because I keep getting mine dirty because SOMEONE….. and I am not going to name names here, but a little, tiny, SOMEONE keeps getting his food all over my clothes and insists on wiping his dirty hands on me usually right before it’s time to sleep.

At The Bay, I picked up 4 more pairs of Hue Wide Waistband Leggings in a size small. I also had to pick up something for around $4 to make the cutoff for free shipping so I found a men’s beige cotton t-shirt I figured I could use to wear to sleep and lounge around in.

At GetOutside which is a great shoe store in Toronto, I picked up more Birkenstock insoles to replace the ones I have in my shoes and to line the new shoe acquisitions I made earlier this year, namely my Tory Burch Derby Riding Boots.

#ootd shoes .. Got my @toryburch almond derby boots for #christmasgifttomyself and they’re beautiful! Well made in Brazil, love the understated logo on the heel that looks more like a pattern and it is a stiff, riding boot leather. #loveit #shopping #onlineshopping #shoesoftheday #sotd #shoestagram #heelsaddict #instastyle

A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on

I bought the Tory Burch Derby Riding Boots because the colour is a perfect Almond Brown, a dark cognac and it is a stiffer riding boot with a very sleek line and detail compared to my beloved Frye Melissa Boots in a very soft kind of dark brown pebbled leather.

At Mine and Yours, the trigger was an email for 25% off, but the Carven dress I had my eye on that was $175 was already sold the week before. It was super cute.. it had a map of Paris all over it, and I hesitated for 3 reasons.

The first being that it was a Size 6 and I am normally a Size 4.

The second was that I thought the neckline looked a little wide and boat-necky to me which translates to disaster on an inverted triangle shape like myself where I am trying to DE-emphasize my shoulders, not draw attention to how wide they are in proportion to the rest of my body.

The third and final reason why was because I felt it was too cutesy for my style in the future. If I am really taking this #LuxeMinimalism challenge seriously, I need to consider what I am wearing today can be worn in 20 years at least .. or at least in the next 10 years to be worth the price.

That’s why I hesitated on the Carven Paris Print Map Dress, and told myself if it was still there on Boxing Day, I’d pick it up for 25% off.

I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Karma fated that it should go to someone else who would truly love and enjoy the dress and that person was not me.

Win win, I’d say!

Spent: $198.19 on some insoles and loungewear (leggings).

Then I got a refund for 2 shirts from Banana Republic for $89.63 and I am a happy camper because the net for today came out to $108.56 which is not bad at all.



I kind of want a Gucci Lady Web handbag because it looks so good. But it is so expensive.. even though is looks great.

I like the burnished hand-stained look of the bag, the clasp.. it looks fantastic, especially on Blair. It looks classic, looks stylish and is a crossbody (WIN!)


Nothing. $4000 is too much for even me to stomach for a BAG.


None. I don’t need to do anything. I just have to put it out of my mind or .. *shrug* hope it ends up being sold at consignment at a steeply discounted price.

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