Save. Spend. Splurge.

Looking at a new pair of Canada-friendly winter boots instead

Okay, so I really wanted that leather envelope clutch, but I have other things to use my money for.

(I even saw a great looking clutch for $281 but then cringed at the pricetag, and talked myself out of it because it wasn’t a necessity).

It’s a good thing I’ve been exercising my DNPOBAU Bone™ (“do-not-purchase-or-buy-anything-unnecessary” bone), because I have just realized that I actually need a pair of real winter boots instead. Bye bye leather envelope clutch! My old pair of winter boots had been dying for some time now, but as I had thought I was leaving this Winter with a forever, I didn’t bother thinking about buying or upgrading to a waterproof, cold-proof pair for oh, the last 3 years. Now that I’m staying, I need a pair that does all of this (AND does my laundry.. kidding, kidding):

  • Has a rubber sole that can handle icy ground
  • Is water-proof (a must, in slushy Canadian winters)
  • Is so warm and comfortable it makes my feet and toes wiggle with happiness
  • Is tall enough for snow as high as 1.5 feet (seeing as corrupted Montreal hates to clear snow)
  • Laces up (because zippers tend to let in the water…)
  • Looks nice (least of my concerns because warm, dry feet is more important to me)

Since I own a pair of MUGGs I bought from Costco, which are not as nice as real UGGs, I’ve noticed how great they are to wear around the house.

MUGGs = Fake UGGs 😉 Also, I wear them around the house because my dad believes in conserving heat, and therefore my entire house is kept just a degree above Siberia and I need boots to keep my toes from falling off. There are no T-shirts and shorts during Autumn/Winter/Spring here, no sirree! Even BF has remarked on how cold my house is (read: how cheap my dad can be).

Which is why I started looking at UGGs as an option…… I love how warm they keep my feet.

Enter: The UGG Adirondack Tall — $385 with taxes $437

(There’s a short version, but I figure for $40 extra, I might as well get more boot for my buck and keep my calves warm too.) UGG-Adirondack-Tall-Boot-Front-Otter-Winter-Boots Tell me that doesn’t look sturdy and comfortable, like you could sleep in that boot if you were miniature!

No, don’t tell me. I kind of want to buy them. Enable me instead.

The reviews are promising too. Those Australians really know how to make their stuff.


Am I able to even hope for some deals or coupons? I am awful at searching out deals because I am generally quite suspicious of deals, lazy and/or too impatient to wait. Therefore, I normally buy as I see, and buy as I want things. HELP! If it helps, I saw them at The Bay. Does The Bay offer deals from time to time? UPDATE: At Soft Moc, they sell them and they are $399.99. With a 10% off coupon, I am looking at $408.60!  Thanks to Fabulously Fru-Girl 🙂 I’d still like to get more of a savings, but that’s a great start.


The only thing that just kills me, is the $437 price tag. I need to save for this or find some deals to save money (hook me up!). So far, I can count that I have sold the following to go towards this:

  • $102.60 — iPhone 4* (I don’t really need a smartphone)**
  • $54.50 — Flip camcorder
  • $11.20 — Thrifted winter jacket that I originally bought for $10 😛



Where else am I going to get the money?

Well, I have some stuff on consignment waiting to sell, so that’ll be added to this total once they sell. *crosses fingers* I have told myself that if I spend UNDER the $900/week I’ve budgeted for Hong Kong, I will add those differences to this total.

If I spend under (which means eating less). I am also well aware that I am being a little ridiculous about this because I don’t need to save the money, but I’m really trying to exercise my SOS (Saving-for-Something) Bone™ (lots of PF bones to work out) here. Just because I have the cash, it doesn’t mean I can’t try and save an extra amount to cover them.

*Oh and for the smartphone, since I had to pay $300 to get out of the contract, technically it is not money that I “saved”, but I am taking some budgeting liberties here.

**Thanks goes to PK over at DQYDJ (Don’t Quit your Day Job) for reminding me that Virgin Mobile exists in Canada.

Their $35 Canada-Wide plan (no stupid zones) that BF and I will share (treating it like our landline), looks like a great deal. I will end up spending about $20/month for a cellphone.


  • Emily

    Have you checked with a Sporting Goods (brick & mortar) store? We have REI in the U.S. and they have some great winter sport/snow boots. Also, my Baffin Arctic boots (rated to -40F) are a mens boot! I wear an 8.5 and got a men’s 7 and they fit great with socks!

  • Mochi & Macarons

    BF (whom I trust with quality matters), said he bought 2 pairs of SOREL boots and within the first Winter, they cracked.

    Maybe his men’s boots are just a crappier make, but he said they felt cheap, hurt his feet and he wasn’t pleased with the brand (never mind Made in China!)

    I just want a good pair that is waterproof, WARM (I have icicles for toes) and comfortable.. the UGGs look good so far, but I’m planning on going on a boot-trying expedition to make sure.

  • Mochi & Macarons

    I can wait that long. I can wait until mid-November!!!

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll look out for a deal.

    I’ll also try the short boot and see if it’s high enough without folding it down.

  • Mochi & Macarons

    Nope, gone 🙁 Thank you though!

  • Mochi & Macarons

    I am looking into those Stellas.

    With SoftMoc, as a new member/subscriber, I get 10% off (valid until end of this year). I’m going to sit on that coupon and see if I can score a better 30% off deal…. otherwise, I’ll just use that 10% off and be done with it. 🙂


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