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July 2020: Expenses Budget Roundup

Note: All the graphics you will see below, and charts, were made with

All net proceeds go to charity! (Always and forever.)

THE EXPENSES = $3072.36

My Side Income covered my expenses with $4235.08 to spare

I put it all into investing. These side incomes in particular are reinvested back into investing automatically:

  • Dividends
  • Private Lending

I was ALSO draining my emergency fund to invest it, but bloody hell I may need that money in the next 3 years for my house, so I have diverted it into a House Fund ($300K). I really just need a contract to make me feel comfortable again that I have enough money to pay for my second home in cash.

My other option is I take a loan out against my current home, which I am 90% leaning towards, to cover the new home in the interim until we sell the condo.

Expenses In Detail:

Home includes condo fees, insurance and utilities

Second set of taxes for the year are the school ones, which are much lower (under $500, twice. So $1000 total, and my half is $500).


We are restocking food in the household and my partner is slowly venturing out into buying other things to spice up our otherwise boring meals.


I was so excited for my closet remodel but now that this is no longer our forever home, I am less excited. I am just redoing it for resale value, and keeping it cheap and cheerful for now until we sell the place. It will look immensely better than the wire racks that were there, so I am super happy.


More birth control pills. I do not want a second baby, I cannot handle it and I do not want to.


I picked up some more bar shampoo/conditioner and am excited about it all, plus a few other things to use up a store credit I had. Details below.


All of it will be posted in my What I bought Roundup posts. I am VERY excited. I got some very cute pieces this month.


We have confirmed that we will definitely home school him, so I have started buying Grade One books again, so he can officially show that he knows what I am supposed to teach him.


Almost $1000 over budget! “Well“, she said…..August will be better.

Favourite: $162.15 – Mariage Frères Tea

Teas from Mariage Frères because I am finally using up my stash and it is time to try and upgrade to something super expensive. This is pretty much double to triple the price of my current tea drinking, and it better be amazing.

I picked up in 100 grams each:

  • Marco Polo – Black citrusy tea that is one of their bestsellers
  • Tokyo – A black breakfast tea with yuzu in it. I LOVE YUZU!!!!
  • Paris – A black breakfast tea with citrus in it again

Other recommended brands were: TWG and Harrod’s. I may try them next after these ones. At least the tin is super cute and I can use it as decoration in my closet.

Unexpected: $12.59 – Halo Maruka Hair Oil

I was using up the credit I had at a store, and I picked up some of my trusty EyEnvy Serum, and my eyelashes have grown 50% longer which is INCREDIBLE, and so worth it. Anyway, the store credit covered that total amount, but then I had $2 left over!!!! ARRRGG

So I ended up picking up this maruka hair oil that smells like vanilla and citrus, it is amazing. It looks nice. And smells nice. So far, so good. It’s not sold outside of this store, but you can try The Ordinary’s maruka oil…. which is way more reasonably priced.

Hated: $142.30 – School Taxes

Taxes for the school. Instalment #1… this is just my half. I dislike taxes, even though I know I have to pay them and they’re necessary, I see things like the government mismanaging the money and it makes me so incredibly annoyed.

Expensive: $517.39 – iPad Mini 5

I picked up a new iPad Mini 5 256GB because Little Bun SMASHED A HOLE IN MINE. I mean. REALLY???…. so I ended up having to replace it. Luckily I have a friend who worked at Apple, and he hooked me up with a colleague to get me a 15% discount on it, which took some of the sting out of it.

I use it surprisingly often as a tablet especially when I go out and run errands but am still working so I have to log in and work (the phone is too small of a screen to do what I do), so I just bought the most expensive one.

Joyful: $597.98 – Electronic Piano

I finally did it. This is not our forever home but I have been talking about a piano FOR OVER A DECADE. I cannot handle this any more.

I finally bought an electronic one as an interim piano until we can get our forever home, be certain we will be there and then I will pay for an upright piano.

I bought the Casio CDP-100 Piano, 81-keys, and I am going to play on it during quarantine and be very happy. It will obviously not sound like a real piano and I will buy a real one, but I cannot wait any more. This is crazy. Plus I can teach Little Bun more piano and advance his lessons.


