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Instagram Scrolling: What I saw on my feed this week

Instagram Scrolling time! This is what I saw on my feed this week.

This makes me want to keep a small pot of succulents and these carnivorous plants too. Look how PRETTY they are.

Is everyone on Instagram blonde, a size 0, tanned and carrying a designer bag?

(Yes. Apparently.)

Since I don’t need to see the same thing over and over again, I’m unsubscribing from these accounts like crazy.

What I want to see in style and #OOTD is DIVERSITY. Interesting things. Heels fine, but what about outfits that look great with flats? Looser fits? Interesting twists on regular items?

A knotted blouse or t-shirt, maybe a cardigan worn backwards… anything other than plain old vanilla blonde, please.

LOL!! THAT IS SO TRUE. They do have that “Wut..” look….

Another blondie I unsubscribed from. She isn’t terrible for outfits, but it isn’t interesting for me. No spark.

Also, what is up with jeans completely cut out at the knee?… I like distressed jeans but INTERESTING distressing …. not like you just took some cheap pair and snipped out the knees.

OMG. I totally need to go to Bora Bora.

How incredible would it be to wake up to this and just dive off the ladder to swim?

This has to be a couples-only thing. No kids….. I would be too scared withLittle Bun drowning.

Also, what is up with a pool at the cabana .. when you are SURROUNDED BY WATER!?!?… I don’t get this, but then again, I don’t drink, so maybe this pool is meant for drinking…

Finally, an interesting person for style.

I really like that brown tote — I have many similar ones, but the cognac leather looks so pretty.

The shoes are interesting too. The look comfortable but ultimately are too covered up for me.

Okay not totally blonde but always in high heels and designer everything.


Give me high versus low combinations and stuff that is more than just NEUTRALS…

What is up with the coat over the shoulders thing? I tried that once and the coat kept slipping off. It looked terrible with constantly adjusting and fidgeting with it.

Loved this shot AP took. CN Tower through a tube of some sort.

I miss Toronto. 🙁 After my terrible family vacation this year, I am planning on Toronto next.

I LOVE this look. It is sexy but yet covered up. The bralette is from Free People (exact bralette in various colours here), and is only $38!

I love this look so much. I think I’m going to buy it and wear it for the lace detail… SO pretty.

What did you see this week?


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