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July 2018: What I bought, watched and read



They’re normally $170 – $300 USD per sandals, and I got them brand new, never worn but secondhand from someone’s closet obviously, for $60 USD.

I like the interesting braided section near the toe.

I actually don’t like sandals with any sort of piece (like a thong sandal) gripping or pushing it into the web of my big toe, but I am okay with things hugging the toe side to side…

I am taking a chance on these. Who knows. I may hate them. They do look good though.


As I mentioned before in some posts, Banana Republic has seemed to have stepped up their game this season.

Or is it that I just like safari-themed items? Who knows. Who cares.

I ended up buying all of the following:

I know this striped top is not really in my body shape rules (skinny spaghetti straps are terrible for inverted triangles), but I loved the irregular blue striped vertical print so much I gave in. I just plan on wearing it under jackets or sweaters only for the print.

The green cargo-style paperbag waist skirt is a thick, thick cotton and safari-style, and it has nice deep pockets.

The two Heritage Utility pants are the closest you will see me get to ‘athleisure’ when going out. They’re just a simple Tencel-style pair of pants that are NOT yoga pants, NOT leggings, and NOT sweatpants, but a step up above from all of that. They are a little too casual for work for me, but I love wearing them out when I want something that isn’t jeans or trousers, but something in between.


Love. LOVE this Coola brand of sunscreen.

The slip is great on it, meaning when I spread it on my face, I don’t feel that tight feeling from most mineral sunscreens (you know, that dry, tight sort of thing), and the sunscreen slides and melts into my skin so nicely.

It feels so soft (it is a strange word to use but the cream feels SOFT), and I am in love with it.


I stocked up on more rosehip oil for my skin. I love to spread it on my legs, and then cover it in a thick, organic lavender cream.

The one I buy is available for Americans here – Radha Rosehip Oil and they finally restocked it for Canadians too – Radha Rosehip Oil Canada!


I bought all of these books for him and HE LOVES THEM. OMG, You will not believe how much I get hassled to read them to him.

I had to tell him it was a “weekend only book” because the books are interesting but there is a lot of text, and it won’t fit into a bedtime story unless you start at least 45 minutes before because there will be questions from him and explanations from me, which is why I tend to start early to read this…

His absolute favourites are the math and computer ones. He is now running around telling me that my laptop is “zero” when it is turned off… then he turns it on and squeals: “now it is one!”


CORK DORK: A Wine-Fueled Adventure Among the Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists Who Taught Me to Live for Taste

I am not into wine because I don’t drink, but I am very interested in all things food-related. I think this was passed down from my mother — she is ALSO obsessed with food.

Anyway, I find the book interesting because it goes into how much money and work goes into picking the right wines, and I love how seriously they take it all.

It is a world I do not understand, but apparently it grips everyone with a fever.

From a business / money perspective, this book is really interesting as a read. You can’t believe these things happen and how much work goes into it all.

Recommended for those who like food, and/or want to read about a very $$$$$$$$ industry. Or if you want to know whether picking wine with “vanilla, chestnut, green mineral tones and a hint of chestnut” is a load of hype coming out of a sommelier’s mouth.

Pancakes in Paris

I really liked the book from the first page about how a guy took a dream and fought to make it happen. He is the owner of both Breakfasts in America restaurants in Paris. Very cool concept of a true American Breakfast abroad when you miss it the most.

It made me desperately crave pancakes (I still do) and waffles with bacon and a runny sunny side up egg with a touch of maple syrup…

It was already interesting and vibrant from the start but it wasn’t until the second half that I started really getting into the details of French labour laws that I was shocked, horrified and fascinated all at once.

What a good rags to riches (?) or at least achieving a dream story.

Other people we married

Another Emma Straub book.

Unlike her others that I liked (surprisingly) I found myself struggling to keep the names straight in my head and struggling to care abut each character.

Pass. I got to page 40 and gave up.

The ones I still think were surprisingly GOOD reads written by Straub were:

This one just didn’t pan out for me.

The abundance of less

An excellent book on being grateful and living with less. I could not recommend it more as a thoughtful book that will have ideas that will stick with you throughout the time you read it and to make you re-assess and see life through others’ eyes.

Could I live like them? F$&@! No.

Do I want to? Double F$&@! No.

Was it very interesting, minimalist and humbling, making me a little more woke than before? Yes.

If you’re interested in minimalism, living with less, ideas about happiness and being grateful then go for this book.

What Little Bun is Listening To

Black Eyed Peas

Little Bun has abandoned Shakira for Black Eyed Peas – Shut Up.

Loves this song, and holds me hostage in the car asking in his sweet little toddler voice to play it “again?” And “again?” … he also likes “Pump It” by them…

…but strangely has a hate on for “Hey Mama” and forces me to change it.


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  1. Kemi Soremekun

    I really like the utility pants

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      They are SUPER comfy. Too casual for the office for me, but a great going-out casual pant.


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