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Luxe Minimalism Challenge: About Why I Want Things

I have recently been thinking about things I want and why I want them. I think it’s because it looks.. great. I am a Collector at heart, and I love being a Fashion Collector of beautiful things.


If that’s the case, I need to figure out how to be a smart, discerning, PICKY… Fashion Collector.

Just because I think I could wear acid wash jeans it doesn’t mean it is:

A) Missing in my Wardrobe

B) Something that Works On Me Forever

C) Something I Need To Try At All


Trends don’t work on me sometimes

I hear pastels are in this year for 2016 and Pantone picked Rose Quartz as 2016’s colour.


I look terrible in blush for one thing, and the colour itself just.. *shudder*


I need to look at the reasons why I buy what I buy

I need to consider things more carefully before buying them and look deep into why I want them.

As Linda kindly pointed out on Facebook once, I could pretty much wear anything.

I don’t have many body hangups, and the ones I do have, I can work around (e.g. larger shoulders).

So… with that in mind, why not consider stuff that will work for me even as I age and have body changes?

Food for thought.

Also, I am probably continually buying the EXACT SAME THING over and over again because I love it.



Allowed 3 Outs


I have to seriously, carefully consider my 3 Outs and they can be of any value. I could have an out that is $10,000 (hypothetically speaking) and it would be acceptable, but it is only ONE out.

I already used one by the way. I wanted a military jacket in cotton, in a dark green. I can’t decide what I want for the last “Out” so I’m leaving it blank.

Tracking Wardrobe Savings

I will track my shopping habits diligently. Any fashion-related website I visit gets put on the list and I will note the following:

a) What the trigger was

b) What I would have liked to buy (or bought)

c) What action I will take to nip the problem in the bud

I think seeing those 3 items and tracking my potential spend would be really helpful. I would be like spending, but not spending.. in a very voyeuristic, strange manner.

I will post the diary on a regular basis.

Leniency on essentials as they won’t count

I have nothing that is a true essential in my wardrobe, but I’d like to note that my loungewear and underwear departments are sorely lacking.

I have 2 bras. I may need to buy a few more in the new year.

I already stocked up on some Commando underwear on a sale, so I won’t need any more underwear.

Socks are starting to go a little, but they’re still good enough to wear without holes, so I am not too fussed about that.

The loungewear I think is under control. I picked up some long-sleeved shirts and more leggings (it’s all I really like to wear anyway) for the Spring, Autumn & Winter months.

For summer, I need to figure out what I like to wear, and it might just be a very long night shirt, or an oversized men’s shirt that comes down to my knees.

Basically, anything I wear, will at this time inevitably get torn at the knees or spat up on by way of Baby Bun either indirectly (changing his diaper) or directly (him actually wiping his filthy little oatmeal covered paws on me).

Second-hand items get brownie points on a percentage retail scale

If I buy secondhand, I will make a note of what it cost to buy it, and what the original retail cost was. I think my percentage should be 25% or lower of the original retail cost.

So a $1000 item, cannot be bought for more than $250.

Adina the Queen of Thrift actually gave me the idea when she wrote in a private email to me that she gets the biggest kick out of realizing she only spent a fraction of what the items would have cost at retail.

THAT, is cool. That’s her bag, her gig, her reason for thrifting and being able to do it so darn well.

Unfortunately, I do not have such excellent thrift or consignment shops here, and the biggest obstacle of all is that I am lazy.

I am LAZY with a capital, caps locked, bolded “L”.

I have zero patience or will to not only sift through hundreds of duds before finding a gem, but to even get to the store and spend time doing it.

I’d rather just go the easy way out and buy it at retail rather than wait like a huntress and stalk it online until I see it pop up again.

Nope. Not my thing. I don’t hate shopping but I hate the whole frustration and waiting bit of all it.

I want it… and I want it now.


That’s basically it.

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  1. Cassie

    Beginning of January and one of your three outs is already gone? This will be an interesting year! I’m looking forward to seeing the military jacket you ended up going with seeing as the Burberry one didn’t pan out.

    Out of curiosity, what is your take on the light blue that Pantone chose as the co-colour for this year? I know you wear the mid and dark tones of blue well.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Well I had been hunting since November for this jacket. I found it end of Dec for $30. I consider it a win 🙂

      Did you mean Snorkel Blue? It is the colour of the Cuyana turtleneck I bought. I don’t love it. I prefer a brighter cobalt blue…

  2. Lulu

    I love following your minimalist journey! I have one question though, when you purchase second hand items, especially things like cashmere, how do you treat and disinfect it? I’ve always wanted to get more things second hand, but always worry about not being able to get rid of moth and other stuff from second hand items.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Hand wash! 🙂 I use a gentle soap (baby shampoo works well) and I gently hand wash it.

      If you stick it in the washer, it will make the fibers shrink and make it super tiny.. :\ I found that out the hard way.


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