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June 2020: Expenses Budget Roundup

Note: All the graphics you will see below, and charts, were made with

All net proceeds go to charity! (Always and forever.)

THE EXPENSES = $2321.74

My Side Income covered my expenses and then some

You can see that I spent $2321.74, and versus Side Income, it let me save $4519.45 .. which I basically plow into the market to invest and buy more stocks. More on that in my Net Worth & Investment Roundup.

These side incomes in particular are reinvested back into investing automatically:

  • Dividends
  • Private Lending

But I am also basically reinvesting everything into the market 100% and starting to drain my emergency cash to live on, because I have enough for 3 years, and I am likely to get a contract within 3 years.

The last time, it was 2 years during a bad recession. 3 years is maybe that extra one year for the fact that COVID-19 is an unprecedented hit to the economy.

Expenses In Detail:

Home includes condo fees, insurance and utilities

Finally paid the full municipal bill for taxes this month, that amount I have been ‘saving up’ the past few months to cover the entire bill at once.

My home expenses should go back down to under $400 now until the school tax bills come around but they aren’t as pricey.


We are starting to restock some things that ran out, so the bill has been creeping back up again but not to what it was before. I think at one point I was spending $1000 a month just for my half, so $2000 for the household just on groceries.

$500 is nothing.


And so it begins. I am starting to remodel my walk-in closet. I am writing A LONG ASS BLOG POST ON THIS including process, pictures before and after, and I will be sure to be detailed.

Anyway, I bought some decals, new hardware for an Ikea hack, lots of great fun things.


We picked up more allergy medication for Little Bun because he broke out in HIVES the other day and for the whole week his face and body was swollen. I can’t.

I also stocked up on my birth control bills.


I bought some shampoo bar soap, having FINALLY finished my shampoo in its last plastic bottle., and more skin cream.


Some cute new pieces. A vintage dress, some jewellery… all of it will be posted in my What I bought Roundup posts.


I had to. I just had to buy these two books for him. The first is A Visual Hug to support artist wawawiwacomics – his work is just so wholesome and sweet.

The second book was this DK The Elements Eyewitness Book I had been eying for a while because it is full of fun facts and interesting bits for now, and when he gets older.


Favourite: $28.75 (it’s on sale now but only for Americans in $USD)

I am very excited for A Visual Hug. Little Bun already loves My Milk Toof, and I know he will enjoy these too.

Unexpected: $123.24

I went all out, and bought a complete set of nail polish (3 shades of dark burgundy, red, and pink), including a top coat and nailpolish remover.

Here’s the entire kit now for my DIY at-home pedicures because I won’t be going to a salon for a longggggggg time and I need to start learning how to do this on my own:

Hated: $1163.46

I finally paid the municipal tax for the year, the second instalment. It was over $1000 for my half, but I had it spread out over the 3 months in around $387 each instalment so I could not feel the hit all in one budget at once.

Expensive: $153.92

These Theodor 120 golden legs for my proposed Ikea Hack from Pretty Pegs. I will ABSOLUTELY let you all know how it works out and show lots of pictures.

Joyful: $35.99

I picked up these beautiful wall decals for my other Ikea hack.

Cheapest: $3.96

I picked up this shampoo bar to remove plastic from my life as I used up the last of my plastic bottle shampoo.



I am relaxing my spending a bit

I think it started with buying conditioner and shampoo bars, and then it spiraled into buying books for Little Bun, then a DIY pedicure set for the home….

I was going stir crazy I think. I still love style and fashion and since I am getting rid of some of my closet, I am replacing it with fewer and nicer pieces that will look great and work better in my wardrobe for my lifestyle.


I have to rein it in, but July won’t be cheap either, I already know it’s an extra $1000.

July won’t be cheap either

Little Bun broke my mini iPad. I am certain I will order another one because … I cannot give him my very large iPad Pro as that one is far more delicate/expensive and not really suited for what he does (plays on math and reading apps).

I also will likely shop a little bit more because I am letting myself relax a little on the expenses front.

Not too much of course, but….


If you’re interested, I use the following:

  • Rakuten: Use my referral link for $5 in cash to get started – I use them to shop on sites ALL THE TIME.
  • Swagbucks: Use my referral link for 300 Swagbucks to get started; you need 750 to redeem for $10 CAD
  • Rogers World Elite Mastercard – No annual fee, 1.5% cash back, but you can only redeem it yearly and you have to call each year to ask them to redeem the credit against your next year’s statement. I use it for all my purchases as I buy a lot in USD$, and those purchases are 3% cash back (almost like a no forex fee in essence)
  • Tangerine Mastercard – No annual fee, 2% back on certain categories (up to 3). For their savings accounts, use my Orange key { 32726976S1 } for free money ($50 once you deposit $100; and I get $50 too). I give this card to my partner (he has a joint card) and he uses it constantly

Stay tuned for the net worth & investments post!

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