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June 2017: What I bought watched and read




I love food books, but I also love food biographies and this one by Eric Ripert of Le Bernadin in NYC was not just a food book for me, but a great memoir of how a boy became a culinary icon.

If you like biographies, this is a fantastic read. I couldn’t put it down; his simple talk about how food and his life was shaped to bring him to his destiny is just so raw, witty and honest.

The food world is terrifying. I think I wouldn’t wish it on Baby Bun.


What a FASCINATING book on why things are the way they are in the home, from flushing toilets, to hygiene, to fears of fruit.

I love history and tidbits about it, and this is a fantastic book to tell you what life was like back then at home and each of its evolutions from the home (e.g. the origin and history of the bed), to customs (e.g. powdering their hair white).



This is a cookbook but still a good read as Bourdain waves a few anecdotes and stories amongst the recipes. The recipes look and sound simple but there are a lot of steps and if you’re the kind of person who likes the lazy way out (e.g. soba noodles, sauce and some meat / veg), this may be a step up from what you are used to, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but it just means that it will take a little more planning and time…

Am I going to make the recipes? No. Full-time job, More than full-time toddler, Full-time life and Full-time blog = HELL NO.

Am I going to make them once I stop working and/or Baby Bun stops needing so much attention and care? Maybe.

Was it still a good browse / read? Yes.


You would think this is chick-lit (what a strange name and book cover) but it is really about the rise of Yves Saint Laurent (I own one of his most amazing paint-splattered dresses although circa 2004), and Karl Lagerfeld.


I went on a little shopping spree at Grana (10% off here), my go-to for silk and cashmere these days (review here), and picked up the following pieces, which I WILL review on the blog later.

PIMA MODAL TANK TOP – $5 (was on a heavy sale)

I have never tried anything but their silk and cashmere, so this modal tank will be an nice test to see if I can move my basic cotton tanks over to them too.


I haven’t tried the fit/cut of their classic shirts, so I bought one to try, but not in a neutral.

I rather like the contrast in the front that doesn’t go to the cuffs, it’s something very striking but not too on-the-nose (that is to say, doesn’t make me think of pyjamas).

Also, the trim is thicker so it looks more like a colour block than a trim.


I already own one of their silk tanks, in green. Review here. I picked up another but in Indigo.


Are we sensing a theme here? All cobalt blue? 😉 I am most excited about these silk ankle pants. If they work out, I may try other colours and wear them to work. They look very loose, comfortable, and like pyjamas but way more chic. AND POCKETS!!!!

I don’t love the elastic waist quite yet. It will depend on how it looks on me. It just reminds me of sweatpants a little too much.



I’m getting it hemmed up to my knees to make it more wearable.

I can’t even believe this dress is originally $700 but when I try it on, I can see the quality in it.

Plus, it’s NEW, not used, which would have been the price I think, had I seen it in stores.

Considering that Zara wants $150+ for dresses these days, I considered this a useful expense.


Another impulse buy! The blue, the colourblock.. it all just meshed for me.

I love the look of it and it is super soft, very VERY good cashmere that doesn’t itch at all.


I bought this EXACT mug made by my favourite Japanese food brand and I am in love with it. It is an easy one-button pop up, it has a lock for when you are commuting or carrying it, it is sleek, simple, and it keeps my hot beverages PIPING HOT so that if I don’t have time to drink it immediately, I can enjoy it after.

I highly recommend it.

The Cherry Red I bought is more of a hot deep magenta pink in person by the way, and very striking. The navy blue was also a nice colour and I had a soft spot for the champagne. It is MUCH CHEAPER ONLINE on Amazon.

The 16 oz is the size of a Grande at Starbucks by the way, but their 20 oz which is the one I bought falls 4 oz short of a Venti at Starbucks, however I prefer the extra space in the liquid so it isn’t sloshy.


I bought this lunch bag that is fully insulated not for my lunch but for my cold things. I plan on putting a little ice pack in there, and when I go out to buy yoghurts, butters or anything that is cold, I’ll tote this little insulated bag along and stick it in there so it stays cold.

It is soft, comes in pretty colours, and is deceptively small looking but can hold two full jars of 500g of delicious local yoghurt from La Ferme Vallée Verte.

It has a little handle that snaps at the top if you choose to use it, but my jars take up the entire room so I don’t have the handle any longer, and I just stick the entire thing in my purse.



It is made in Italy, and eco-friendly as it is recylced cellulose fibers made into bags. This bag looks like paper but it is super sturdy and very well made. My tote comes with a HUGE zipper pull (finally), and thick zips at the top, and the paper itself is cellulose that is sturdy and won’t rip easily. It is also insulated, and very roomy to hold all of our lunch boxes.

I didn’t want to put lunch things in my purse, so I got this lunch bag for the both of us (especially during winter), and it even looks rather chic.

And get this. It is WASHABLE PAPER. It also comes in various sizes like this super light, sturdy, cellulose pouch.

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