Cheapest: $9.19 – Angled Makeup Brush

I bought the CHEAPEST angled makeup brush I could find in the drug store to help my pedicures. I realized that I can’t used cotton swabs to clean up the edges of my nails, and I need to invest in a cheap brush to be able to make it nice and clean.


Things were needed/good purchases, no regrets

I am happy with my big purchases, but.. no more. August has to calm TF down now.

Year to date, I am still quite under, around $18K, and this is where most of the money has been going – all essentials. Wardrobe is the lowest it has been in years!!!!

Here are my expenses over the years

I haven’t spent this little since the 2009/2010 years. It looks crazy how much I spent in previous years to be honest.



Calming down. Breathe. Sherry. Do more pedicures at home and practice, and practice on the new piano, and start teaching Little Bun piano, and other new, cool things.


If you’re interested, I use the following:

  • Rakuten: Use my referral link for $5 in cash to get started – I use them to shop on sites ALL THE TIME.
  • Swagbucks: Use my referral link for 300 Swagbucks to get started; you need 750 to redeem for $10 CAD
  • Rogers World Elite Mastercard – No annual fee, 1.5% cash back, but you can only redeem it yearly and you have to call each year to ask them to redeem the credit against your next year’s statement. I use it for all my purchases as I buy a lot in USD$, and those purchases are 3% cash back (almost like a no forex fee in essence)
  • Tangerine Mastercard – No annual fee, 2% back on certain categories (up to 3). For their savings accounts, use my Orange key { 32726976S1 } for free money ($50 once you deposit $100; and I get $50 too). I give this card to my partner (he has a joint card) and he uses it constantly

Stay tuned for the net worth & investments post!

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Am my own Sugar Daddy. Am a millionaire at 36 after getting out of $60K of student debt in 18 months, a little over a decade earlier, using I have worked 50% of my career (taking 1-2 year breaks), and quadrupled my income within 2 years of graduating, going from $65K to $260K with an average lifetime savings rate of 50%. I have 11 side incomes that are on track in 2020 to make me $50K - $75K. I could retire today if I wanted, but love my work-life balance as a freelancing consultant in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). I am all about balance - between time and money, and also enjoying my money. I also post daily on Instagram @saverspender.

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  1. SarahN

    What the what? What’s with the buying of a different property? I thought you were happy with the two car garage. And it’s minimalism. I hope there’s a post in the works!

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I didn’t want to move initially. I am doing the post now but it won’t publish for 3 years or so…

      1. SarahN

        Not sure I’m three years of patient!!

        1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

          Haha.. well it all depends on the virus. When it is over, then the clock starts, about a year from then or so.

  2. Dublincalling

    Forgot to mention that Fortnum &Mason earl grey tea is also lovely and the tins are also quite cute if ever someone you know goes to London!

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Or I can go get some HAHA!!

    2. Financial Orchid

      Ohh they look so fancy . I’m getting some.

    3. Financial Orchid

      Holy moley. They’re so expensive . I’ll stick to my Tetley for now. Maybe when I’m old n rich, or birthday.

      1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

        Hahah!! They’re VERY expensive

  3. Dublincalling

    On the grocery front I find this time of the year July, August and September expensive because I purchase lots of fresh local berries and peaches, plums and nectarines from Ontario and cherries from B.C. to freeze for my smoothies and yogurt in the winter. I am lucky in that I have a yard so grow tomatoes, eggplant, peppers etc that I enjoy fresh and also cook and freeze so I can make a veggie lasagna or a ratatouille over fish in the winter. I also can my tomato sauce and roast red peppers and can them also and dry my own herbs and make various pestos. You will love having a garden as you can have organic veggies at such a small cost and so much fresher than what you can buy. I am still a beginner when it comes to gardening and there are misses- looking at you cucumbers who were eaten by some bugs this years but it is rewarding!

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I am very excited about all of this. Honestly, this garden thing has me interested in growing something to see it blossom.


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