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June 2020: The Net Worth and Investments Roundup

Note: All the graphics you will see below, and charts, were made with

All net proceeds go to charity! (Always and forever.)

Sherry’s June 2020 Net Worth

Or an increase of…
+$1259.72 or +0.12%

This is how I invest half of money in the stock market and the other half is split between alternate lending (Lending Loop review here), and mostly in dividends (here is my dividend short list of stocks I was looking at to buy for Canada and the U.S.)

Still at $1M! #Winning

This month was SO GREAT for the beginning of the month, I saw it swoop up and I was elated.

Then near the end of the month, everything fell. Haha.. right when I do my net worth roundups.

Oh well. I am in it for the long run.

I don’t really need the money to live because my side incomes are good, so even if I lose it all down to $0, I can still live, as my house and car is paid.

The Net Worth Breakdown in Detail


I WENT UP $3000 since this year, but made over $100K in income. *side eye*

Oh well. I’m still good even if I never contribute another penny to my investments.

June 2020 Savings Rate = 66.06% or $4519.45

This is the first time it has dropped below 80%, but July will likely not be 80% either unless I make a lot more money. LOL

Net Worth Year in Review


Goal 1: House and Car Paid in Cash (CHECK!)

I already completed this in 2017 when I bought a home and a car in the same year, and paid both in cash.

I didn’t want to have any more debt, or a mortgage, and this was a real satisfying purchase because now my expenses are quite low because I don’t have a mortgage, at about $1000 a month for my half all in including utilities, taxes and condo fees.

Goal 2: $1M in investments

I already hit $1M in my net worth, but that wasn’t quite as satisfying as seeing $1M across the board in my investments. So my new goal is $1M in investments.

Goal 3: $50K in dividend income

I would need about $1.5M in invested capital for this to happen at my current dividend yield.

Future Goals: 5-digits in savings without my day job

My side income dropped this month from $7K ish to about $6K. I want to keep it up but I am tired too.

All net proceeds go to charity! (Always and forever.)

Thank you to ALL who purchased the tool, and I would appreciate any feedback/reviews because it helps others know that I have this for sale & I can write a bigger cheque next month.

Next month – July – I chose World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). Animals, climate change.. a lot of this has been weighing on my mind lately, and I am focusing my money back to charities that help the environment.

Animals are starting to reach extinction levels, snow is melting at an alarming rate….

If you are interested, my money is parked here:

  • EQ Bank: 2% now.
  • Tangerine: Use my Orange key { 32726976S1 } for free money ($50 once you deposit $100; and I get $50 too) — At 2.74% until June!

…cashback sites and cash-earning sites for surveys:

It is invested here:

Little Bun’s June 2020 Net Worth
Or a decrease of…
-$1063.51 or -3.38%

I invest for Little Bun and this is how I invest his money in the stock market and I stay true to it, but times are rough.

Here is a list of personal finance books you might want to get started with, and about the same set for us Canadians.

He’s doing well and I am happy. I am looking long-term for his savings, and will let him take them over by himself when he gets older.

Little Bun’s investments are located here:


General Investment Strategy

My strategy is to have 50/50 as in:

50% of my portfolio in index mutual funds
50% of my portfolio in dividend-paying stocks

The ultimate goal is that my portfolio for dividend paying stocks will yield $15,000 at a minimum in dividend income each year, up to $50,000.

I am also playing the other side by having money invested in index mutual funds, and letting them grow slowly and appreciate. They too, pay out dividends at about 1.24% so it isn’t zero, just not as fast.

Moving into buying U.S. stocks

Like I mentioned in my Expenses, I will be redirecting all of my Side Incomes into buying U.S. stocks with USD from Paypal.

I will still be reporting the CAD amounts on all of my documents and for taxes, but I will now be slowly draining my emergency fund for the next 3 years to live, and to invest all of my money instead.

Sold off:

  • HOT.UN – American Hotels REIT
  • APHA – Aphria; Made about $300 but am mostly happy to divest of this stock because I wanted the $10K I had invested in here for other stock picks.

Bought (I had about $14K to spend):

Some of these were just a few shares. They all range from $500 – $2000 as a position.

  • BRK.B – Berkshire Hathaway. I’ve always kind of wanted to own a few stocks, so.. spent my first $1K USD there
  • OTEX – Open Text has been doing well and I’ve wanted to own a few of their stocks for a while; they’re also quite friendly in this pandemic, I’ve noticed their value holding even when other stocks are down the board, a little resistant to dropping
  • ITP – Intertape Polymer handles packaging and protective solutions for markets like films, coated fabrics, wraps etc
  • SIS – Savaria handles equipment and solutions for handicapped persons
  • REI.UN – RioCan Real Estate – Commercial real estate REIT
  • RNW – Transalta Renewables – Renewable energy
  • RBA – Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers – They handle auctions
  • STN – Stantec – Construction and Engineering – handles design and architecture for Buildings, Energy & Resources, Environmental Services & Infrastructure and Water
  • CNR – Canadian National Railway – Railway stocks are something I’d like to shove more money into as a dependable industry
  • CCL – CCL Industries – Pressure sensitive film materials for decoration, security and other applications including labels
  • NA – National Bank of Canada – Another bank stock.
  • TIH – Toromont Industries – Construction, Equipment, Power and Refrigeration Systems
  • PLC – Park Lawn Corp – Funeral services
  • QBR – Quebecor – Communications company

Stocks I am looking at:

I am happy with what I picked above, for Canadian stocks.

You’ll notice I am not really in Food or even Restaurants, but that’s because I like their dividend yield but I am not sold on the capital appreciation of these companies. Their profit margins seem razor thin, and very subject to the whims of managing too many moving parts in a big supply chain from obtaining material from farmers, to the transportation, to the distribution, marketing, etc.

I prefer Food-Adjacent ventures, like Convenience Stores, Fast Food… Or refrigeration and equipment they all rely on from restaurants to food.

One year, Cheese may be out for instance (out of fashion, maybe it isn’t ‘hot’ any more), then what’s a company like Saputo going to do? You can’t force people to eat MORE cheese without then spending on marketing etc.

But where I see the common thread is, is in stuff like equipment, supplies… who cares if it’s cheese, dairy, vegetables, or meat? They all need fridges, packaging for these items (e.g. plastic wrap), solutions to move the goods (e.g. railways), and so on. I’d rather think about companies that they all need to use.

Here’s another shortlist of stocks to review:

  • AX-UN
  • LB
  • MFC
  • IPL
  • PZA
  • RSI – I owned Rogers Sugar before but divested a long time ago. May be worth a relook again. Sugar isn’t going anywhere.
  • TCL-A
  • NTR
  • BPY
  • FRT
  • O
  • AFL
  • BP
  • RDS
  • APD

FYI my investments are all here:

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