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Job Hunting is a lot like Dating

I’m sure you’ve heard the comparison before, but job hunting is a lot like dating.

You have to look attractive to your employer

“Hmm.. should I put that I was the Queen of the Fryer at my job during college, or would that be too much?

I mean how do they seriously expect me to have experience when I am fresh out of SCHOOL?”

You’re BOTH lying to each other on the first date (interview) because you want to make a good impression

“Yes, of course you will be staffed mostly on local projects, minimal traveling. Great work-life balance. We won’t expect you to work weekends.”

“Yes, of course I know how to do that. I’m confident in my abilities to do A, B and C..”

You need to sometimes buy new outfits to go on interviews (dates!) with your employer

“I absolutely need to spend $300 on a nice suit or else they won’t take me seriously.”

Note: I did this for my first suit for my first job interview, landed the job and I am STILL dusting off that (now tailored) suit for the very odd interview with the client. $300 for a suit for LIFE!

Your resume is like a dating profile of yourself — interests, aspirations in your life…

“I like working as part of a team, but I can also be an independent starter. I want to work in the field of ______ because I find it interesting.”

You are super eager and chipper during the first blush of romance (first day at work, anyone?)


When you already have a job (in this case, a boyfriend or girlfriend) you look far more desirable because someone else has validated that you’re great

“I need to find another job before I get fired from this one when they merge with another company. Otherwise, no one will hire me. I’ll become a pariah for interviews. Or get lowballed on a job offer.”

It’s hard to leave a company you’ve been with for so long (long-term relationships are hard to let go)

“But everyone is just so NICE here…. What if my new job has colleagues that are sharks?”

You always argue over money unless you’re both happy with the arrangement

“I want X amount of money, but you’re offering $5000 below what I can get at another company. I did my research.”

You’re always looking for your perfect match in an employer, as with a true love

“Will I like this new job, or will I dread every hour of my workweek like I did with my last one?”

When/If you leave, it’s never one person’s fault

“Two sides to every story.”

“They weren’t giving me what I needed.”


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