Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: What it is like to have a trust fund

Sounds great actually, this trust fund thing. I earn, and save my own money, and I still feel the need to prove how down-to-earth I am, and to prove how NOT rich I am to people who may have misconceptions that I am Miss Moneybags. Even to myself. I have to tell myself I have to stop being so spend-y no matter how much I make.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I have a good amount of money saved, my house is mortgage-free and my car is paid, but … I am not rich in my mind, because that would mean I could stop working but choose not to.

I try not to talk about money (one of the taboos at work along with religion and politics), but it is kind of hard because I am so passionate about other people learning about their money as well, so money as a topic, makes me super excited which can translate into being a know-it-all. Can’t win. Trying anyway.

I am never NOT looking for a great striped shirt. It’s a disease. This one by Equipment has the stripes spaced out so perfectly (instead of being right beside each other), and looks effortless. Even with mini jean shorts.

Wild stories of fashion behind the 10 Hermès silk scarves,…from the guy who designs them.

I tried on these white Paige Hoxton Jeans (yes, still looking for the perfect pair that doesn’t make me feel fat or look obscene), and I realized the trick is to TAKE A SIZE UP and avoid “stretch” if you can so that it doesn’t cling to your inner thighs….. I am eying these now. They could certainly be perfect.

6 phrases with surprisingly racist origins [Video] (e.g. peanut gallery or ‘no can do’). I was rather horrified when I read that because half of those phrases are ones I have used but not knowing the origins. I’ll be more conscious from now on for sure. Most are harmless except for the last one that discriminates against a whole race of people and is in use today, but it never hurts to be more socially conscious and aware.

This Banana Republic eyelet dress is so incredibly feminine and perfect for summer (in my opinion). AND ON SALE.


  • Sarahn

    I be a an Hermes scarf. I seldom wore it so paid to have it framed (framing cost more than the scarf!) It’s perfect!

    I honestly don’t think I’d do do much differently with a trust fund other than stay in higher quality hotels (though I’m am sure that’d get boring). I love the thrill and chance of second hand shopping. I don’t need need a lare wardrobe. I have the fancy European car I dreamed of. My home is adequately sized and whilst I could see myself in a brighter home, it’s perfect, really. And 75% paid off (2020 shall be paid of with a job of similar earning as before)

  • Gail

    I think many people are motivated by jealousy. So when you are talking about a subject that you are expert and therefore confident in, they become jealous and attack. I have seen this often and always hope the person being attacked does not stop sharing what he/she knows, does not feel he/she’s been offensive, does not misunderstand the attacker’s motivations. It occurs in other ways as well. I have often been on the receiving end of comments such as “It must be nice…” “not everyone can…” It is jealousy. You are young and maybe have not yet concluded this, but before you are my ripe old age you will. Do not make jealous people make you feel less than great about your knowledge, gifts, talents,fortune. Just share and help others who welcome your input, smile, and be glad to be you.

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